Difference Between CP/FP and Time and Materials in Project Accounting

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The document below will go through the main differences between the types of accounting methods, types of fees, etc. for each type of project.

Time and Materials
Direct Billing
NC/NB Billing types
When Performed and When Billed Cost Recognition
Rate Table
Accrued Revenues
Service Fee
Billing and Revenue together

TM Profit Types:
Billing Rate
Markup %

Cost Plus/ Fixed Price
Earnings in Excess of Billings (EEB) and Billiing in excess of Earnings (BEE) Accounts
Completion Method
Cost-to-Cost, Effort Expended, and Completed Cost Recognition
STDbilling type only
No Rate Table
No Accrued Revenue
Retention Fee
Separate Revenue Recognition

CP Profit Types:
% of Actual
% of Baseline
Profit/Unit- Fixed
Total Profit

FP Profit Types:
% of Baseline
Total Profit

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