You cannot change the "ConfigStoreRootPath" attribute of a Hyper-V cluster after you populate it

Applies to: Windows Server 2016 DatacenterWindows Server 2016 Standard


When you configure the cluster resources of a Hyper-V cluster in Microsoft Windows Server 2016, you use Windows PowerShell to set the ConfigStoreRootPath attribute of the Virtual Machine Cluster WMI resource, as follows:

$path = "C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Hyper-V\Shared"Get-ClusterResource "Virtual Machine Cluster WMI" | Set-ClusterParameter -Name ConfigStoreRootPath -Value $path

This command succeeds. Then, you try to change the attribute again:

$path = "C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Hyper-V\Storage"Get-ClusterResource "Virtual Machine Cluster WMI" | Set-ClusterParameter -Name ConfigStoreRootPath -Value $path

This time, the command fails and generates a message that resembles the following: 


This behavior is by design in Windows Server 2016.

In the default cluster configuration, the ConfigStoreRootPath attribute is not set. You can set a value for the attribute by using the PowerShell command that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section. However, the PowerShell command does not change an existing value.

When you set this value, it propagates to a number of components across the platform. These components store the value for their own use. Changing this information at a later time is not supported.