DirectX 9: Multiplayer Games, MSN Messenger Do Not Work After You Upgrade to DirectX 9.0

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After you upgrade to DirectX 9.0, some multiplayer games or MSN Messenger may not work correctly. For example, MSN Messenger may not start, or your multiplayer game may not work when you try to make an online connection.


This issue may occur if you use a router that does not properly implement Universal Plug and Play. DirectX 9.0 implements support for Universal Plug and Play. Universal Plug and Play is a function that automatically opens and closes a router's ports.


To resolve this issue, use the following methods in the order that they appear:

Method 1: Install Microsoft DirectX 9.0a (or Later)

Visit the following Microsoft Web site to download and install the latest version of DirectX:

Method 2: Upgrade Your Router's Firmware

For information about how to upgrade your router's firmware, view the documentation that was included with your router.


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