"Assembly [name] cannot be migrated to SQL Server 2017" error in compatibility check for Configuration Manager database

Applies to: System Center Configuration ManagerSQL Server 2017 on Windows

In Microsoft SQL Server 2017, you use the built-in database compatibility checker to determine the upgrade compatibility of a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager database. You also have CLR Strict Security enabled. When you run the check, you receive informational messages regarding the following indicated assemblies: 


The informational messages are by design. Although the assemblies are marked as "UNSAFE," they are handled correctly. You can safely ignore these messages and continue to run the database upgrade.

More information

By default, all Configuration Manager databases should have the "Trustworthy" option set to True in the database properties. This is a requirement both for Configuration Manager and for the CLR Strict Security feature to function correctly.

To verify this setting, open the Database Properties window, select the Options page in the navigation pane, and then locate the Trustworthy row in the Other options list.

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