How to create a Certification Letter using Logo Builder


Whether you’re a Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Gold or Microsoft Certified partner, it’s never been easier to create your customised logo, showcasing your expertise in the competencies you’ve attained.

You can also use the library to store and download your logo when you’re ready to create marketing materials.

How can Logo Builder help your business

Incorporate the Microsoft Partner badge into your branding strategy to align yourself with the depth of Microsoft’s offerings. You can leverage the Microsoft brand and your Gold partnership to showcase your expertise and credibility and inspire customer confidence.

Note: If you’re unclear on when and how to use the badge, refer to these resources from Microsoft Legal. When in doubt, just use the Microsoft Partner Network badge rather than any product logo so we can maintain one cohesive voice.

Logos and Competency Partner Certificate available

Logos and Competency Partner Certificates are available for the following:

Having one or more Silver Competencies grants these logos:

o MPN Competencies logo
o MPN Silver logo
o MPN Member logo
o Certified Competency Letter

Having one or more Gold Competencies grants these logos:

o MPN Competencies logo with Microsoft logo
o MPN Competencies logo
o MPN Gold logo
o MPN Member logo Certified Competency Letter

How to create a certification letter

 1) Visit and click on Create your badge.


2) Log in to Logo Builder using your Microsoft Account (MSA).

3) Select Add Logo


4) Choose Microsoft Partner.


5) Choose Language from the drop-down box.


6) Choose Certified Letter.


7) Select Competencies from available list. The list will display all Competencies which you currently have active.

logobuilder competencies

8) Name and Save or Save and Download your letter.

name the certification letter

9) Once your letter is saved, you can access it from the Library.

Logo Builder Library

10) Access, Edit, Download your letter.

Access Edit Download your letter