Partner Center: Multi-tenancy feature (consolidating tenants)

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This article describes the multi-tenancy feature (consolidating tenants) in Partner Center.

    Process overview

    The multi-tenancy (consolidating tenants) feature is only applicable in Partner Center. This feature allows you to manage multiple tenants for your company and to consolidate them into your Partner Center account.

    If you have more than one tenant to run your business

    • For e.g.,,

    Mergers and Acquisitions create need you to work with more than one tenant

    • For e.g. If Contoso acquires Fabrikam, you would need to be able to use both and respective tenants

    Users from any of the tenants would need to be able to

    • Access Partner Center for training, digital downloads, MCP association
    • Be assigned Partner Center roles like MPN Admin, Incentives Admin etc.

    The multi-tenancy feature (consolidating tenants)

    a) First you should have the Global Admin role. Navigate to Settings Icon and click on Partner settings option.

    Setting Icon

    b) Chooses Tenants option from your Account settings page.


    c) Tenants Overview Page shows all associated tenants and the ability to associate a new tenant.

    Azure AD

    d)  When trying to consolidate an existing tenant of the company, you must sign in with the global admin credentials of the tenant that needs to be consolidated.

    Sign in

    e) Then, after you successfully login to the tenant you want to consolidate, you will have to confirm to link the tenant.


    f) After you confirm the association, you will get an “all set” screen and will have the possibility to Return to tenant management page.


    g) If you return on the Tenants page, you will see all the consolidated tenants associated to your company.



    A. Addition of tenants already associated to a different PC account

    You can go through the consolidation of tenants flow and get to the confirmation of association page and click on Confirm


    If you are trying to associate a tenant that is already associated to a different PC account, then you will receive the following screen advising you that the association won’t be possible:

    Fail page

    B. Addition of tenants by users that are not Global Admins

    If you do not have the Global Admin role, you cannot use the consolidation of tenants feature. You will not see the option to Associate Azure AD tenant

    Manage Azure AD tenant

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