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This article describes the three exception types used in Direct Deposit and includes examples of each type.


Exceptions are the instances when direct deposit transactions are not completed as the user may have intended. There are three types of exceptions and examples are included for each type.

Type 1: No funds or insufficient funds

Example: Funds were allocated to other direct deposit accounts or to deductions, resulting in insufficient funds to pay the direct deposit account referred to in the exception entry.
Example: The entire net pay was split by percentage between two or more direct deposit accounts and the net pay could not be divided evenly.

Type 2: Deducted but not deposited
Example: A deduction was linked to Direct Deposit in the Direct Deposit Setup window, but when the accounts were set up for the employee in the Employee Direct Deposit Maintenance window, no link was established between the deduction and the employee's direct deposit accounts.
Example: A deduction direct deposit account was set to "Inactive" or "Prenote" or was deleted in the Employee Direct Deposit Maintenance window.

Type 3: Other exceptions

Example: The entire net pay had been exhausted for payment other than deductions - which may or may not have been deduction direct deposits - and no funds remained for the last deduction direct deposit.
Example: A deduction direct deposit was not among the list of deductions to be included when checks were built for the Payroll run.
Example: The amount to be directed to a deduction direct deposit exceeded net pay, so funds were deducted.
Example: A deduction direct deposit account was set to "Inactive" or was deleted in the Employee Maintenance Window.

  1. If you have exceptions while processing payroll, you can fix the exceptions, and then recalculate your payroll checks.
  2. To recalculate, click Calculate on the Print Payroll Checks window.
  3. You are not required to fix any exceptions.

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