Images may not print as they appear in the presentation in PowerPoint

Applies to: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003


When you try to print your presentation, some images may not print as they appear in the presentation. Shadows may be lost, transparencies may not print or the printed output may be very grainy, and some rotated graphics may not be rotated.


This issue occurs if you have used the Paste Special command in PowerPoint to paste the image as a picture. This converts the image to a Windows Metafile Format (WMF) vector image. If the original image was a bitmap, such as a Joint Photographic Exchange Graphic (JPEG or .jpg) file or a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) file, the bitmap is "encapsulated" in the WMF format. This may cause the advanced graphics features of PowerPoint to not print as you expect.


To work around this issue if you want to convert images and clipart to a different image format, use the Paste Special command to paste as a picture (PNG). The PNG format uses a "lossless" compression algorithm, so that information is not lost if you convert the image to this image format.