FIX: Running RESTORE VERIFYONLY logs a CREATE DATABASE event in a server audit specification that uses DATABASE_CHANGE_GROUP in SQL Server

Aplica-se a: SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2016SQL Server 2017 on Linux


Assume that you set up a Microsoft SQL Server audit to have a server audit specification that uses the DATABASE_CHANGE_GROUP event. When a user runs RESTORE VERIFYONLY on a database backup file, the CREATE DATABASE permission is logged to the Audit log.


The CREATE DATABASE permission is required to run RESTORE VERIFYONLY. When that permission is checked, a corresponding event is logged to the Audit log for the DATABASE_CHANGE_GROUP audit specification.


To work around this issue, use a query such as the following to filter the Audit log records that are related to running RESTORE VERIFYONLY:

select * from fn_get_audit_file('C:\path\to\file.sqlaudit', default, default) where statement NOT LIKE '%RESTORE VERIFYONLY%'

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