Deleting the ForestDnsZones or DomainDnsZones application partition is not supported

Applies to: Windows Servers


In certain custom Windows Server 2003 DNS configurations, the ForestDnsZones application partition cannot be used to host the _msdcs.ForestRootDnsName DNS zone. Even if the ForestDnsZones application partition is not used, the application partition must be replicated to all Domain Controllers that are configured as DNS servers. Therefore, all bridgehead servers that are connected to remote sites with DNS servers must host the application partition.

This requirement also applies to the DomainDnsZones application partition.

More Information

Although you can delete the application partition from the Active Directory directory service, doing so is not supported by Microsoft because it may adversely affect your network. The Dnscmd.exe tool parameters /DeleteDirectoryPartition and /CreateBuiltinDirectoryPartitions may seem to indicate that this deletion is supported, but it is not.