Error message when you do a lookup on the Default Paycode in the "PA Employee Options" window: "This Module is Not Registered"

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Error - "This Module is Not Registered" occurs when you do a lookup on the Default Paycode in the PA Employee Options window.


1. Make a BACKUP of the appropriate database which can be restored in case an undesired data loss occur.

2. Create a DEX SQL Log of the error being created. See Knowledge Base Article 850996 .

3. Reviewthe DEX SQL Log and find a referenceto the SY05100 table. An example could look like this:

EXEC DYNAMICS.dbo.zDP_SY05100ss_1 337

4.The number after this reference is your key. In this example 337.

5.Using Query Analyzer, access the DYNAMICS database and run the following statement:

SELECT * from SY05100 where HLPFRMID = 'XXX'

(where XXX = the number in the Dex Log from step 4).

6.The result should show you that the INSM field is set to a 0.It should be a 1.

7. Run the following statement to update it:

UPDATE SY05100 SET INSM = '1' where Dex_Row_ID = 'YYY'

(where YYY = the appropriate row)

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