Microsoft Teams Rooms application does not start after updating to version

Applies to: Teams


This guide resolves a known issue that may prevent your Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) system from fully upgrading to the latest store build ( or may cause it to upgrade and then subsequently downgrade. The tool that is described in this document is a PowerShell script that tries to remediate these systems by compiling them into a single, consistent version (

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If your MTR system operated as expected prior to the installation of the release, but has since stopped working correctly, download this PowerShell script, and then run the following PowerShell command:

Run powershell -executionpolicy unrestricted .\MTRemediate-  

The computer will restart multiple times, and the process will take 10-45 minutes to finish. You'll know that the system is finished when one of the following conditions is true:

  • Running the script by using the -Check flag generates a "Disarmed" message. 
  • The log file indicates that the script finished running.
  • The C:\Rigel\MTRemediate.ps1 file no longer exists.

 The log to trace occurred is available from the following location:


Check this file for information about whether the remediation process is successful. If the tool encounters an unexpected problem, it should automatically generate a compressed log file in C:\Rigel\. This compressed log file will contain the traces from running the tool, in addition to other system logs.

If the tool does not automatically resolve your problem, and you are running Windows version 1903, re-run the script by using the following PowerShell script:

powershell -executionpolicy unrestricted .\MTRemediate- -Uninstall 

This will force a more aggressive recovery. Notice that this mode risks losing both the application settings and the diagnostic logs that the script generates in case of errors. Therefore, we do not recommended that you use this mode in typical conditions.

If your problem is not resolved by the remediation tool, it’s possible that we are not aware of it, or the underlying issue might not be related to the application update. If you require additional help, contact your customer service representative to help identify and resolve the problem.

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