Go-To-Market Benefits Tab for MPN Partners in Partner Center

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As an MPN Partner, you have access to yearly subscriptions to software, support, and benefits your businesses if you want to begin, build, and grow your Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world through MAPS, Silver and/or Gold competencies.

Once you have acquired a subscription, in your Benefits tab, in your Partner Center dashboard, you can review, activate, sort or download the benefits of interest belonging to one of the categories available to you, by clicking on either of the following tabs, if you are an user with Global Admin or an MPN Partner Admin role:

If you are unsure on where to find your MPN benefits in your Partner Center dashboard, please follow the guidance outlined here.

If you are looking for what benefits are offered to you through MAPS, Silver and/ or Gold Competencies, you can find them here:

If you are looking to find a general overview of the Benefits offered through our MPN offers, please read our Benefits Overview in Partner Center article


Go-To-Market (GTM) benefits provide you access to expert sales and marketing education, content, and support to help launch and promote your business.

What we intend to offer you, according to your membership level, is to:

  • Optimize your marketing capabilities through education and content
  • Support you in generating leads through marketing assets and digital optimization
  • Generate leads and increase close rates through joint messaging and lead sharing


In order to start using the benefits, you would first need to assign a user to it. Ideally, the user that is assigned with the benefits should hold a marketing position in your Company, and he will be the one maintaining contact with our GTM benefits team to fulfill the different chosen benefits. The assigned user to this benefit can be changed at any moment in time during the enrollment year.


After successfully assigning this benefit to a user, you can start browsing through the different marketing benefits available for your company (availability is subject to offer membership level – MAPS, Silver or/and Gold) and once you have decided on the ones of interest to you, click on the “+” symbol to expand it and activate it.

Note: To access, view and manage MPN Benefits, Guest users need to have Global Admin/MPN Partner Admin roles. Please find below the experience in Partner Center for a Guest user with no admin privileges on the tenant.


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