Azure Stack Hotfix 1.1809.12.114

Applies to: Azure Stack Hub

Improvements and fixes

This update for Azure Stack version 1809 includes quality improvements. No new features are being introduced in this update. Important changes include the following:

How to get this update

Download the following files. As soon as the files have been downloaded, follow the instructions on the Apply updates in Azure Stack page on the Microsoft Docs website to apply this update to Azure Stack.

Download the hotfix .exe file now.

Download the hotfix .bin file now.

Download the hotfix .xml file now.


To apply this hotfix, you must have at least version 1.1809.0.90 installed.

Important As outlined in the Release Notes for the 1809 update, be sure to follow the instructions in the "Prerequisites" section on running Test-AzureStack (with specified parameters) and resolve any operational issues found, including all warnings and failures. Also review active alerts and resolve any that require action.

More information

This hotfix is cumulative and contains the updates that are provided in the following Knowledge Base articles:

Azure Stack Hotfix 1.1809.3.96 and Azure Stack Hotfix 1.1809.6.102