List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2


This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles that describe the fixes and updates that are contained in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). This article is primarily intended to help IT Professionals and corporate helpdesks to support and maintain a company’s computer system.

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This article lists the problems that are fixed in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). Service packs are cumulative. This means that the problems that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in later service packs. For example, Windows XP SP2 contains all the fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). You do not have to install an earlier service pack before you install Windows XP SP2.

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Fix list

For more information about the updates that are included in Windows XP SP2, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Article numberArticle titleCategory
309344File appears to be deleted although you do not have permissions on the OS/2 Warp4-based serverBase operating system
321733Error message when you write a file to a server from a Windows XP-based or a Windows 2000-based computer: "Delayed Write Failed"Base operating system
323328WM_TIMER messages may stop being delivered to programs in Windows XPBase operating system
325929A null session leak is caused by the GetFileAttributes function on Windows XP clientsBase operating system
326661Access violation occurs when a program makes system calls by using Software Pipelining Optimization on Windows XP 64-Bit EditionBase operating system
326826Some programs may be slow when accessing files on a network shareBase operating system
326863Operating system throttling does not workBase operating system
327361NSLOOKUP does not use the suffix search list set by a policyBase operating system
327498Files may appear to be empty with an older redirectorBase operating system
327559Removable storage recognizes the tape drive, but it does not recognize any media in the driveBase operating system
327933You cannot browse NetWare volumes when you map drivesBase operating system
328237Some programs do not work as expected when large files are openedBase operating system
328269Windows XP SP1 may not start with the /3GB or /USERVA switchBase operating system
328284Some files and folders that are not configured to be made available offline are cachedBase operating system
328368Windows XP CSNW always calls the nearest server for logging on to an NDS treeBase operating system
328570Existing computers are not updated to the DNS-style domain name after you upgrade the domain to Active DirectoryBase operating system
328915100 percent CPU usage may occur under some battery conditionsBase operating system
330089Large self-extracting program file may not startBase operating system
330232Debugging cannot debug drivers at boot timeBase operating system
330512The processor performance state is not restored to the maximum state if the CPU runs at 100 percentBase operating system
330909Hibernation problem on computers with 1 GB of RAMBase operating system
331044Files Larger Than 4 GB Are Truncated When You Use an EMC Device with Windows XPBase operating system
331329Error Message: The Selected Disk Is Necessary to the Operation of Your Computer, and May Not Be CleanedBase operating system
331988Bugcheck 0x000000FE Under Stress with USB 2.0 Hard DisksBase operating system
332179Availability of the Windows XP Service Pack 1 driver that supports the mobile processor power management features of Intel Pentium M (Centrino) processorsBase operating system
810064Short Battery Life on Your Pentium III-M Tualatin Processor ComputerBase operating system
810097The "ipconfig" command does not return connection-specific DNS suffixes for Windows XPBase operating system
810182The WNetOpenEnum() Function May Not Work If There Are Too Many Open File Handles on a Network ShareBase operating system
810186This Device Cannot Find Enough Free Resources Error Message After You Install Gemplus PCMCIA 400 Smart Card ReaderBase operating system
810577MS03-005: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Redirector May Permit Privilege ElevationBase operating system
811169Update to Increase the Performance of the Network RedirectorBase operating system
811493MS03-013: Buffer overrun in Windows kernel message handling could lead to elevated privilegesBase Operating System
811525Configure Slow Link Speed Group Policy Does Not Force Offline Files to Offline Mode When a Slow Link Is DetectedBase operating system
811775Stop 0x50 Error Occurs in SrvCompleteExecuteTransaction When You Use the XCOPY Command to Copy Files from an OS/2 File ShareBase operating system
812599Opportunistic Locking May Not Be Granted If Windows Is Installed by Using SysprepBase operating system
812937File Lock or Access Denied Error Message When You Save Files Over the NetworkBase operating system
814033Cannot install driver updates from the Windows Update Web siteBase operating system
814078MS03-008: Flaw in Windows Script Engine may allow code to runBase operating system
814545Registry Repair and Recovery May Inadvertently Delete a Subset of KeysBase operating system
814952A Delay Occurs When You Open a Mapped Network Drive on a Novell NetWare or UNIX NFS ServerBase operating system
815011Cannot Disable the Registry Repair and Recovery Feature in Windows XP SP1Base operating system
815021MS03-007: Unchecked buffer in Windows component may cause Web Server compromiseBase operating system
815227Performance Degradation Occurs in the UnmapViewOfFile FunctionBase operating system
815265STOP 0x00000051 or "STOP 0x0000001E" error message when you start Configuration Manager in Windows 2000 Server or in Windows XPBase operating system
815315FIX: Memory Leak When You Use a GETENV Call in DllMainBase operating system
815411Heap Algorithm Update for Atypically Large Heap RequestsBase operating system
815432Reached the Maximum Number of Connections Too Soon for a Shared FolderBase operating system
815471Software Restriction Policy Does Not Allow You to Start This Program Error Message Even Though the Program Is Defined As "Allowed"Base operating system
815929Access Denied Error Message When You Try to Copy a File to a Web Folder That Is Configured with Integrated AuthenticationBase operating system
816073Compile on a Windows XP-Based Computer Takes Longer to Complete Than on a Windows NT-based ComputerBase operating system
816074Client Service for NetWare Does Not Open Files on a Novell 4.11 ServerBase operating system
817275Office Documents Are Synchronized to an Offline Share AutomaticallyBase operating system
817434Windows Removes Read-Only Driver Digital Signatures When You Restart with "Last Known Good Configuration" OptionBase operating system
817583Active Directory Services Does Not Request Secure Authorization Over an SSL ConnectionBase operating system
817606MS03-024: Buffer overrun in Windows could lead to data corruptionBase operating system
817831Network File Displays the Incorrect File Size When Multiple Clients Access the FileBase operating system
817915Device Driver Is Not Unloaded When You Disconnect a Peripheral DeviceBase operating system
818133Default Power Management Policy Is Not Applied When You Start Windows XPBase operating system
818349Nslookup Does Not Work Correctly When You Use a Search Order of Seven or More Domain SuffixesBase operating system
818733Windows XP Does Not Recognize a DVD-RW DiscBase operating system
819760Windows turns off the power after it shuts down the computer if a program calls the ExitWindowsEx or the InitiateSystemShutdownEx functionBase operating system
819897FIX: Deadlock Condition Occurs in Msscript.ocx When You Run the Control in a Multithreaded EnvironmentBase operating system
820128Windows XP and Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) Kernel Rollup Hotfix PackageBase operating system
820193Last Modified Time Value Is Not Updated Correctly When You Modify Any File on a WebDAV ShareBase operating system
820826Cannot Read Newly Added Data on a Multi-Border DVDBase operating system
821161Hardware Profile Shows Incorrect Docking Status for Portable ComputerBase operating system
821581Performance trace data from the BootVis.exe tool is corrupted or missingBase operating system
821588You receive an error message if you use backup in Windows 2000 or Windows XP to catalog or restore a tape made in Windows Server 2003Base operating system
822368FIX: A USB Device Appears with a Yellow Exclamation Mark (Code 31) in Windows Device ManagerBase operating system
822624Computer Stops Responding at Restart If the ACPI RESET_REG Method Is Used with APICBase operating system
822751Error 1783 (RPC_X_BAD_STUB_DATA) Error Message When You Use the EnumDependentServices FunctionBase operating system
822827Computer stops responding after you put it into hibernation, and then resume it from hibernation many timesBase operating system
822888Offline Files Automatically Switch to Offline Mode After You Use the Csccmd /disconnect CommandBase operating system
823081You cannot prevent the use of the NetMessageBufferSend function in Windows MessengerBase operating system
823272Client Programs Stop Responding While They Wait for File Locking to OccurBase operating system
823456FIX: Windows Time Service ignores the local polling interval values in Windows Server and Windows XPBase operating system
823468Cannot Use the Reg.exe Command to Locate a Registry Key That Contains a Forward Slash CharacterBase operating system
823583Availability of a Processor Driver to Support Mobile Processor Power Management Features on Mobile Intel Pentium 4M Processors with Hyper-Threading TechnologyBase operating system
823830Your Windows XP computer stops responding after you log onBase operating system
824141MS03-045: Buffer overrun in the ListBox and in the ComboBox Control could allow code executionBase operating system
824236"Can't Get Help Path from Registry" Error Message When You Run Nslookup.exeBase operating system
824424Read-Only Error Message When You Try to Save an Office 2003 File to a Novell Netware Network LocationBase operating system
825118STOP 0x80080005 CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE error messageBase operating system
825675Netlogon incorrectly registers SRV records in DNS for Windows XP-based clientsBase operating system
825794Cannot search for a file in a folder that is redirected to a Distributed File SystemBase operating system
826278You Do Not Receive a Message That Was Sent by Using the net send CommandBase operating system
827477LOGMAN command does not process the correct date in Windows XPBase operating system
827484FIX: Drivers That Have Images That Are Larger Than 16 Megabytes May Corrupt Memory When LoadedBase operating system
828012Write operations to an external storage device take a long time to completeBase operating system
828035MS03-043: Buffer overrun in Messenger service could allow code executionBase operating system
828274FIX: IoBuildPartialMdl API does not propagate the device memory flagBase operating system
828402Backup (NTBackup.exe) stops during the backup process and event 8017 is loggedBase operating system
828693Computer Stops Responding (Hangs) When It Writes Encrypted Data to an NTFS PartitionBase operating system
828026Update for Windows Media Player URL script command behaviorMultimedia
828749MS03-049: Buffer overrun in the workstation service could allow code executionSecurity
828753Programs that are run directly from a file server quit unexpectedlyBase operating system
829104The DFS Client Ignores the DfsDcNameDelay Registry Key SettingBase operating system
829364Stop Error Message When You Start Windows XP by Using the /3GB SwitchBase operating system
830752USB-based CD-ROM Drive Is Mapped to Multiple Drive LettersBase operating system
831128"STOP 0x00000027 in mrxsmb.sys" error message when you try to copy files to a network-attached storage deviceBase operating system
831191FIX: JScript leaks memory when an application repeatedly creates and destroys threadsBase operating system
831375The CHKDSK utility incorrectly identifies and deletes in-use security descriptors in Windows 2000Base operating system
831787“Prevent Access to Registry Editing Tools” policy changes in Windows XPBase operating system
831905Event ID 577 appears repeatedly in the security event log of your Windows XP-based computerBase operating system
832143A Stop error in Mrxdav.sys occurs, or your computer restarts, when you try to open a file on a network share on a Microsoft Windows XP Professional-based computerBase operating system
832316The partition size is extended, but the file system remains the original size when you extend an NTFS volumeBase operating system
832885Availability of a processor driver to support mobile processor power management features on Intel Mobile "Prescott" processorsBase operating system
832936W32Time reports an incorrect time for how long a computer is on standbyBase operating system
833431Path of the script file is not set correctly when you use the "set mydir=%~dps0" command line in a .cmd scriptBase operating system
833659Binary file becomes corrupted if you use the UpdateResource functions to remove a resource from an application binary fileBase operating system
834129Stop 0x23 error message when you run a script that uses the DiskPart tool to delete a partition in Windows XPBase operating system
834350Your access to network resources is slower in Windows XP than in earlier versions of WindowsBase operating system
834503You receive event ID 36 and a "Windows File Protection" error message when you install a software update for a second timeBase operating system
834563A swappable bay device is not available to Windows XPBase operating system
834674Domain DFS network path goes offline after you open Windows Explorer or My Computer in Windows XPBase operating system
834728You receive a "Stop 0x00000051" error message during registry restorationBase operating system
834742FIX: The WinHttpGetProxyForUrl function fails with the ERROR_WINHTTP_BAD_AUTO_PROXY_SCRIPT error codeBase operating system
834853The task object version is either unsupported or invalid error message when you use SchtasksBase operating system
834937Programs take longer than expected to start in Windows XPBase operating system
835261Long delay before you can connect to a domain-based DFS namespaceBase operating system
835730Sound may play slowly or music may not play continuously in Windows XPBase operating system
835763IADs::Put/PutEx or IADsPropertyList::PutPropertyItem calls may not accumulateBase operating system
837120Windows XP stops responding when it tries to access an offline folder on a DFS share pointBase operating system
837131Error message when you try to open a file on a Windows XP-based client and the file is cached by another userBase operating system
837142Security event 681 is generated when you try to log on by using UPN credentials in Windows XP or in Windows 2000Base operating system
837917Access is denied error message when you use client-side caching to synchronize a home folder that is mapped to a drive letter in Windows XPBase operating system
838213List of base operating system fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Base operating system
839027Programs may fail when they access data on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XPBase operating system
839231File copy operations to a DFS share perform slowly in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows XPBase operating system
839490Delayed Write Failed errors when you use the /3GB switch in Windows XP ProfessionalBase operating system
839530You receive a "You have a version of this folder available for offline use, however the network version has been deleted" message when you log on to Windows XPBase operating system
839544Programs that use the _read function to access very large files do not receive the correct data in Windows XPBase operating system
839562FIX: Audio playback includes unwanted noises for a multimedia applicationBase operating system
839876You receive a STOP 0xD1 error message when you start your Windows XP-based computerBase operating system
840171PC cards attached to a multifunction PCI-PCI bridge may not be recognized by the operating systemBase operating system
840749You cannot open a mapped offline-files drive during CSC synchronization in Windows XPBase operating system
841461An extended operation that is sent to an LDAP server by API over the LDAP service causes a protocol errorBase operating system
841559FIX: 16-bit COM applications stop responding after you apply the MS04-012 security update to a computer that is running Windows XP SP1Base operating system
841631You receive a "Reached the end of the file" or "More Data is available" error message when you log offBase operating system
319007COM+ Application Stops Responding on Idle Shutdown If You Configure Application as Queued and ListeningCOM+
323319Eventing Mechanism Cannot Determine Method Calls From Late-Bound ClientsCOM+
323706FIX: A queued component message is put in dead queue when you shut down the Dllhost.exe processCOM+
328693IIS Out-of-Process Applications Stop RespondingCOM+
330165Import of Application Proxy with External Type Library Fails on Windows XP SystemCOM+
330227INFO: Availability of Windows XP COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 5COM+
331697Message Queuing Messages Intermittently May Fail to Be Delivered When the COM+ Component Is WSCCOM+
823980MS03-026: Buffer Overrun in RPC May Allow Code ExecutionCOM+
824146MS03-039: A buffer overrun in RPCSS could allow an attacker to run malicious programsCOM+
832096FIX: Transactions may not be sent when you call the Dispose method of the loaded objectCOM+
838211List of Com+ fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2COM+
324929MS02-068: December, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
328803Internet Explorer Does Not Apply an Updated Global Style Sheet Through GetHostInfoInternet Explorer
328970MS02-066: November, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
329077MS02-052: Flaw in Microsoft VM JDBC classes might permit code to be runInternet Explorer
810565Hyperlinks open in Internet Explorer instead of in default browser or Help and Support CenterInternet Explorer
810847MS03-004: February, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
812383The Browserui.dll file does not update after you apply a Windows hotfix to restrict the toolbar location in Windows 2000Internet Explorer
813489MS03-015: April, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
817786An access violation occurs when you refresh a Web page in Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
817979OnChange event fires unexpectedly when you tab out of a text area for the first timeInternet Explorer
818506Internet Explorer may appear to stop responding when requesting many objectsInternet Explorer
822071Cannot View Some PNG ImagesInternet Explorer
822350Internet Explorer May Shut Down Unexpectedly If You Have Set Windows and Buttons to Windows XP StyleInternet Explorer
822925MS03-032: August 2003 Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
823559MS03-023: Buffer overrun in the HTML converter could allow code executionInternet Explorer
824145MS03-048: November 2003 cumulative security update for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
828750MS03-040: October, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
832894MS04-004: Cumulative Security Update for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
838199List of Internet Explorer fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Internet Explorer
867801MS04-025: Cumulative security update for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
250397Content is Lost at SF_NOTIFY_AUTH_COMPLETEInternet Information Services
307934Locking Down WebDAV Through ACL Still Allows PUT and DELETE RequestsInternet Information Services
308179BUG: Virtual Directories Disappear from the IIS 5.1 Snap-inInternet Information Services
323332ASP Generates a New ASP SessionID Cookie for Every User AccessInternet Information Services
325827FIX: Certificate Renewal Wizard Concatenates Certificate Organizational UnitsInternet Information Services
326852ISAPI DLL Is Loaded In-Process When WebDAV Publishing Is EnabledInternet Information Services
327696MS02-062: October 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information ServicesInternet Information Services
329900Metabase Schema Entries for Free Custom Properties Are Overwritten After You Install Windows 2000 SP4Internet Information Services
811114MS03-018: May 2003 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services (IIS)Internet Information Services
811412Installing Internet Information Services Can Cause Problems in Windows XPInternet Information Services
822808You Cannot Use ADSI to Change the AdminACL Property RemotelyInternet Information Services
823818FIX: Memory usage increases and IIS 5.0 stops responding when ASP buffering is enabledInternet Information Services
827385IIS Settings Are Missing After You Run Sysprep with the -nosidgen Command-Line SwitchInternet Information Services
326469You Must Install a Hotfix to Install GPMC on Windows XP ProfessionalManagement and administration
326574You receive a “Cannot open <Snap-in Name>” error message when you try to start MMC on a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
327967The process name of a Thread performance object does not display in the Add Counters dialog boxManagement and administration
328628The Security tab is missing from a scheduled task's propertiesManagement and administration
329170MS02-070: Flaw in SMB signing may permit Group Policy to be modifiedManagement and administration
329441You cannot create a network connection after you restore Windows XPManagement and administration
329457Computer Seems to Hang When You Log OnManagement and administration
330259Intermittent Program Unresponsiveness Occurs When You Use Performance MonitoringManagement and administration
330618Commas in Interactive Logon Message Are Formatted As Carriage ReturnsManagement and administration
330646WMI Dynamic Registry Provider does not populate properties on Windows XPManagement and administration
332207WMI: output parameters are not returned by decoupled method providerManagement and administration
810076Updates to Restricted Groups ("Member of") Behavior of User-Defined Local GroupsManagement and administration
810080Security Warning Occurs When You Run a Nested Log Off Script Through an FQDNManagement and administration
810992"Generic Failure" error message occurs when you enumerate the Win32_PrintJob class in WMIManagement and administration
811062Domain Group Policy Is Lost After Logging On with Cached Credentials in Windows XPManagement and administration
811227You receive an error message when you use the System Monitor programming interface to add or to delete counters on a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
811231Error Message: The Specified Account Name Is Already a Member of the Local GroupManagement and administration
811299MMC Snap-ins That Are Generated with Visual Basic Designer Do Not Work CorrectlyManagement and administration
812119Windows System Restore Utility Quits and All Restore Points Are DeletedManagement and administration
812203The performance provider unexpectedly stops collecting data in Windows Management InstrumentationManagement and administration
812400Scheduled tasks may not run and generate an exit code of 80Management and administration
812960Task Scheduler jobs stop running in Windows XPManagement and administration
813415Client receives "access denied" result when connecting to a decoupled providerManagement and administration
814557Domain Local Groups from the Child Domain Are Not AvailableManagement and administration
815424Screen Saver Is Not Password-Protected When You Apply the "Password Protect the Screen Saver" Group Policy SettingManagement and administration
815427You Are Prompted to Use a Dial-Up Connection When You Try to Use a Network ConnectionManagement and administration
816213System services stop, server slows down, or access violation errors occur when you use a program or script to generate and monitor eventsManagement and administration
816543Windows XP System Restore Feature Restores Old Lotus Notes Password FilesManagement and administration
816552You cannot access shares on a Windows XP-based computer after you open an .ini file remotely from Windows 98Management and administration
816880Roaming profiles may not unload after you use WMI on a Windows XP-based SystemManagement and administration
817708Setup Was Unable to Format the Drive error message appears during ASR restoreManagement and administration
819536Roaming profiles are not saved when a user logs off a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer or a Microsoft Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
819625You Cannot Manage a Windows XP-Based Computer by Using Active Directory Administrative ToolsManagement and administration
821234WMI decoupled provider does not forward statusManagement and administration
821253Update For Windows Error ReportingManagement and administration
821538Win32_DesktopMonitor does not return correct monitor typeManagement and administration
822407Remote Assistance generates minimal event logging in Windows XPManagement and administration
822561FIX: Multi-language documents are not indexed correctlyManagement and administration
823439Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access Error Message When Chkdsk Runs at StartupManagement and administration
823442"x80041001- Generic Failure" error message is returned in WMI HiPerf provider when you use Windows Server 2003Management and administration
824024Win32_DiskDrivePartition class does not return extended partition informationManagement and administration
824136Error Message Occurs When File is Right-Clicked, or Problems Occur When Opening Certain Files in Autodesk or Discreet ProductsManagement and administration
824223Script that runs a WMIC command runs slowly, and you cannot specify a custom timeout value for the WMIC/FAILFAST switchManagement and administration
824262Memory leak when you use the Win32_NetworkAdapter notification queryManagement and administration
825882System Monitor Does Not Collect Data for All Instances of a Process When Started with the WMI Command-Line OptionManagement and administration
826088If the Solicited Remote Assistance policy is disabled, you cannot offer assistance to a Novice computerManagement and administration
827059Folder Redirection Operation Is Unsuccessful When You Rename the UserManagement and administration
827878The "Exclude directories in roaming profiles" policy stops working when you add pathsManagement and administration
828210"You Are Not Authorized to Perform the Current Operation" error message when you use Smigrate.exe to back up a Windows SharePoint Services Web siteManagement and administration
828403Group Policy Object Version Number Is Not Incremented After You Import a Security TemplateManagement and administration
828452An Assigned Package Is Reinstalled Every Time Clients Log on to the DomainManagement and administration
828653Large WMI notification query may cause a quota violationManagement and administration
828735You cannot remotely administer users and groups on a Windows 2000-based computer by using Computer Management as a Power User in Windows XPManagement and administration
829092An access violation occurs when you try to send a Remote Assistance request from the Help and Support Center in Windows XPManagement and administration
830170Dsget.exe tool output may fail when used with another tool or script in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows XPManagement and administration
830464Group Policy does not apply roaming profiles correctly if NTuser.dat and NTuser.pol files are not synchronizedManagement and administration
830653SWbemDateTime object does not correctly follow the Common Information Model date and time format in Windows XPManagement and administration
831003Scheduled tasks that use NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM do not run correctlyManagement and administration
831367A ListView item remains selected after you cancel a drag-and-drop operation in Microsoft Management Console 2.0Management and administration
832585Scheduled tasks do not run after you install Windows XP Service Pack 1Management and administration
833228CPU usage in the Indexing Service increases to 100 percent in Windows XP and in Windows Server 2003Management and administration
833600The Win32_Battery WMI class does not report the EstimatedChargeRemaining attribute correctly on a Windows XP-based portable computerManagement and administration
833883You cannot view a user's Universal Group membership in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Users and Computers when Universal Groups do not reside in the local domainManagement and administration
836605The Framework.log file grows larger than 64 KB when you use WMI on a Windows XP computerManagement and administration
837009MS04-013: Cumulative Security Update for Outlook ExpressOutlook Express
837166Group Policy that you edit in Windows XP does not work in Windows 2000Management and administration
837490The Dial-in tab does not appear when you use the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in to view the properties for a domain user on a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
838210List of the management and administration issues that are addressed in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Management and administration
838754You cannot use the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools to add a group to the Restricted Groups policy in Windows XPManagement and administration
840998Changes to your roaming profile are lost when you log on to a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
841873MS04-022: A vulnerability in Task Scheduler could allow code executionManagement and administration
841846Cannot create a scheduled task in Windows XPManagement and administration
842309An update is available for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0 for Windows XPManagement and administration
842773Update package that includes Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) version 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1 is available for Windows XPManagement and administration
842838You cannot use the Delegation Wizard to grant access permissions to a new user account or a new group accountManagement and administration
843250You cannot schedule a remote job by using the AT command from a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
867783Microsoft Management console has encountered a problem error message when you try to configure security policy settings on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller from a Windows XP-based computerManagement and administration
282010How to find information about Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 7MDAC
827257Software update to prevent the processing of XML messages that contain DTDs for the SOAP ToolkitMDAC
829558Information about Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8MDAC
832483MS04-003: Buffer overrun in an MDAC function could allow code executionMDAC
837001MS04-014: Vulnerability in the Microsoft Jet Database Engine could permit code executionMDAC
838209List of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2MDAC
329262Support for Additional Set Top Boxes in Windows XP Media Center EditionMedia Center Edition
329979Critical Update for Windows XP Media Center EditionMedia Center Edition
331913Keys on Windows XP Media Center Remote Sensor Device Appear to StickMedia Center Edition
810023DirectShow TV receiver programs may stop respondingMedia Center Edition
811009Windows XP stops responding when you switch between logged-on usersMedia Center Edition
815487Critical update for Windows XP Media Center EditionMedia Center Edition
827356Scheduled recordings do not occur after the computer resumes from standbyMedia Center Edition
830786Critical update for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Media Center Edition
832418Critical update for Windows XP Media Center Edition infrared receiverMedia Center Edition
841871DNS performance counters show a value of zeroMedia Center Edition
318684 "An error has occurred with your capture device" error message when you try to connect your Sony digital video cameraMultimedia
327979Game stops responding (hangs) or quits unexpectedly when introductory video clip is playedMultimedia
328533An access violation occurs after the answering machine program receives voice messages on a Windows XP-based computerMultimedia
810023DirectShow TV Receiver Programs May Stop RespondingMultimedia
810032Panasonic DV Camera May Not EnumerateMultimedia
810243DirectShow playback support for files recorded with Windows XP Media Center EditionMultimedia
810272Windows hardware compatibility audio test causes computer to stop respondingMultimedia
811777Multimedia Device Does Not Work After You Update Its DriverMultimedia
812035A Crash Occurs in Ks.sys on Computers with Intel Hyper-Threading CPUMultimedia
813347Audio and Video May No Longer be Synchronized After You Issue a Fast-Forward Command or a Rewind Command During DVD PlaybackMultimedia
813348FIX: Selective Suspend Does Not Work on Video Capture Devices That Use the Stream Class DriverMultimedia
814846You Cannot Play a DVD-RW or a DVD+RW Disk by Using Windows Media Player or Sonic CinePlayerMultimedia
816650Multimedia device does not shut down correctly if you unplug the device during streamingMultimedia
817079An Incorrect Aspect Ratio Is Used When You Play MPEG-1 Files in Windows XPMultimedia
817589TV Tuner Stops RespondingMultimedia
818529MS03-020: June, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet ExplorerMultimedia
819639MS03-021: A flaw in Windows Media Player may permit the Media Library to be accessedMultimedia
819696MS03-030: Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System CompromiseMultimedia
822043You Receive a "Stop 0x50" Error Message When Switching Between Users While You Play a VideoMultimedia
822738FIX: The shutdown procedure takes a long time to completeMultimedia
824143Desktop Shortcut to the 3 1/2 Inch Disk Drive or to the CD-ROM Drive Does Not WorkMultimedia
824522Application error message when you playback a MIDI file in Windows NT Server 4.0Multimedia
827778You receive a "There was an error updating the Registry" error message when you start Sound RecorderMultimedia
830363Your video appears in the preview window for only a few seconds in your video capture programMultimedia
830414FIX: Windows Media Player 9 Series May Not Be Able to Connect Through an Authenticated Proxy 2.0 Proxy ServerMultimedia
830415FIX: QASF Update Improves the User Experience for Windows Media Player ContentMultimedia
832732FIX: A constant rate of many script commands may cause Windows Media Player to use maximum CPUMultimedia
834673BUG: An application may stop capturing data after running for multiple hoursMultimedia
836544FIX: You cannot seek some MPEG4 content in Windows Media Player 9 SeriesMultimedia
836545FIX: Some content may cause rebuffering on certain networksMultimedia
837171FIX: Images in content appear less clear after you upgrade to Windows Media Video 9 Screen codecMultimedia
837651USB audio/video devices do not resume from standby on some portable computersMultimedia
838200List of multimedia fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Multimedia
839203FIX: Windows Media components leak memory when you create custom applicationsMultimedia
839303FIX: An incorrect time code is displayed in Windows Media Player 9 SeriesMultimedia
839340FIX: Update to behaviors of certain proxy servers on Windows Media Player 9 SeriesMultimedia
839522FIX: The filter graph that uses the Windows Media ASF Writer filter may stop working when a sparse script stream is presentMultimedia
839643MS04-016: Vulnerability in DirectPlay could allow denial of serviceMultimedia
840227FIX: You receive an error in Windows Media Player 9 Series when you stream certain files by means of Real Time Streaming ProtocolMultimedia
840595FIX: Windows Media Player 9 Series uses a proxy server although Group Policy is set to use NoneMultimedia
841072FIX: An extra PlayCount right is decremented if you seek in a DirectShow program that contains DRM-protected contentMultimedia
842901Windows Application Verifier crashes when you try to verify a program in Windows XPMultimedia
312864Automatic Proxy Discovery in Internet Explorer with DHCP Requires Specific PermissionsNetworking
318138MS02-029: Unchecked buffer in Remote Access Service phonebook allows code to runNetworking
319233Keypad "=" Key May Not Work on NEC PC98 USB KeyboardNetworking
319325The IPCONFIG/SETCLASSID command does not send the class ID in the options field of the DHCP information packetNetworking
321697You Cannot Make Floppy Disk Controller Physically Probe Floppy DrivesNetworking
321936A roaming user profile does not upload successfully, and Event ID 1000 is logged in the application log in Windows 2000Networking
322359Intelide.sys Is Not Used on Computers with ICH4 or ICH5Networking
323183Availability of Windows XP Service Pack 1 Support for Bluetooth Wireless DevicesNetworking
325572You may not be able to log on to Windows XP with cached credentialsNetworking
326119Event Viewer May Show IrEvents Error 8205 If the Irmon Service Is StoppedNetworking
326570Cannot access network resources after you establish a Dial-up Networking connection and log on to the domainNetworking
327752Some Winsock functions may cause a high CPU loadNetworking
327863Stop Error 0x7E Occurs in Usbhub.sys If USB Bandwidth Consumption Exceeds 100 PercentNetworking
327897Sony DVMC-DA2 Converter Is Not Compatible with Video for Windows on Windows XPNetworking
328070Netmeeting does not disconnect when you use it through a Windows XP firewallNetworking
328264Network performance decreases when you use a program that uses the SO_CONDITIONAL_ACCEPT socket option to communicateNetworking
328345 Your IBM ThinkPad portable computer may not hibernate as expected in Windows XPNetworking
329080MAPI DCOM HRESULT 0X800706be RPC call failsNetworking
329180Integrated Technology Express Devices May Not Work with Windows XPNetworking
329256FIX: Inconsistent gap count can cause 1394 devices to not enumerateNetworking
329310The Time to Connect with Remote Access Continues to GrowNetworking
329463You are notified that a network device has been detected after resuming your computer from standbyNetworking
329581Error 0xFE occurs when you start the Safely Remove Hardware utility on a docked portable computerNetworking
329798Cannot connect to Cisco dial-up server with some client IP address ranges in Windows XPNetworking
329834MS02-063: Unchecked buffer in PPTP implementation may permit denial-of-service attacksNetworking
329909IEEE 1394 storage device detection does not work when the system resumes from standby or hibernationNetworking
330172Computer may not shut down properly if you remove a SCSI adapter while in standbyNetworking
330187A "STOP: 0x0000008E" error message occurs when you change the hardware acceleration settingNetworking
330421Isoch callback not called or error on blue screen occurs when starting Isoch streamNetworking
330559A ping request cannot find the host by using the hexadecimal IP address on a Windows XP-based computerNetworking
331060The FLUSH CACHE command is not issued and the hard disk may become corrupted when you enter standby or hibernateNetworking
331320Outlook 2003 performs slowly or stops responding when connected to Exchange Server 2003 through HTTPNetworking
331695USB 2.0 device removed when system resumes from hibernationNetworking
331816VPN client in Windows XP disconnects after one minuteNetworking
331862The "ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT" error occurs when you send Web requests by using NTLM authentication in Windows 2000Networking
331895Incorrect error message while writing to write-protected IDE diskNetworking
331958Hard disk may become corrupted when entering standby or hibernation or when writing a memory dumpNetworking
332023Slow disk performance when write caching is enabledNetworking
332176Your modem stops responding in Windows XPNetworking
810019InstallShield 5.5 Setup may run slowly with the Bluetooth Supplement installedNetworking
810020Wireless connection unavailable message after computer resumes from standbyNetworking
810039A service that is running under a user account cannot access Novell NetWare VolumesNetworking
810063Your USB Keyboard and mouse that are connected to a USB 2.0 controller are slow to respond after hibernationNetworking
810090Universal serial bus devices are not detected intermittently when you start or resume the computerNetworking
810400USB devices may not work after you unplug a downstream USB hub from the host controllerNetworking
810907Error Messages When You Open or Copy Network Files on Windows XP SP1 Clients That Require SMB SigningNetworking
811048Your Serial Bus Protocol 2 Devices Are Not Connected After You Restart Your ComputerNetworking
811156Route Table on a Windows XP-Based Computer That Is Configured As a Remote Access Server Is Not Updated with New Route InformationNetworking
811513You Cannot Use the Secondary WINS Server to Resolve Names When the Primary WINS Server Is UnavailableNetworking
811789QFE: Surprise Removal of 1394 Device Can Cause Bluescreen ErrorNetworking
812308You cannot use your USB 2.0 isynchronous Webcam to capture video on your Windows XP-based computerNetworking
812401Error 735 Error Message and Dial-Up Networking Connection Appears Connected Although You Are DisconnectedNetworking
812415Problems When Your Computer with Multiple ATA Drives Enters the S1 Power StateNetworking
812460Poor Sound Quality in Windows Messenger over a VPN ConnectionNetworking
813383You Cannot Use AMD PowerNow! Technology Power Management FeaturesNetworking
813707Only One Function Is Enumerated and a Code 10 Error Occurs in Device Manager When You Insert a Multifunction PC Card into a PCMCIA SlotNetworking
813820PCMCIA Driver Does Not Initialize Elan Multifunction Serial PC CardNetworking
813861Windows XP Service Pack 1 Incorrectly Identifies the VIA VT82C686B Chipset as Supporting Ultra DMA Mode 6Networking
814054Internet Sharing Configuration Dialog Box Unexpectedly Appears When You Programmatically Enable or Disable the ICFNetworking
814560Composite USB devices whose interfaces are not sequentially numbered do not work on Windows XPNetworking
815230Changing the TcpAckFrequency value to 1 does not have any effect
815485Overview of the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security update in Windows XPNetworking
816486Windows XP Setup Creates a Network Bridge Between Two or More Network DevicesNetworking
816500Computer Restarts After You Quickly Insert and Remove a PC CardNetworking
816509USB devices stop responding after you install Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 1Networking
816736CD-RW Drive Does Not Eject Blank MediaNetworking
816764ATAPI Driver Takes a Long Time to Resume from StandbyNetworking
816843FIX: Fast Swap of USB Devices May Cause USB Host Controller to Stop Functioning on Windows XPNetworking
816941Auto Proxy Functions: isResolvable, dnsResolve, and myIpAddress Do Not Work as You ExpectNetworking
817472IDE ATA and ATAPI Disks Use PIO Mode After Multiple Time-Out or CRC Errors OccurNetworking
817581Universal Serial Bus Mouse Does Not WorkNetworking
817699PS/2 Mouse Does Not Work After Your Computer Resumes from HibernationNetworking
817765Windows Backup Utility Does Not Succeed When You Use a USB Tape DriveNetworking
817778Overview of the advanced networking pack for Windows XPNetworking
818043L2TP/IPSec NAT-T update for Windows XP and Windows 2000Networking
818332You Cannot Eject Your Computer Error Message When You Click Eject PCNetworking
818383The Keyboard and Mouse Do Not Work When You Resume from StandbyNetworking
818534Only one dial-up connection program starts if many connection programs are installed in Windows XPNetworking
818874Connection Manager Custom Connection Service Does Not Start During WinlogonNetworking
818895User Name and Password Not Retained for Dial-Up Connection in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1)Networking
818966STOP: 0x0000007E Error Message When You Install Windows XP Disk Image from a Remote Installation Services ServerNetworking
819111FIX: Isoch cycle time is set incorrectly in the contextMatch registerNetworking
819262Your Computer Takes Longer Than Expected to Resume from an S3 Sleep State (Standby) After You Remove an IEEE 1394 Hard DiskNetworking
819636Computer with Multiple SCSI Controllers and /3GB Boot.ini Option Stops Responding with SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE (0xDA) Stop ErrorNetworking
819950DHCP Lease Time Is Set to Current Time When Lease Renewal FailsNetworking
820759Problems Occur When You Run a Program That Accesses a USB 2.0 DVD Drive or CD-RW DriveNetworking
821290Clicking the Network Icon Does Not Open the Local Area Connection Status Window After You Bring Your Computer out of StandbyNetworking
821995Intermittent and Unpredictable Results Occur After You Update the Audio Driver for Sound Blaster Live!Networking
822112FIX: A program cannot re-establish communication with a modem device after the USB cable is quickly reconnectedNetworking
822242FIX: The PCMCIA card does not work as expected after you suspend and resume three times on a portable computerNetworking
822345System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found. error message when you try to send a mailslot message to a different workgroupNetworking
822596DHCP Does Not Obtain a New Address When EAP Reauthenticates Across Access Points with IP Subnets That DifferNetworking
822603Availability of the Windows XP SP1 USB 1.1 and 2.0 UpdateNetworking
822721A/V Media Server Internet Gateway Device Icon DisappearsNetworking
82272560-second to 120-second delay occurs in user authentication when you log on to Windows XP in a wireless networkNetworking
830561Documents that have attached templates take a long time to open in Word 2002 and in Word 2003Networking
824105MS03-034: Flaw in NetBIOS could lead to information disclosureNetworking
824396A Memory Card Device May Not Be Enumerated on Windows XPNetworking
824400You cannot establish an IEEE 1394 network connection in Windows XPNetworking
824692Client computer cannot see or access the telephony resources on a server that is running Windows Server 2003Networking
824810Only the CR character is sent when you use the SET CRLF command in a Telnet sessionNetworking
825760You Receive Stop Error 0x00000076 or 0x000000CB When You Quit Your Backup SoftwareNetworking
825762Smart Card Logon for a Remote Access Connection Is Authenticated When You Use an Incorrect Personal Identification NumberNetworking
826145There is a delay of up to one minute before you can connect to your wireless network after you start Windows XPNetworking
826239Small Delay in Logon to Network When You Use a Wireless Network ConnectionNetworking
826367Shutting Down Computer Takes Extra Time When HID Devices Are ConnectedNetworking
826367Shutting Down Computer Takes Extra Time When HID Devices Are ConnectedNetworking
826377Digital video camera is not detected correctlyNetworking
826942Wireless update rollup package for Windows XP is availableNetworking
827536An IP multicast may not be sent correctly from Windows XP or from Windows Server 2003Networking
827537Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003 clients cannot connect to some third-party wireless implementations of 802.1xNetworking
828728Cannot Connect to a Network Resource After You Change the Properties of a Network ConnectionNetworking
828741MS04-012: Cumulative update for Microsoft RPC/DCOMNetworking
828940Wireless Client Cannot Reconnect to a Wireless Access PointNetworking
829576You receive an "Access denied" error message when you try to connect to a serverNetworking
829652You cannot log on after you correctly change your log on credentialsNetworking
829884Stop Error: 0xc0000415 When You Run Windows XPNetworking
830355You Cannot Use Outlook 2003 over the Internet by Using Your User Principal Name (UPN)Networking
830358You cannot use IPCONFIG with a wildcard character to set the ClassIDs of multiple network adaptersNetworking
830469Your computer does not enter a C3 state after you plug in and then unplug an external USB hubNetworking
830494FIX: Printer speed is very slow with Hard Copy Replacement Profile installedNetworking
830987Some Devices Are Not Recognized When You Use Multiple IEEE 1394 (FireWire) DevicesNetworking
830993The same IP address is assigned to multiple Windows XP client computersNetworking
831114Your USB keyboard or USB mouse does not work when you resume your Windows XP-based computer from standbyNetworking
831385You receive a Stop error when network traffic is initiated and a filter driver is loadedNetworking
831651"The roaming profile cannot be found" error message when you log on to your network from a Windows XP-based computerNetworking
831709Programs may experience long delays on Windows XP-based computers after loss of network connectivityNetworking
831736The TV Tuner icon is missing from My ComputerNetworking
832656You receive "IP General Failure" error messages during network operations in Windows XPNetworking
833434Default gateway and static route settings lost when you use the IPCONFIG/SETCLASSID commandNetworking
833680Stop error message on a blue screen when you transfer data to a USB device in Windows XPNetworking
833747Event ID 4311 appears in the system log when you reinstall a network adapter in Windows XPNetworking
833976You receive an "Error 792" error message and you cannot connect to a node in a Windows Server 2003 Network Load Balancing cluster by using a VPN connection in Windows XPNetworking
834525Wireless network connection for a preferred wireless access point is unavailableNetworking
834565It takes a long time to connect to your wireless network when you start your Windows XP-based computerNetworking
835594Stop 0x000000FE error occurs when you try to start a third-party IP telephone program in Windows XPNetworking
836165The formatting operation is unsuccessful when you try to format a DVD-RAM disc as FAT32 after you use InCD 4Networking
836535An unexpected IGMP Join request is transmitted after an IGMP Leave request is transmitted to leave a multicast groupNetworking
836618Your application receives the STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR error flag when an IOCTL call is madeNetworking
837162FIX: Your application leaks two event handles every time that the application makes an HTTP requestNetworking
837206The ClassID value may be lost or overwritten when you set the ClassID value for a DHCP-enabled network adapter on a Windows XP-based computerNetworking
837371High-speed periodic USB isochronous transfers with periods of 2 or 4 do not work correctlyNetworking
837702 Telnet client stops responding and does not show a prompt when you try to connect to a Telnet server that is running on a Windows Server 2003-based or Windows XP-based computerNetworking
838098FIX: Your application leaks two event handles every time that the application makes an HTTP requestNetworking
838207List of networking fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Networking
838637Computer stops responding when a SCSI miniport driver issues a ScsiPortNotification(BusChangeDetected) callNetworking
839641You receive a stop error 0x7E in Pci.sysNetworking
839642 "The specified network is invalid" error message when you try to connect to a remote computer by using the SMS 2003 Network Monitor utilityNetworking
840136The image in a video stream from an IEEE 1394 video device may roll onscreenNetworking
840164A Windows XP-based computer sends many ARP broadcast requests when the ARP cache entry for the peer expires during a large file transferNetworking
840174A connection in the LINECALLSTATE_DIALTONE call state does not work as expected in Windows XPNetworking
840629The DNS search order is reversed on the DHCP client in Windows 2000 and Windows XPNetworking
840654Your VPN connection is disconnected after several minutes in Windows XPNetworking
Article numberArticle titleCategory
841566 You cannot establish a VPN connection by using a dial-up connection on a Windows XP-based computerNetworking
842128 The Remote Shell utility may stop responding on a Windows Server 2003-based client computer
842169Incoming ARP packets can overwrite static entries in the ARP cache in Windows XPNetworking
843048The Netsh.exe tool stops responding when you add two or more routing filters to a network adapterNetworking
843091Stop 0xD1 error when you shut down Windows XPNetworking
843264 You may experience a delay in your ability to access network resources after you log on to a Windows XP-based computer that has both wired and wireless network adaptersNetworking
843559 WinHTTP 5.1 may stop responding while serving a Web site on Windows XP Professional or Windows XP 64-bit EditionNetworking
867482The Connection Manager Custom button is linked to the UserName input dialog box in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XPNetworking
878467Your Windows XP-based computer does not resume from standby when you move your USB mouse or press a key on your USB keyboardNetworking
309431Help and Support Search Results Are Unreadable If Your User Interface Is Set to a User Interface That Is Not an English-Language User InterfaceOther
322011You cannot preview a fax in the Fax ConsoleOther
327565Computer Hangs During Shutdown or Restart If Multiple Programs Call ExitWindowsEx()Other
327699Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows XPOther
328310MS02-071: Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER message handling can enable privilege elevationOther
328665INFO: Changes in WM_TIMER Message HandlingOther
329052You Sporadically Receive a "STOP 0x1E" Error Message in Win32k.sys in Windows XPOther
329112FIX: Multi-border DVD with more than 4 GB of data is not readable past the first borderOther
329547PRB: You Cannot Send a HTTP Message from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 if Windows Server 2003 Has an International NameOther
329667Message Queuing (MSMQ): An RPC Attack Causes an Access ViolationOther
329692Explorer.exe May Generate an Application Error When You Close a FolderOther
329994MSMQ: Inherited Permissions on Queue Object May Be IgnoredOther
810383Message Queuing (MSMQ) Service Does Not Come Online after an Unexpected Power FailureOther
810565Hyperlinks Open in Internet Explorer Instead of in Default Browser or Help and Support CenterOther
810647The system event log contains many event 61 entriesOther
811033MSMQ: Microsoft Message Queue Server Cannot Open Local Public Queues Unless It Resolves the MQIS or Active Directory Domain Controller NameOther
811392Obtain the Dskcache.exe Tool to Configure the "Power Protected" Write Cache OptionOther
811632Repeatedly Prompted to Complete Activation for Windows XP Media Center Edition After You Enter Product KeyOther
811632Repeatedly Prompted to Complete Activation for Windows XP Media Center Edition After You Enter Product KeyOther
812110 May Hang When You Send Mail with a Long LineOther
813041The VK_SHIFT Key State Does Not Match the Actual Key StateOther
813862WinXP: On-Screen Keyboard Redraws ContinuouslyOther
813907You Cannot Open Certain System Information (.nfo) FilesOther
815361Cannot Activate Windows XP on Your Tablet PCOther
816130Windows Cannot End This Program Error Message When You Try to Close a Parent Program in Windows XPOther
816769Internet Explorer Hangs When Accessing FilesOther
817611A Minimized Program Window That Is Hung (Is Not Responding) May Not Be Restored Correctly and a Second Minimized Window AppearsOther
819783After you turn off the Language bar in Windows XP, you cannot turn it back onOther
821432Keyboard Does Not Work as Expected After You Dismiss a Screen Saver by Pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETEOther
822084PostScript fonts that are not valid are incorrectly installed when you use Control Panel Fonts in Windows XPOther
822137When you move desktop icons, they do not appear correctlyOther
823736Your Computer Restarts Unexpectedly When You Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to Unlock Your ComputerOther
824141MS03-045: Buffer overrun in the ListBox and in the ComboBox Control could allow code executionOther
824337Your computer screen may not repaint correctly if the child window of a translucent parent is movedOther
824345Confirmation ID is invalid error message when you try to activate Windows Server 2003 by phoneOther
825119MS03-044: Buffer overrun in Windows Help and Support Center could lead to system compromiseOther
826397SHIFT Key Does Not Override the Automatic Logon SettingOther
826480The Display Rotates 180 Degrees When You Lower Your Screen Resolution Using the Accessibility WizardOther
826518You Receive a "User32.dll Failed" Initialization Error Message, or the User Interface Does Not Update CorrectlyOther
826958PAUSE and insertion point movement keys do not respond correctly when NUM LOCK is on in Windows XPOther
828929VB6.exe Uses 100 Percent of the CPU When You Try to Change the Font Properties in Visual Basic for WindowsOther
831733A handle leak occurs when you use "Run as" to run a program in Windows Server 2003Other
833509Hidden windows of custom programs unexpectedly appear on the screen as blank windows in Windows XPOther
833512Message Queuing cannot send messages to a target queue after the IP address changesOther
833528Speech accessibility utilities do not open menu commands in Windows XPOther
834450Stop 0x0000008E error message in Win32k.sys when you use the keyboard to access a program menu in Windows XPOther
834467You cannot modify public queue properties or computer properties or you receive a "Queue is not registered in the DS" error messageOther
835208You cannot connect to your LDAP server with the Microsoft LDAP API over an SSL connection in Windows XPOther
835417Desktop icon names do not appear correctly after you restart your Windows XP-based computerOther
837689Programs that use Dynamic Data Exchange may stop responding in Windows XPOther
838193List of Windows XP Media Center Edition fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Other
838194List of Tablet PC fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Other
838283Desktop application menus are improperly displayed if a process exceeds its GDI object quota in Windows XP or in Windows 2000Other
838659FIX: Speech engines do not work and you receive an error message when you open Speech Control PanelOther
839017Help and Support causes Windows XP to stop respondingOther
840374MS04-015 Security Update for Microsoft WindowsOther
840882Windows XP discards messages that are sent by using HTTP after encountering an ISA BugOther
330994MS03-014: April, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Outlook ExpressOutlook Express
331967Folders Are Not Expanded in Outlook Express 6 SP1Outlook Express
823353MS04-018: Cumulative security update for Outlook ExpressOutlook Express
886340 List of Outlook Express fixes that are in Windows XP Service Pack 2 and in Windows XP PC Tablet Edition 2005 Outlook Express
314816PostScript printer does not show all the supported paper sizes on French Windows 2000 clientsPrinting
322011You cannot preview a fax in the Fax consolePrinting
328007The CommandCallback method in PCL6 causes an exception in the Unidriver modulePrinting
329234The client spooler enters a loop when it manipulates several network printers at the same timePrinting
330223Palatino and Schoolbook printer fonts are spaced incorrectly after you upgrade to Windows 2000 Service Pack 3Printing
811230You May Not Be Able to Connect to a Web PrinterPrinting
811896The network traffic increases after you try to use a remote printer in Microsoft Windows XPPrinting
812419An Event Handle Leak Occurs with the System.EventLog ClassPrinting
812503User Profiles Are Not Unloaded After a New Printer Is Added to WindowsPrinting
814121FIX: PrintUI.dll Does Not Install Correct OEM Print Processor from Command Line Script on Windows XPPrinting
814390File Transfer from Digital Camera FailsPrinting
822806Available From Setting for Your Printer Changes with Daylight Saving Time in Windows XPPrinting
823447Add Printer Wizard does not complete the installation of your printerPrinting
824131You Do Not Receive Print Notification When You Print to a Network Printer in a DomainPrinting
824339Improved reporting of Event ID 61 event messages to identify a print queue or a print devicePrinting
828511HP LaserJet 5000 printer inserts an extra blank page between two printed pages when you print a Word document under Windows XPPrinting
830589Xerox DocuTech 100 and DocuTech 120 printer drivers for Windows 2000-based computersPrinting
830732Add a Printer Wizard stops responding when you try to install a network printerPrinting
831754You receive an error message when you try to print to a shared network printer in a terminal server sessionPrinting
832246Printer tray selections are ignored when you print to a PostScript printerPrinting
832344Final scan mode is used instead of preview scan mode when you use a scanner with Windows XPPrinting
833355You receive a protection fault error message when you try to use the DrvGetStandardVariable functionPrinting
834462Your USB printer is listed as offline when you try to print from WindowsPrinting
835318Print server becomes sluggish or has too many named pipe connections from Windows XP-based computersPrinting
836214 You cannot print the Epson Draft 10cpi font in italic or in bold in Windows XPPrinting
838206List of printing fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2 Printing
838298You cannot add custom forms to your Windows XP-based computerPrinting
840987 MS04-032: Security update for Microsoft WindowsPrinting
307753Micrografx Graphics Suite 2 Starts Minimized or Off ScreenProgram compatibility
323255MS02-055: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility May Allow Attacker to Run CodeProgram compatibility
329623Problems with InterVideo DVD Software After Upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 1Program compatibility
811630HTML Help Update to Limit Functionality When It Is Invoked with the window.showHelp( ) MethodProgram compatibility
812121Unexpected Blank Space Is Inserted After Accented CharactersProgram compatibility
812943The RichEdit Control Undo Information May Be Lost When the Control Retrieves TextProgram compatibility
813870The Rich Edit Control May Display Documents with Right or Center Tabs IncorrectlyProgram compatibility
814995Some Program Compatibility Fixes Stop Working After You Install the 328310 UpdateProgram compatibility
820121Computer Stops Responding or You Receive "Ehshell.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services" Error Message When You Perform Repetitive Tasks in Media CenterProgram compatibility
826081Resuming the Computer After Suspend Mode Distorts the Video in Full-Screen Mode for the Pinball.exe ProgramProgram compatibility
829637Programs That Run Correctly with Windows 2000 Do Not Run Correctly with Window XPProgram compatibility
831014Alcatel software does not install on Windows XP-based computersProgram compatibility
837674A bullet or a number is added to the next line of text when you save a document in a custom Visual Basic 6.0 programProgram compatibility
838018Description of the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions from Microsoft hotfix package: June 15, 2004Program compatibility
838292White text over a dark background prints in black on Windows XP or on Windows 2000Program compatibility
839078RichEdit 3.0 control does not align decimal numbers correctly after you change the decimal symbol from a dot to a commaProgram compatibility
840315MS04-023: Vulnerability in HTML Help could allow code executionProgram compatibility
841383Problems when you insert text into a RichEdit controlProgram compatibility
319555Terminal Services CALs are not issued for Windows XP Embedded and Windows XP Home EditionRemote Desktop
323647The HelpAssistant account is not disabled in a clean installation of Windows XPRemote Desktop
327575Cannot log on one time after an administrator uses Remote DesktopRemote Desktop
329756Remote Desktop Connection Software May Cause an Access Violation If FilterQueueType Is SetRemote Desktop
331964Toggling Full-Screen Mode in the Remote Desktop Connection Software Causes an "Out of Memory" Error MessageRemote Desktop
811080Slow or Delayed Screen Updates After Reconnecting to Console SessionRemote Desktop
817293Remote Desktop Connection does not permit loopback connections to ports that it is not listening onRemote Desktop
823111Repeated calls to the WTSSetUserConfig function cause an API memory leakRemote Desktop
828664An access violation error occurs when you run a Terminal Server administrative utility in Windows XPRemote Desktop
833551You cannot change the time zone setting on a Windows XP-based computer over a remote desktop connectionRemote Desktop
838191List of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Remote Desktop
838202List of Remote Desktop fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Remote Desktop
839918Hotfix that lets you control whether a user can save a password for Remote Desktop Connection sessions to a terminal server in Windows XP or in Windows 2000Remote Desktop
308320Heap Corruption Occurs in a Local COM Object If the Domain Name Is Longer Than 127 CharactersRPC
329080MAPI DCOM HRESULT 0X800706be RPC Call FailsRPC
331320Outlook 2003 Performs Slowly or Stops Responding When Connected to Exchange Server 2003 Through HTTPRPC
331953MS03-010: Flaw in RPC endpoint mapper could allow Denial of Service attacksRPC
810833MS03-001: Unchecked Buffer in the Locator Service Might Permit Code to RunRPC
811576Program May Stop Working If It Uses RPC with a UNIX ServerRPC
824835Certain IDL constructs are marshaled and unmarshaled incorrectly by RPCRPC
828741MS04-012: Cumulative update for Microsoft RPC/DCOMRPC
830355You cannot use Outlook 2003 over the Internet by using your user principal name (UPN)RPC
831709Programs may experience long delays on Windows XP-based computers after loss of network connectivityRPC
300562SSL Reports Incorrect Maximum Buffer Size to ProgramsSecurity
303918Lsass Access Violation on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers Performing Name TranslationSecurity
308273You Cannot Decrypt Files After You Reset Your Password with a Password-Reset DiskSecurity
313194No Password Expiration Notice Is Presented During the Logon ProcessSecurity
313322A User Logon Request Is Rejected Without Any MessagesSecurity
314864SSL Connection Does Not Work on Windows XPSecurity
318449PowerPoint Slide Show Turns Off Screen Saver and Ignores System Group PolicySecurity
320099A security policy does not process restricted groups correctlySecurity
320145Credential manager cannot acquire log on credentials when you try to log on remotely to a Windows XP-based computerSecurity
320828Data That Is Protected by User's Private Key Can Be Accessed by a Domain Administrator Who Resets the User's PasswordSecurity
322097Slow Browsing to Windows 98 or Windows Me Clients from Windows XPSecurity
322098A program cannot copy a file from an encrypted folder to an unencrypted folder in Windows XPSecurity
322293ACLs Are Incorrectly Ordered on SubfoldersSecurity
322625Windows: Remote Shut Down of Client Computer FailsSecurity
322936Joining a Sysprep.exe Image of Windows XP Creates Duplicate Computer Accounts in Active DirectorySecurity
323475A "Stop 0xc0000244" Error Occurs When You Audit Policy Changes If CrashOnAuditFail Is Turned OnSecurity
324141Changing the password on a locked-out account generates a "domain not available" messageSecurity
325468Cannot Access Active Directory Shares From MIT Kerberos RealmSecurity
327634The "Lock on Smartcard Removal" Policy Setting Does Not Work If There Is Unsaved Work on the Computer When You Log OffSecurity
327889Unnecessary Event ID 537 Entries in the Security LogSecurity
327918The Administrator Account Appears on the Welcome Logon ScreenSecurity
328817You do not have permission to change your password error message when you try to change your password in Windows XPSecurity
328934Windows XP stops responding (hangs) when you log off the computer if more than one user is logged onSecurity
329115MS02-050: Certificate validation flaw might permit identity spoofingSecurity
329142If a screen saver is active, you may not be able to remotely shut down your Windows XP-based computerSecurity
329433A Revoked Certificate Is Selected If a Certification Authority in the Chain Has Two CertificatesSecurity
329048MS02-054: Unchecked buffer in file decompression functions may allow attacker to run codeSecurity
329509HOME-related environment variables that are set from a logon script revert to their default settingsSecurity
329834MS02-063: Unchecked Buffer in PPTP Implementation May Permit Denial-of-Service AttacksSecurity
330519Red 'X' Appears on Home Folder Mapped Drive in Windows ExplorerSecurity
811082Security Event 529 Is Logged for Local User AccountsSecurity
811148Windows Installer Custom Action Does Not Start a Program If the Program Has Already StartedSecurity
811460The Screen Saver Policy Settings Are Not Enforced on a User's ComputerSecurity
811802MIT Kerberos v5 Authenticated Users Cannot Access Active Directory ResourcesSecurity
812944Mapped Drive to Home Folder Briefly Disconnects When You Start Task ManagerSecurity
814696Portable Computer Does Not Go into Standby or Does Not Shut Down When You Press the Power ButtonSecurity
814761You Cannot Schedule a Windows XP-Based Computer to Shut Down and Restart by Using the AT Command with Shutdown.exeSecurity
816563Screen saver does not work after you lock your Windows 2000 or your Windows XP-based computerSecurity
816938Device Not Ready Error Message When You Try to Shut Down a Windows XP Workstation RemotelySecurity
816979Installation of KB 329115 Hotfix May Leave Temporary FolderSecurity
817287Windows Update 643 Error and the Catalog DatabaseSecurity
817584Cannot Use Network Identification Wizard to Add Domain User to Local Administrators GroupSecurity
818610User Cannot Log On with a UPN Name by Using Cached CredentialsSecurity
818858The CreateProcessWithLogonW() Function Ignores the startinfo.wShowWindow FlagSecurity
821425Users Receive a Password Complexity Requirements Message That Does Not Specify Character Group Requirements for a PasswordSecurity
821574Windows Prompts You for Your Password Multiple Times When You Use Outlook If Strong Private Key Protection Is Set to HighSecurity
822786Event ID 560 Message Is Recorded in the Security LogSecurity
823182MS03-041: Vulnerability in Authenticode Verification Could Allow Remote Code ExecutionSecurity
823718MS03-033: Security Update for Microsoft Data Access componentsSecurity
823726Software Restriction Policies feature does not log events as expectedSecurity
825081Cannot Use an MIT Kerberos Realm User's Cached Credentials to Log On to a Windows XP ClientSecurity
827014New Functionality Is Available for Cipher.exe in Windows 2000 and Windows X PSecurity
827179You Cannot Join a Windows XP Computer to a Windows Server 2003 Domain During an Unattended SetupSecurity
828028MS04-007: An ASN.1 vulnerability could allow code executionSecurity
828399Please Type a Different Password Error Message When You Change Your Password for a Second TimeSecurity
828790You Are Locked Out of Your Account When You Try to Change Your Expired PasswordSecurity
830380The Confirm File Replace dialog box appears when the destination file does not existSecurity
831571Windows XP or Windows 2000 prompts you to change your password even after you have already changed your passwordSecurity
831783Security policies are not applied to a RIS or Sysprep deployed image of Windows XP on first startSecurity
832082Smart card stops functioning or you cannot access the local registry when you upgrade from Windows 2000 Server to Windows XP SP 1 or earlierSecurity
832295Your screen resolution changes when you use the Fast User Switching feature in Windows XPSecurity
833828Access violation error when you try to import a certificate on a computer that is running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XPSecurity
833884Home drive is set to drive C when you use a roaming user account to log on to Windows XPSecurity
833987MS04-028: Buffer overrun in JPEG processing (GDI+) could allow code executionSecurity
834875Update for the "Interactive logon: Require smart card" security setting in Windows XPSecurity
835410You can lock the computer even when the Disable Lock Workstation policy setting is in effect in Windows XPSecurity
835732MS04-011: Security Update for Microsoft WindowsSecurity
835744The specified account name is not a member of the local group error message when you remove a user from a group that uses a Restricted Groups policy in Windows XPSecurity
836006Account management audit events are not recorded when a user is renamed in Windows XPSecurity
836023Windows ignores the share permissions that the registry specifies after you install Windows XP SP1Security
836878Logon failure events are incorrectly recorded for trusted MIT Kerberos realm usersSecurity
841399Security log entries for event ID 534 lack User Name and Domain details in Windows XPSecurity
842804A Windows Server 2003-based computer may stop responding when it is resumed from standby and events 1030 and 1058 are logged in the application log of a domain controllerSecurity
309495Problems with Windows Installer Over Wireless ConnectionSetup
317606Duplicate Computer Names Are Created When Sysprep.exe Generates Random Computer NamesSetup
327917Installation May Take a Long Time If You Use "Administrator" or "Owner" as the Computer NameSetup
329202Computer Is Slow to Start After You Change the Default UI to a Different LanguageSetup
811364FIX: Error 1308 When You Install a Program from an Internet Source LocationSetup
811996A Windows Installer Package That Is Installed with Group Policy Does Not Restart the ComputerSetup
812812Not Prompted to Obtain a Digital Rights Management License for Installations Created by Using SysprepSetup
814199You Cannot Use the Same WinPE Image for Both Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor-Based ComputersSetup
815438Successive Attempts to Complete a Group Policy Installation of a Service Pack May Log an Event ID 102 ErrorSetup
815496The Sysprep Tool Does Not Correctly Clean Information in the "Protected Storage System Provider" KeySetup
815917Out-of-Box-Experience Wizard Stops Responding or Requires Computer Restart After You Change the Computer NameSetup
816915New File Naming Schema for Microsoft Windows Software Update PackagesSetup
816981Installation of KB 323255 Hotfix May Leave Temporary FolderSetup
821160Temporary hotfix installation files are not deleted in Windows XPSetup
823116You Receive Error 1913 When You Install a Program on Windows XPSetup
825062Service Pack 4 permits you to remove the service pack by using the Recovery ConsoleSetup
828744Cannot Restart the Computer After You Install Windows XP Service Pack 1Setup
828854QFECheck Incorrectly Reports That You Must Reinstall a HotfixSetup
830483Automatically Adjust Clock for Daylight Savings Changes Check Box Is Not Selected After You Run the OOBE WizardSetup
833330A tool is available to remove Blaster worm and Nachi worm infections from computers that are running Windows 2000 or Windows XPSetup
838204List of Setup fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Setup
838271Sysprep changes the computer name from lower case letters to upper case letters when deploying Windows XPSetup
839962An incomplete list of associated running programs is displayed when you remove a program in Windows Server 2003Setup
311884The Time on the Computer May Decrease by One HourShell
314405Explorer May Hang During the Detection of Audio DevicesShell
325459Active Window Border Setting Is Not Saved Correctly in Windows X PShell
326222The Archive Bit Is Not Set When You Copy a File from a CD-ROM to a DiskShell
327010Link sent by e-mail is incomplete in subject line and does not appear in message bodyShell
328293Close Open Files Message Appears During Initial Folder Synchronization When You Do Not Have Files OpenShell
328353Folder Selection Collapses After You Rename a Folder in Windows Explorer Tree ViewShell
328515Internet Explorer Closes After You Open a TIF Image from a Command PromptShell
328596The "NoDesktop" Policy Causes Problems with Displaying the DesktopShell
328597Method for preventing users from compressing filesShell
329059Themed Programs May Stop Working During Long OperationsShell
329145Cannot Copy a Directory with Extended Attributes to a FAT32 PartitionShell
329390MS02-072: Unchecked buffer in Windows shell might permit system compromiseShell
329407The %HOMESHARE% environment variable is not saved in Windows XPShell
330193The computer description appears before the computer name in Windows XPShell
330459Shortcut Keys Do Not Work After You Add the "Remove Frequently-Used Programs List from Start Menu" Policy SettingShell
330836Shortcuts to Mapped Drives on Windows 95 or Windows 98 May Not Work in Windows XPShell
330929Windows XP May Cause Extra SMB Notify Change TrafficShell
331708Windows Explorer Cannot Show Share Contents on a Windows 2000 ServerShell
810087Drive Letters of Mapped Network Drives Are Missing in Windows ExplorerShell
810556You Cannot Search Network Drives if Your Local Drives Are HiddenShell
810790Files from an FTP site may download into folders that you did not designate in Windows 2000 or in Windows XPShell
811275The Comctl32.dll Library File May Leak a Handle to the Registry HiveShell
811660Files that you add to the Offline Files folder on a Windows XP-based computer are synchronized when another person uses the computerShell
812269Drop-Down Combo Boxes in Internet Explorer May Be Unexpectedly Large When You Use Windows XP SP1Shell
812631Appearance Tab Is Not Selected When You Use Control.exe and Desk.cpl to Programmatically Open the "Display Properties" Dialog BoxShell
812661Windows XP Does Not Recognize a Secure Digital Card When You Reinsert It After You Remove ItShell
812669An update is available in Windows to turn off directory notification SMB requestsShell
812793Cannot Map a Network Drive Under Different User CredentialsShell
812933Mapped Drives Do Not Appear to Connect or Disconnect in Windows ExplorerShell
813301Biometric Logon May Not Work After Resuming From Standby or HibernateShell
813711Your view settings or customizations for a folder are lost or incorrectShell
813909Windows Desktop May Not Appear Correctly After Exiting Age Of Empires IIShell
814025The Group Policy Feature Does Not Remove the Manage CommandShell
814201Administratively Assigned Offline Files Remain Available Offline After Being Moved to Another FolderShell
815222The Log On to Windows dialog box appears dimmed and the Welcome to Windows dialog box reappears in Windows XPShell
816214Error Message "The Target Can Not Handle This Type of Document" When You Are Using Compressed (Zipped) Folder View with Windows XPShell
816474You receive an "Access denied" or a "Sharing violation" error message when you try to delete files on the network by using Windows Explorer in Windows XP SP1Shell
816982Installation of KB 329390 Hotfix May Leave a Temporary FolderShell
817357The AutoPlay Function Does Not Work and the Current Media Does Not Appear in My Computer When You Insert a CD or DVDShell
817861Shared Folder Name Does Not Appear on Mapped Network Drive in Windows ExplorerShell
818110Grouped Similar Taskbar Buttons Use Incorrect IconsShell
818654Access Violation When You Search an Indexed Share on a Windows 2000 SP3-Based SystemShell
820291New "Set Program Access and Defaults" Start Menu Icon and Help Content Are Available for Windows XPShell
821557MS03-027: An Unchecked Buffer in the Windows Shell Could Permit Your System to Be CompromisedShell
822227Program may raise a sharing violation when a file is opened from Windows ExplorerShell
822601Error message when you drag a file from one DFS share to another DFS share in WindowsShell
822686Unusable Results When You Search a Network Location in Windows XPShell
823291File List in the Windows Explorer Folder Is Not Refreshed After You Create, Move, or Delete FilesShell
823293Drive Icon and Drive Label That You Selected Do Not Appear When You Connect a Removable Media Storage Device to Your ComputerShell
823837Internet Explorer Stops Responding When You Open an FTP SiteShell
824898HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment registry values may cause problems for programs on a Windows XP-based computerShell
826722Cannot Delete Shortcut on a Network Share: "It Is Being Used by Another Person or Program"Shell
827498Disconnected Mapped Drive to a Shared Folder on a NetWare Server Is Not Displayed in Windows Explorer or My ComputerShell
828694Volume Icon Is Displayed Incorrectly in the Notification Area After the Computer Resumes from StandbyShell
829502You Receive an Access Violation in Comctl32.dll When You Try to Open a Dialog BoxShell
830411ToolTips do not display complete information about files that are located on a network shareShell
830638USB Hard Disk Icon and Label Do Not Display CorrectlyShell
830780Windows Explorer stops responding and the shortcut menu does not close when you use the SHIFT+F10 keyboard shortcutShell
830903A file in a network folder opens as read-only or returns an error message that the file type cannot be recognizedShell
831484A duplicate file structure is displayed when you view the contents of a CD in Windows ExplorerShell
831559The shortcut (.lnk file) is returned instead of the file or the folder that is referenced by the path in the shortcut in the Open or in the Save dialog box in Windows XP or in Windows Server 2003Shell
831708The shortcut to the Printers and Faxes share does not work on your Windows XP-based computerShell
832978Windows XP cannot find a program's executable files or DLL filesShell
833839A shortcut on the Quick Launch bar may not be associated with the correct programShell
833998The "Shop for music online" link starts Internet Explorer instead of your default Web browser in Windows XPShell
834241A drive is represented by a "?" character in Windows Explorer when you remove a removable storage drive or disconnect a network drive on a Windows XP-based computerShell
835926Programs or scripts that use the CopyHere method might not copy items that are specified by using a wildcard characterShell
837633Errors in Windows XP applications that start by using the ShellExecute() functionShell
838203Shell fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2Shell
839009A local administrator can unlock a session that is opened by a domain administrator on a Windows XP-based computerShell
839645MS04-024: A vulnerability in the Windows shell could allow remote code executionShell
840309Browsing the My Documents folder on a network share with Windows Explorer from a Windows XP-based computer takes longer than expectedShell
840309Browsing the My Documents folder on a network share with Windows Explorer from a Windows XP-based computer takes longer than expectedShell
842222You cannot clear or select the "Ask me before synchronizing the items" check box for Offline Files on Windows XP or on Windows 2000Shell
843549Users can still open the properties of the My Documents folder when the Remove Properties from the My Documents context menu Group Policy setting has been applied in Windows XPShell
871242After you install security update 839645, you may again experience symptoms that were fixed by hotfix 830411 for Windows XP SP1Shell
328979Supplemental Language Support Options Change Program Background ColorVideo
329604PostScript Print Jobs Containing Type-1 Multiple Master Metrics Fonts Are Not PrintedVideo
811134Sound Recorder Quality in the 22 kHz 8-Bit Mono Mode Does Not Sound the Way You Expect It ToVideo
814057DrvDestroyFont Function Is Never Called on Windows XPVideo
814135Incorrect ToolTip Text Is DisplayedVideo
814789Windows Stops Responding with "Stop Error 0x7F" Error MessageVideo
815240Windows Explorer Stops Responding When You Try to Rotate a JPEG Image in Windows Picture and Fax ViewerVideo
816047STOP 0x1E in Win32k.sys Error May Occur in Windows 2000 or Windows XP ProfessionalVideo
817521Screen Resolution of Your Portable Computer Does Not Change Back to Its Original Setting After You Undock Your Computer from a Port Replicator with an External MonitorVideo
817522Windows XP Device Driver Does Not Convert Multibyte Data to KoreanVideo
821187After You Close a 3-D Program, the Desktop Is Blue and the Background Picture Is MissingVideo
823477OFFXP: Image Color Matching Printer Profiles Are Ignored in Office XP ProgramsVideo
827663Random "0x0000008E" Error Message on a Blue Screen in Windows XPVideo
828514Intermittent "Stop 0x1E" Error MessageVideo
829578Your Computer Stops Responding When You Use the Highlighter Feature and the Font Color FeatureVideo
829753Your .NET Framework application stops responding during startupVideo
830648BugCheck 50 error when you use Remote Desktop Connection to disconnect from Windows Server 2003Video
833740The monitor does not turn on when you open the lid after you configure the energy-saving settings on a Windows XP-based portable computerVideo
833837You receive a "Stop 0x0000008E" error message after you resume your laptop computerVideo
8344631200-dpi PostScript print jobs do not print correctly in Windows XPVideo
834709Bitmaps are colored incorrectly on mirrored displays in Windows XPVideo
838463System.InvalidOperationException error message when you use a program that changes the display orientation in Windows XP Tablet PC EditionVideo
842092You cannot view EMF image files that were created in Adobe Illustrator even after you install a hotfixVideo
843617You cannot adjust your portable computer's LCD display contrast or backlight controls in Windows XPVideo
831938My Computer and Windows Explorer unexpectedly quit when you try to open My Network Places or Shared Documents in Windows XPWatson
814199You cannot use the same WinPE image for both uniprocessor and multiprocessor-based computersWinPE
330646WMI Dynamic Registry Provider Does Not Populate Properties on Windows XPWMI
332207WMI: Output Parameters Are Not Returned By Decoupled Method ProviderWMI
810992Generic Failure error message occurs when you enumerate the Win32_PrintJob class in WMIWMI
812203The Performance Provider Unexpectedly Stops Collecting Data in Windows Management InstrumentationWMI
813415Client Receives "Access Denied" Result When Connecting to a Decoupled ProviderWMI
816213System Services Stop, Server Slows Down, or Access Violation Errors Occur When You Use a Program or Script to Generate and Monitor EventsWMI
816880Roaming profiles may not unload after you use WMI on a Windows Server 2003-based computer or a Windows XP-based computerWMI
819536Roaming profiles are not saved when a user logs off a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer or a Microsoft Windows XP-based computerWMI
821234WMI Decoupled Provider Does Not Forward StatusWMI
821538Win32_DesktopMonitor Does Not Return Correct Monitor TypeWMI
823442x80041001- Generic Failure Error Message Is Returned in WMI HiPerf Provider When You Use Windows Server 2003WMI
824223Script That Runs a WMIC Command Runs Slowly, and You Cannot Specify a Custom Timeout Value for the WMIC /FAILFAST SwitchWMI
824262Memory Leak When You Use the Win32_NetworkAdapter Notification QueryWMI
827219The ProcessorStatus class and the ProcessorPerformance class do not appear in the WMI namespaceWMI
830653SWbemDateTime object does not correctly follow the Common Information Model date and time format in Windows XPWMI
836605The Framework.log file grows larger than 64 KB when you use WMI on a Windows XP computerWMI
838884Slow system performance or your computer stops responding when you use Windows Management Instrumentation in Windows XPWMI
827042Data that is corrupted may be returned from computers that have more than one CPU when you use the ServerXMLHTTP object to send multiple asynchronous requestsNetworking
For a list of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 1 and in Windows XP Service Pack 1a, view the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
324720 List of fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Service Pack 1a