Missing invitation/Program not visible in dashboard

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The Incentive Administrator is the only user that can enroll into an incentive program. Depending on the program, Microsoft may send an invitation for you to enroll. Alternatively, you can navigate to Partner Center Dashboard to enroll into a program with open enrollment. Open Enrollment is available for the following programs:

  • Online Services Usage (OSU) Microsoft 365
  • Online Services Usage (OSU)
  • Azure Incentives (DPOR)

Missing invitation

If you have not yet received an invite for a program, please make sure your organization has met all eligibility requirements for that specific program. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the incentive program guides found on the MPN Portal: aka.ms/partnerincentives.

If your organization has met all program eligibility, please reach out to the appropriate support team to inquire about the invite status. See Resources and Support section of this article.

Program not visible in dashboard

If you have received an invite or enrolled in an incentive program that is no longer visible in the dashboard, please double check that you have the appropriate access. Only users with Incentive User or Incentive Admin role will have visibility to the program. Please see How do I check my user role in Partner Center?

Resources and Support

How do I check my user role in Partner Center?

How do I find my Global or Account admin in Partner Center?

How to add incentive users or admins in Partner Center

Enrollment of Incentives Programs in Partner Center Dashboard

Below are the support aliases for each respective LOB and region:


  • North America: ciquest@microsoft.com
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: erebates@microsoft.com
  • Asia Pacific: apocchi@microsoft.com
  • Latin America: msreb@microsoft.com


  • North America: ocina@microsoft.com
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa: ociemea@microsoft.com
  • Japan: ocijp@microsoft.com
  • Asia Pacific: ociapgc@microsoft.com (all countries from the region except Japan)
  • Latin America: ocilatam@microsoft.com

MBS Global

  • Global MBS CSA: mbscsa@microsoft.com

OEM Global

  • Global OEM: oemi@microsoft.com