How to obtain a volume license key for enterprise editions of Office 2010, the 2007 Office system, and Office 2003

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This article discusses how to obtain a volume license key for enterprise editions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Office 2003 system products.

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Microsoft Product Activation requires Volume License customers to input a Volume License product key when they install from Volume License or MSDN media for all Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Office 2003 system products. This product key is assigned to your company or institution and is intended for your sole use. Microsoft asks that you take reasonable measures to keep your Volume License product key secure and distribute it only to employees or third parties who are authorized to install and distribute licenses pursuant to the terms of your agreement.

Additionally, retail product CDs (a boxed product purchased from a retail outlet) cannot be used for multiple installations. Volume License and MSDN media are the only media available for multiple installations.

To use Volume License or MSDN media, volume license customers must obtain a Volume License product key for the licensing program in which they are enrolled. When you install Office you are prompted for a 25-character product key. Use the appropriate Volume License product key instead of the product key that is located on the CD packaging.

Office 2010 products now use two different kinds of Product Keys for Volume Licensing. In some cases, two kinds of keys will be made available. They are briefly described in the following.
  • Key Management Service (KMS): A computer serves as the KMS host, which requires an Office 2010 KMS host key to be installed and activated. This establishes a local activation service in your environment. Office 2010 client computers connect to the local KMS host for activation.
  • Multiple Activation Key (MAK): With a MAK key, Office 2010 client computers activate online by using the Microsoft-hosted activation servers or by telephone.
Note You must have a separate product key for all the stand-alone Office programs when you install them from a stand-alone CD. The product key for the Office suites does not work for the stand-alone Office programs. For instructions about how to obtain Volume License Product Keys, visit the following Microsoft website: Then, click the Volume Licensing Product Key link.
The Volume License product key that you must use may be included with your Office product. For information about how to locate or obtain the product key that is required to install Office, visit the following Microsoft website: Then, click the Volume Licensing Product Key link.

If you have any questions about Volume License product keys, contact the Microsoft Activation Center for your region. United States customers, call (888) 652-2342. International customers, visit the following Microsoft website:

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