You Cannot Add a Row in a Filtered List in Excel 2003


In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, when you try to insert a row into a filtered list between two existing rows by using the
Row command in the shortcut menu or by using the
Rows command on the Insert menu, those commands may be unavailable (dimmed).


To work around this behavior, you can insert your new row at the bottom of the list by using Insert Row User Interface (indicated by a blue asterisk).

Alternatively, you can clear the filter on the list, add a row and fill in the data, and then reapply the filter. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. In the Excel spreadsheet, click the down-down box of the column that is filtered, and then click All to clear the filter.
  2. Click the row number that matches the location where you want to add a row.
  3. On the Insert menu, click
    Note that the newly inserted row is placed at the same row number that you selected in step 1.
  4. Enter the data for the new row.

Part 2: Apply the Filter

  1. On the Data menu, point to
    Filter, and then click AutoFilter.
  2. Click the black drop-down arrow in the column that you want to filter, and then click one of the varying menu items to filter your column. Or, on the drop-down menu, click Custom to create your own filter.
    After you have filtered the column, the black drop-down arrow from step 3 is blue.
Note You can also perform this procedure while the filter is enabled, but after you insert the row, reapply the filter.


This behavior is by design.