List of bugs that are fixed in Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6


This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles about bugs that are fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio version 6.0 Service Pack 6.

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Service packs are cumulative. Therefore, the bugs that are fixed in one service pack are also fixed in later service packs.

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Microsoft Visual Basic

KB articleTitle
190924 Command line argument /MAKE truncates user documents
273458 FIX: Error message "Cannot find installable ISAM" after installing localized versions of Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 4 and Service Pack 5
276380 BUG: ADO 2.0 reference cannot be saved in Visual Basic 6.0 with Visual Studio Service Pack 4
279739 FIX: Switching tabs of SSTab control may cause desktop to be repainted
281297 FIX: Visual Studio 6.0 T-SQL Debugger buffer overflow
281940 BUG: DBCombo SelectedItem property is not updated when you type selection
291103 BUG: InsertObjDlg method fails with "unable to access source" error message
293295 BUG: PDW package cannot be installed if user name is based on Korean DBCS
295330 BUG: Access violation occurs in MSVBVM60.dll when using WinInet ActiveX control in a Visual Basic COM DLL
297108 BUG: Visual Basic SendKeys causes incorrect keyboard status or freezes keyboard
297112 BUG: Visual Basic compiler pads embedded resources to align on 32-bit DWORD boundaries
298092 BUG: Access violation in MSRDO20.dll when you use RDO
300850 BUG: GlobalMultiUse class does not terminate in multithreaded environment
304071 BUG: WebClass application with Japanese templates may fail
307557 BUG: Cannot run a 32-bit application that uses DBGrid after starting a 16-bit application that uses 16-bit DBGrid
308644 BUG: Memory leak when you bind a Recordset to Visual Basic intrinsic controls
312218 BUG: Deadlock in multithreaded process if you use Declare statements for APIs in Visual Basic ActiveX .dll files or .ocx files
315290 Events do not fire when you use WithEvents for a WebClass
316010 FIX: "Could not execute Link.exe" error message when you build large Visual Basic projects
317898 Access violation when you use WebClasses to replace text
319034 FIX: Thread handle leak in PrintReport method of data report
319692 Winsock control may fire the DataArrival event after the Close event
321055 Deadlock may occur when you use Printer object in a multithreaded application
322601 FIX: Your application loses focus if you cancel the Properties dialog of the ADO data control
324956 List of Terminal Server fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3
325568 WM_WININICHANGE message causes a deadlock in multithreaded Visual Basic 6.0 applications
326264 FIX: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word that have user controls stop responding when you save or print
326345 "Invalid procedure call" error message or access violation when you try to assign user-defined type to variant
327574 FIX: ListBox extended matching does not work for Hebrew or Czech characters
811415 FIX: When you use SendMessage with TB_GETIMAGELIST to get an ImageList handle on Windows XP, you do not get the correct handle
812012 FIX: If you use the split function in a WebClass, you may experience a memory leak
812939 FIX: Memory leak in the ToolBar control
813416 FIX: Cannot see ListView and TreeView check boxes when you use the High Contrast Black color scheme
817260 FIX: Access violation in Visual Basic IDE during VSS check-in or check-out
823070 The background of a Visual Basic ActiveX control may not render correctly in a non-Visual Basic container
824250 "Internal exception 0x800a2328" error message when you run a WebClass application
829802 FIX: Validate Event Does Not Fire From a Control That Is Embedded in a User Control

Microsoft Visual C++

230332 Cvtres.exe program error may occur when a large resource script contains custom resources
266713 BUG: IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames() may return E_FAIL when successful
304497 BUG: _wsetlocale is not threadsafe
305586 FIX: "Could not execute" error message when you attach Visual C++ debugger to a process
305601 MS01-060: FIX: CRT string format functions may underwrite buffer
310649 ISAPI DLLs that are built with MFC static libraries are vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks
310787 Visual C++ debugger stops responding on Windows 2000 when running on multiple processor computers
313237 FIX: ATL container implementation does not allow access to ambient properties
313631 BUG: Debugger does not expand variable of C structure type
316971 Pack level is not preserved when you use the #import directive
320739 FIX: No error generated when accessing non-static member in static function
320742 FIX: STRFTIME returns the wrong strings
322127 Empty base class or structure assignment operator may corrupt data
327146 FIX: VCSpawn fails during build
327246 FIX: Nmake returns success (0) in failure condition when you use targets in multiple description blocks
329034 FIX: Disk Defragmenter utility causes a crash in Windows XP and in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3
329594 FIX: Visual C++ 6.0 Optimizer may generate code that experiences access violations
331969 FIX: Visual C++ 6.0 MFC ActiveX control property pages in debug builds do not function in the Visual C++ .NET dialog editor
810640 FIX: The Visual Studio IDE quits unexpectedly with no warning message
814308 FIX: Access violation when you use ios-derived type in multithreaded applications
815235 FIX: Call to _set_se_translator in DllMain may cause a memory leak
817234 FIX: Rc.exe error when you build a project that has more than 100 INCLUDE paths specified
821436 FIX: Inline functions return incorrect results when you specify the /Gx and /Ob1 compiler options for optimization
822856 FIX: "Cannot save file" error message in the Visual C++ IDE

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