KB -"The Transit Routing Number must be 8 characters" in Canadian file formats using EFT for Receivables Management and EFT for Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Applies to: Dynamics GPDynamics GP 2013Dynamics GP 2016


If the Bank Country/Region for Canada is selected in the Customer EFT Bank Maintenance window, the user is only able to key an 8 digit routing number in GP. If the user tries to add a 0 to the front and tabs off the field, they will get the message:

The transit routing number must be 8 characters.



The code only allows 8 digits to be entered for the Canadian routing number.  When Canada changed to 9 digits, a leading zero was just added to the front of the existing 8 digit number.  So the code in GP was left as is, however, the default fields on the EFT file formats were just updated to be 9 digits long, right-justified and padded with a leading zero.   (The RM EFT file format was not editable in GP 10.0 and prior versions, but in GP 2010 and later versions, the users can just edit any existing EFT file formats.)



1. Continue to enter the 8 digits in Dynamics GP (ie. leave off the leading zero.)

2.  Then on the RM or PM EFT file format, be sure to make this field be 9 digits long, right-justified and padded with a '0'.  (The EFT file formats should already be defaulted this way, but be sure to verify under Cards | Financail | EFT file formats.)