How to close a pop-up window if Microsoft Edge isn't responding

Unwanted pop-up windows can sometimes be tricky to close and may even cause your browser to stop responding. If you have a persistent pop-up window giving you problems, here's how to use Task Manager to close it:

  1. Right-click Start , and select Task Manager.
  2. Select Microsoft Edge, and then End task.
  3. Check to make sure the browser closed, and then close Task Manager.
  4. After your browser closes, reopen it as you normally would.

If you suspect the pop-up was caused by malware or a technical support scam, make sure to scan your device for malware with Windows Defender Security. For more info, see Help protect my PC with Windows Defender Offline. You can also help Microsoft stop cybercriminals by reporting a technical support scam.

For more help fixing problems with Microsoft Edge, including how to repair and reset it, see What to do if Microsoft Edge isn't working.