How to assign an employee and allocate the wages to different departments in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll


This article describes how to do the following in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll:
  • Assign an employee to multiple departments.
  • Allocate employee hours and employee wages to different departments.

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Assign an employee to multiple departments

Note The following steps can only be performed if you use the Human Resources module. If you do not use the Human Resources module, move to the "Allocate employee hours and employee wages to different departments" section.
  1. On the Cards menu, point to Payroll, and then click Employee.
  2. Use the magnifying glass icon to select an employee.
  3. Click Additional Positions.
  4. Click New. Assign the employee to departments and to positions that the employee works. Then, click Save.

Allocate employee hours and employee wages to different departments

A transaction must be entered in the Payroll Transaction Entry window to reallocate the salary hours to multiple departments. By default, all employee hours and employee dollars are allocated to the department and to the position that the employee is assigned to on the employee card. To reallocate hours to a different department, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Payroll Transaction Entry window. To do this, on the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Transactions, point to Payroll, and then click Transaction Entry.
  2. Enter a batch ID. A new batch can be entered or an existing batch can be selected.
  3. Enter the From dates and To dates for the pay period.
  4. Use the magnifying glass icon to select the employee.
  5. Use the magnifying glass icon next to Code to select the employee’s salary pay code.
  6. The Payroll Salary Adjustment window will open. Select Reallocate Hours or Reallocate Dollars for the salary change.
  7. Enter the hours or dollars to allocate to a new department.
  8. Change the Department field to the new department.

    Note The system will automatically reduce hours or dollars from the employee's home department and reallocate the hours and dollars to the selected department.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 if you want to reallocate the employee to additional departments.
When you process the pay run, include the batch. The pre-check report will show a different line for each department that lists the employee.

When you split pay by different departments, the system will also automatically split taxes, deductions, and benefits based on those splits.

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