How to install a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cumulative update

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Business Central


This article describes how to install a cumulative update for Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premises deployments). You must recompile all objects after you install a cumulative update.

A cumulative update is a cumulative set of files that includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Business Central.

A cumulative update includes files that are separated into the following folders:

  • DVD

How to install the cumulative update files


The APPLICATION folder includes the following files:

  • AccumulatedChangeLog.<Locale>.<Build No.>.txt
  • Changelog.<Locale>.<Build No.>.txt
  • CUObjects.<Locale>.<Build No.>.fob
  • Objects.<Locale>.Objects.<Locale>.<Build No.>.txt

To install the application files, follow these steps:

  • Unmodified databases:
    1. Import the CUObjects.<Locale>.<Build No.>.fob file into an unmodified Business Central database.
    2. Replace the existing objects in the database with the cumulative update objects.

    For more information, see How to: Import Objects.

  • Modified databases or local databases for which local cumulative updates are not released:
    1. Import the CUObjects.<Locale>.<Build No.>.fob file into the Import Worksheet window in your modified database. For more information, see Import Worksheet.
    2. Replace the objects in your database that have NOT been modified.
    3. Use the CUObjects.<Locale>.<Build No.>.txt file to compare and merge the cumulative update objects with the objects in your database that have been modified.

Or, you may use the Changelog.<Locale>.<Build No.>.txt file to manually apply the changes to the objects in your database.

Note If a table in the cumulative update has a new field and the same table in your database has been modified, use the Merge: Existing<-New or Merge: New<-Existing option in the Import Worksheet window to import the new fields. For more information, see Upgrading the Application Code in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Note about Regulatory Features If a license update is required for a regulatory feature, customers can download an updated license from CustomerSource and partners can download their customers' updated license from VOICE. For more information, see the following How To articles:


The following components are part of the platform for Business Central:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Web Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Server
  • The Dynamics NAV Client connected to Business Central

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform can be installed by the following methods:

  • Use the installation program
    • Un-install current client or server components
    • Open the DVD folder and run the setup.exe
    • Connect to the database

    Note This is the recommended method because different installations may have different strategies.

  • Use the ClickOnceInstaller (the Dynamics NAV Client connected to Business Central only). For more information, see Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client Using ClickOnce in the Dynamics NAV Developer and IT Pro Help.