How to get support for Microsoft Partners

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The Microsoft partner website support experience ( include all our commercial, consumer, and education programs. The support page is the one place for all partner support needs, regardless of program.

How do I get help?

Please select what kind of help are you looking for:

Get support recommended solutions and support options

1. Go to the Partner Website> Click Support 


2. You will be redirected to the main Support page, where you have the Get support search option.



Note: The search ignores 1 or 2 letter words



  1. Get support contains Area, Category and Topic
  2. Topic - Recommended Solutions will display relevant self-help information to resolve your issue.
  3. If recommended solutions do not resolve your issue, select from the list of available Support options for the issue (this could be online ticket submission, chat, phone or other options).

      Note: This may require you to be signed in.


There are 2 options to search again

1. Select Clear all selections OR just begin by selecting a new Area > Category > or Topic




2. Begin typing in the support search box


*Note: Once you have completed a Support Search the last search will be remembered (unless the cache is cleared, new machine, etc.) and the Get Support (Area) will always be visible.

Alternatively, if you are having difficulty identifying the right Category and Topic for your query, you can select the Category Other to get help finding what you're looking for.

Top partner questions

In this section you can find top issues that the support teams are receiving through chat and online ticket submission.


Other support resources

Partner Center Help – locate all resources to help migrate to partner center.


More Support Resources – additional information to quickly compare support offerings, review technical journeys, participate in the Microsoft Partner Community, and see what is happening on the Microsoft Partner Support Twitter page.


If you want to stay posted, follow the Partner Community options. (Microsoft Partner Community, @MPNSupport Twitter, etc.)

Note: If you have any feedback on the options available within the drop downs or the results of recommended solutions or support options, please click on ‘Was this page helpful? - Yes or No’ and provide additional feedback for what is working or where we can improve the support experience.


Partner Center / Dashboard

The dashboard link will display different content depending on the partner account type.

Partner Center accounts

Start from Microsoft Partner website -

Click Dashboard to go to Partner Center Dashboard Overview


Partners migrated from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to Partner Center will see the Partner Center menu system, depending on your user roles and permissions eg Global Admin, MPN Partner Admin, and partner type e.g. CSP.


For more information on how to report a problem with Partner Center check this article.

Non migrated account - Partner Membership Center (PMC)

Partners signed in with PMC accounts will not see the Dashboard menu. However, if you click Dashboard before you sign-in you are referred to Resources for partners

Contact Microsoft Partner Support
Are you a Microsoft Partner and need help from Microsoft Support? Get support from Microsoft’s own experts. They can help with partner program issues, presales assistance, issues with Microsoft products, billing questions, and more. Start here to view your Microsoft support options.


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