Search Folders created in Outlook do not appear in Outlook Web Access

Applies to: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003Microsoft Office Outlook 2007Microsoft Outlook 2010


When you create Search Folders in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, or Microsoft Outlook 2010 using a Microsoft Exchange email account, the Search Folders do not appear in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Outlook Web App (OWA).


This behavior occurs when you use Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode. The local copy of your mailbox maintains a Finder folder. This folder is not synchronized with the Finder folder that is in your Microsoft Exchange mailbox.

Note The Finder folder is a Microsoft Outlook system folder that is not visible in Microsoft Outlook. This folder provides the list of folders that are in a mailbox.


To make the Search Folders available in your OWA Search Folders list, you must connect to the same mailbox in Outlook with the Cached Exchange Mode option turned off. To turn off Cached Exchange Mode for the current or the new profile, follow these steps:
  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Click Start, and then click
    Control Panel.
  3. Double-click the Mail icon.
  4. Click Show Profiles.
  5. Select your current profile, and then click
  6. Click E-mail Accounts.
  7. Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
  8. Select your Exchange account, and then click
  9. Click to clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box, and then click Next.
  10. Click Finish, click
    Close, and then click OK.
  11. Start Outlook.
  12. In the Folder List, expand Search Folders. As soon as all the Search Folders have updated, they can be viewed from OWA. 

More Information

If you later change the settings in Outlook to use Cached Exchange Mode again, any new Search Folders that are added in Microsoft Outlook are not visible in OWA until you repeat the steps that are described in the "Resolution" section of this article.

For more information about Cached Exchange Mode, press the F1 key, type cached exchange mode in the Search box in the Help window, and then click Search to view the topic.