Functionality of Microsoft Office Outlook Connector


This article describes both the functionality that is supported and the functionality that is not supported by Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.

More Information

Outlook Connector lets you do the following:
  • Add a new e-mail account.
  • Select an account to send e-mail from.
  • Copy and move items from one account to another.
  • Work offline, and synchronize changes during the next online session.
  • Manually synchronize the folders by using the Send/Receive option.
  • Copy and move items from one folder to another folder.
  • Customize junk e-mail filter levels.
  • Customize the message download settings, such as headers only and full items.
  • Set up rules and filters to organize all incoming e-mail messages in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Share calendars with contacts.
  • Customize calendar-sharing permission levels.
  • View and edit shared calendars.
  • Copy and move items from one calendar to another.
  • Copy appointments from a shared calendar to your calendar.
  • Send meeting requests.
  • View the free or busy status of attendees while you send meeting requests.
  • Set or edit appointments.
  • Add or edit notes.
  • Add or edit tasks.
  • Set and receive reminders for calendar appointments and tasks.
Outlook Connector does not support the following features:
  • A Microsoft MSN or Microsoft MSN Hotmail account as the primary account if there is an Outlook account in that profile.
  • Rules and reminders for secondary stores.
  • New e-mail alerts for folders other than those that are located in the Inbox.
  • Customization of send or receive settings for secondary stores.
  • Meeting requests and updates that are sent through the respective accounts.

    Note Currently, meeting requests and updates are sent through the default account.
  • Different junk e-mail settings for the various accounts in a profile.
  • The Propose New Time option for meeting requests that you receive in your Inbox.