When deploying Windows 7, the Apply Driver Package task fails when the ADK is upgraded to ADK 10 1607 or newer

Applies to: Windows 7System Center Configuration Manager (current branch - version 1706)System Center Configuration Manager (current branch - version 1710)


After installing Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) 10 1607 on Configuration Manager Current Branch 1602 or a later version, the Apply Driver Package fails while installing one of the drivers in the Driver Package. The failure is random and doesn't not occur on the same driver every time. Occasionally the Apply Driver Package task may succeed.


The problem has been identified as an issue in Windows 7. (It has been fixed in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). It’s not a problem in DISM itself. The problem concerns a Windows 7 provider that gets loaded into DISM. Because Windows 7 is in extended support, we have implemented a new option in System Center Configuration Manager to address the issue.


This issue is resolved in Configuration Manager 1706 and later versions. The Apply Driver Package task will still default to the /Apply-Unattend option, but a new option has been added that allows you to use the /Add-Driver /Recurse option instead. This new option is shown in the following screenshot:

Windows 7 Task Sequencer dialog box with Install driver package via Running IDSM with recurse option

This new option works in conjunction with the Do unattended installation of unsigned drivers on versions of Windows where this is allowed option.

This new option in the Apply Driver Package task is include in Configuration Manager Current Branch 1706 and later versions.