Computer hangs at "Just a moment" in a debug deployment for a Configuration Manager task sequence

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager


You run a debug deployment for an Operating System Deployment (OSD) task sequence that deploys Windows 10 in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. After the task sequence restarts out of WinPE and into the full OS, the device hangs for a long time at the Just a moment screen during Windows Setup.


This issue typically occurs if the Step option of the task sequence debugger is used from the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task or if a break point is set after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task.

After Windows Setup is completed, the OSD task sequence is restarted by using the SetupComplete.cmd script. Current versions of Windows 10 hide programs and do not interactively display them when they are started through the SetupComplete.cmd script. This behavior causes anything that the task sequence tries to display to be hidden instead. This includes the task sequence debugger and any task sequence progress bars.

In this situation, the task sequence does continue, and the debugger does start. However, the debugger is hidden and cannot be seen. Only the Just a moment screen is visible. This makes it appear as though Windows Setup is still running.

After the first restart after SetupComplete.cmd initially runs, programs are shown interactively and are no longer hidden. At this point, the task sequence debugger and progress bars are visibly displayed.


To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Restart Computer task immediately after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task. Make sure that the Restart Computer task is set to the following option:
    The currently installed default operating system
  2. Set any necessary break points by following these guidelines:
    • Do not set a break point on the Restart Computer task that you added in step 1. Instead, set break points after the Restart Computer task, as appropriate. 
    • Do not use the Step option in the task sequence debugger at the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task. Instead, set a break point to the task after the Restart Computer task, and then select the Run option when you're ready to continue.


For more information about the task sequence debugger, see Debug a task sequence.

For more information about the SetupComplete.cmd script file, see Add a Custom Script to Windows Setup.