How to determine application compatibility with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2


This article contains the results of application compatibility testing that was performed for the English version of Windows Server 2003 SP2. The Windows Application Experience test teams tested more than 1,500 server applications and desktop applications on computers that were running Windows Server 2003 SP2. The goal of the test teams was to verify that the server applications and the desktop applications maintained the same level of functionality that was verified for Windows Server 2003 and for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

The application compatibility tests focused on the following areas:
  • Primary functionality of the application
  • Functionality of the application on hardware that uses No-Execute (NX) technology
  • Remote administration functionality from the server to the client
  • Clustering scenarios for cluster-aware applications
All tests were performed by using the default settings in the English version of Windows Server 2003 SP2. An application was considered to have passed the tests only after the functionality of the application in Windows Server 2003 SP2 was compared to the functionality of the application in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows Server 2003 SP1.

The applications that were tested included many server application segments. These server application segments include the following:
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Backup
  • Database
  • Communication
  • Systems management
  • Active Directory directory service
  • Business intelligence
  • Web development
  • System utilities
  • Desktop applications
  • Finance
  • Games
If you want to determine the compatibility of one of your applications, this article contains two easy-to-use tables that summarize the results of these application compatibility tests. The first table lists the applications that passed the tests, in alphabetical order by vendor. The second table lists the applications where regressions were found, also listed by vendor. The second table contains some recommendations that you can use to possibly resolve or work around regression issues.

To quickly search for your specific application, you can perform these simple steps:
  1. Press CTRL+F.
  2. Type the name of your application.
  3. Click Next.
This content is designed for an intermediate to an advanced computer user. If you are not comfortable with advanced information, you might want to contact support for help. For information about how to contact support, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

This content requires you to know the vendor, title, and version of your application. You can locate this information on the packaging of your application. If you need help with determining any of these items, you can try to contact the vendor of your application.

List of applications that passed the application compatibility tests

The following table lists applications that have passed the application compatibility tests.
VendorApplication nameVersion
3D RealmsDuke Nukem 3D1
3DOHigh Heat Major League Baseball 20022002
3DOArmy Men 22
3DOMight and Magic 99
3DOHeroes of Might and Magic 41
3DOArmy Men Real Time Strategy1
8 Signs Ltd.8Signs2.2.6
A 1 TechAdsGone Popup Killer Ad Stopper Spyware Blocker5.3.5
AbacusWarbirds Extreme: Warriors In The Sky1
Ability Plus SoftwareAbility Draw4
Ability Plus SoftwareAbility Office - Ability Database4.14.000
Ability Plus SoftwareAbility Spreadsheet4.15
Ability Plus SoftwareAbility Database3.0.034-2002
Ability Plus SoftwareAbility Office - Ability Spreadsheet

ACCPAC InternationalSimply Accounting8
ACD SystemsACDSee5.0.0.0025
ACD SystemsCanvas 7.07- 7.0.1 Build 338
ACD SystemsACDsee 6.0 Deluxe6
ACD SystemsACDSee3.1
ACT! SoftwareACT! Build 358
ActivisionLand Before Time Activity Center and Math Adventure (Jewel Case)1
ActivisionStar Trek: Armada II (PC)2
ActivisionSecret Service1
ActivisionSEGA GT1
ActivisionThe Weakest Link1
ActivisionMonster Garage: The Game1
ActivisionDoom 2 (Jewel Case)2
ActivisionHeretic 22
ActivisionSpider-Man: The Movie1
ActivisionReturn To Castle Wolfenstein Game Of The Year Edition1
ActivisionWolfenstein 3D (Jewel Case)1
ActivisionBattlezone 21
AdobeAdobe Illustrator 7.07
AdobeAdobe Photoshop Elements 2.02
AdobeAcrobat Professional7
AdobePagemill 3.03
AdobeAdobe After Effects 4.04
AdobeAdobe Acrobat4
AdobeAdobe Premiere 6.56.5
AdobeAdobe Frameviewer5.5.6p145
AdobeAdobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition4
AdobeStudio 8-Contibute3.11
AdobeAdobe PageMaker 7.07
AdobeAdobe Audition1
AdobeAcrobat Reader6
AdobeAdobe Encore DVD1.5
AdobeAdobe FrameMaker4
AdobeAdobe Photoshop 5.05
AdobeAdobe InDesign1
AdobeAdobe Photoshop 5.55.5
AdobeAdobe Photoshop 5.0 LE (PC/Mac)5
AdobeAdobe Illustrator4.1-4.02
AdobeAdobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional6.0.0
AdobeAcrobat Reader7.07
AdobeAdobe Streamline 4.04
AdobeCORP ADOBE GRAPHICS SERVER 2.1 ( 61030053 )2.1
AdobeAdobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard Edition6
AdobeAdobe After Effects 4.14.1
AdobeAdobe Photoshop 7.0 [Replaced by Photoshop CS]7
AdobeAdobe Illustrator 9.09
AdobeAdobe FrameMaker 7.17.1
AdobeAdobe Premiere 5.15.1
AdobeAdobe Illustrator8.0.1
AdobeAdobe After Effects6
AdobeAdobe After Effects Pro 6.06
AdobeAdobe GoLive 5.05
AdobeAdobe Photoshop Album 2.02
AdobeAdobe Pagemaker Plus
AdobeAdobe Illustrator10
AdobeAdobe InDesign2
AdobeAdobe GoLive4
AdobeAcrobat Reader7.08
AdobeAdobe PhotoShop2.5
AdobeAcrobat Reader7
AdobeAdobe After Effects Professional 6.56.5
AdobeAdobe FrameMaker + SGML5.5.6
AdobeAdobe Acrobat5.0.5
AdobeAdobe Photoshop Elements1
AdobeAdobe InDesign1.5
AdobeAdobe Photoshop 6.06
AdobeAdobe Illustrator CS11
AdobeAdobe Dimension 3.03
AdobeAdobe Creative Suite Premium CS2CS2
AdobeAdobe Photoshop Album1
AdobeAdobe Photodeluxe Business Edition 1.01
AdobeAdobe Audition 1.51.5
Advercast LLCSurfSecret Personal Firewall3
AEC SoftwareFastTrack Schedule 7.07
AEC SoftwareFasttrack Schedule 6.06
AEC SoftwareFastTrack Schedule6.03
Aelita SoftwareERDisk for AD (Evaluation)
Agnitum Ltd.Outpost Office Firewall1
Agnitum Ltd.LavaSoft Personal Firewall1
Ahead softwareNero Ultra Edition 6-Package 4 (Neromix)
Ahead softwareNero 6 Ultra Edition6
Ahead softwareNero5.5.7.1
AISTMovieDV Suite 4.04
Aladdin SystemsStuffit Deluxe
AlfredTeach Yourself to Play Guitar1
AlfredALFRED Teach Yourself Harmonica ( Windows/Macintosh )

AlohabobPC Relocator4.5.15.3
AltirisCarbon Copy Consumer Edition5.7
AltovaXML Spy Enterprise Edition2007
America OnlineAOL Instant Messenger5.9.3861
America OnlineAOL Messsenger 9.09
America OnlineAOL Instant Messenger5.5
America OnlineToolbar1.15.2
America OnlineAOL Instant Messenger5.9.3690
Anawave SoftwareCoolCat4.01-4.02
Anawave SoftwareCoolCat4.02
Apache GroupApache HTTP Server2.0.55
Apple Computer, Inc.Itunes4.7.1.30
Apple Computer, Inc.Itunes4.9.0.17
Apple Computer, Inc.QuickTime6.5
Apple Computer, Inc.iTunes6.01
Apple Computer, Inc.QuickTime2.1.2.59
Apple Computer, Inc.Quicktime_Itunes bundle7
Apple Computer, Inc.iTunes4.2.0.72
Application TechnologiesCaptureEz97
AsymetrixWeb 3D2
AtariSpy Fox: Operation Ozone1
AtariStuart Little Big City Adventures (Jewel Case)1
AtariScrabble Complete1
Atari1602 A.D.1
AtariBurn and Go Gold2.2.2 Build[183]-1
AtariBackyard Hockey2002-1
AtariFalcon 4.04
AtariNeverwinter Nights: Shadow of Undrentide Expansion Pack1.3
AtariTotally Unreal1
AtariUnreal Tournament 20031
AtariWheel of Fortune 33
AtariBattleship 2: Surface Thunder1
AtariStuart Little 22
AtariAlone in the Dark: The New Nightmare1.01
AtariBlue's Clues Preschool1
AtariBackyard Football 20022002
AtariJeopardy 20032003
AtariTonka Construction 2 (Jewel Case)2
AtariNicktoons Racing1
AtariClue: Murder at Boddy Mansion2
AtariMaster of Orion 33
AtariUnreal tournament1.0-2004
AtariAtari Hits1.1
AtariNickelodeon Party Blast1
AtariTest Drive 6 (Jewel Case)6
AtariPac Man1
AtariMajesty Gold1
AttachmateEXTRA! Personal Client 6.76.7
Attunity Inc.Attunity Connect3.4
Attunity Inc.Attunity B2B Enterprise2.1.0.2
AutoDeskAutodesk Inventor Series8
AutoDeskAutoCAD 20062006
AutoDeskAutoSketch 88-8.0 Build 23
AutoDeskAutodesk AutoCAD Release 1414
AutoDeskAutoCAD LT 200598-2005
AutoDeskAutoCAD LT 20042000-2004
AutoDeskAutoCAD LT 20022002
AutoDeskQuickCAD 88
Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc.My Deluxe Invoices & Estimates5.5
AveryAvery DesignPro Deluxe 4.04-4.00.3311.0
AveryLabelpro for Windows 3.03.02s
BakBone SoftwareNetVault6.5
BEA Systems, Inc.WebLogic Platform (Evaluation)8.1 SP4
Best Software SB, Inc.MAS2003.71
Best Software SB, Inc.Peachtree Complete Accounting 2005 [Old Version]

Bio NetNet Nanny5.0.4.1
Blizzard EntertainmentWarcraft Reign of chaos1.0-3.0
Blizzard EntertainmentWarcraft1
Blizzard EntertainmentDiablo1.08-1
Blue SkyRoboHelp Office 99(Build 079)
Blue SkyRoboHelp Office2000-8.00.113
BorlandC ++ Builder5(Build 12.34)
BorlandBorland Turbo Pascal 1.5 for Windows1.5
BorlandBorland C++ for DOS, Windows and Win324.5
BorlandJBuilder Professional2-2.01
BorlandBorland Paradox 4.5 for DOS4.5
Borland InternationalBorland C++ Builder 5.0 Professional4-4.0 Build 14.4-6
Borland InternationalBorland C++ Builder 5.0 Professional Upgrade5.0 (Build: 12.34)
Brighter Minds MediaCaillou Magic Playhouse1
Brighter Minds MediaZoboomafoo Animal Alphabet1
BroderbundMavis Beacon Teaches Typing 1515
BroderbundFamily Tree Maker 9.09
Broderbund3D Home Design Suite - Personal Home Invetory4
BroderbundPrint Shop - Deluxe Ensemble II1
BroderbundThe Print Shop 20 Deluxe20
BroderbundPrint Shop 10 Pro Publisher2000-10
BroderbundThe Print Shop Deluxe 1515
BroderbundFamily Tree Maker 1010
BroderbundThe Print Shop 1515
BroderbundCalendar Creator 99
BroderbundThe Print Shop Essentials 1515
BroderbundKid Pix Studio Deluxe1
Broderbund3D Home Architect Deluxe3
BroderbundCosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 2002 Deluxe Suite2002
Broderbund3D Home Design Suite - 3D Home Architech4
BroderbundPrint Master Platinum 161
Broderbund3D Home Design Suite - 1500 Home Plans1-1.6
BroderbundClickart 10,000 (Jewel Case)1
BroderbundDigital Studio1
BroderbundThe Print Shop - Photo Workshop12
BroderbundPrintmaster 10 (Jewel Case)10
BroderbundAmerican Greetings CreataCard Special Edition2.03
BroderbundMavis Beacon Teaches Typing Delux Edition12.01- 12
BroderbundThe Print Shop36800
BroderbundPrint Shop CD Label Creator1.1
BroderbundCosmopolitan Fashion Make Over Deluxe1
BroderbundAmerican Greetings Creatacard Platinum 88
BroderbundExtreme Media Digital Studio1-4.1
Broderbund3D Home Design Suite - Black & Decker Everyday Home Repairs1-1.0c
BroderbundZoneAlarm Pro4
BullGuard Ltd.BullGuard Suite - Firewall6
Business LogicUltra WinCleaner 2002 Utility Suite2002- 8
Business ObjectsCRYSTAL REPORTS Professional9
Caere CorporationOmniPage Pro 9.09
Caere CorporationPagekeeper Pro 3.0 English International3.02
CakewalkPlasma 20032003-1.3.1
CakewalkCakewalk Professional8.04
CakewalkCakewalk Pro Audio 99
CE SoftwareQuicKeys2.5
CE SoftwareQuicKeys 2.02
CitrixMetaframe XPE FR3
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.Applet Button Factory4.5
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.Coffee Cup <HTML> Editor8.5
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.Applet Button Factory5
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.Html Editor8.5
CommvaultCommVault Galaxy5.9
ComodoTrustix Personal Firewall (Comodo)1.1.005
CompaqInsight Manger7
CompaqCarbon Copy Access Edition
Computer AssociatesARCserve 2000 Workgroup Edition2000-2000 Version 7.0
Computer AssociateseTrust Antivirus7.1
Computer AssociatesCA-Clipper5.3
Computer AssociateseTrust Antivirus_64-bit7.1.192
Computer AssociateseTrust7
CorelCorel Paradox 9 Developer Edition9.00.368
CorelWordPerfect Office 2000 - Presentations2000-
CorelCorel KPT Collection for Win/Mac1
CorelCorel Painter 88
CorelWordPerfect Office 2000 - Central2000-
CorelWordPerfect Office 11 Upgrade11
CorelCorel Photo Paint 99-9.337
CorelWordperfect Suite - Presentations8
CorelCorel Print House 66
CorelCorel Designer
CorelWordPerfect Office 2000 - Quattro Pro2000
CorelCorel Photobook10.3-1.0
CorelPicture Publisher 10 Pro10.0.1
CorelPrint Office2000
CorelWordperfect Suite - Quattro Pro8
CorelCorel Designer 1010
CorelCorel WordPerfect Suite 88
CorelWordperfect Suite - Quattro Pro6
CorelCorel Painter 6.06
CorelCorel KPT 6.06
CorelWordPerfect For DOS6.2
CorelVentura-Go Furthur8.559
CorelCorelDRAW - Chart5- 5 (Revision 2)-5.00.F2
CorelDraw - Trace5-5.00.F2
CorelBryce 55
CorelWordPerfect Office 20002000
CorelCorel Bryce 4.04
CorelWordperfect Suite - Wordperfect8
Cosmi1000 Best Solitaire Games1
CosmiDo It Yourself Pack1
Cosmi100,000 Web Images1
CosmiPrint Perfect Platinum7
Cosmi3D Frog Frenzy2
CosmiCOSMI 3D Virtual Reality Architect (Windows)1
CosmiGreeting Card Magic1
CosmiPrint Perfect6.21
CosmiTalking Travel Maps USA1
CosmiPerfect Firewall & System Protection1
CosmiTalking Typing Teacher1
CosmiPhonics 4 Kids Ages 3-101
CosmiPerfect Attorney3
CosmiForms Maker & Filler6.28
CosmiPerfect Web Protection with Contnent Filter Platinum1
CosmiPC Attorney, Home Office1
CosmiTalking Typing for Kids1
Dantz Development CorporationRetrospect Backup Workgroup Edition5.6.132
Data BeckerCD Label Maker 2.02
Data Becker10,000 WAV Samples1
DataVizConversions Plus Suite6-6.05
Delorme MappingTopo USA 4.04
Delorme MappingStreet Atlas Usa Plus4.0.0(F2.1)R1.041.1293.0.0 - 2004
Delorme MappingAAA Map 'n' Go7
Delorme MappingStreet Atlas USA 2004 Plus2004-4.0
Delorme MappingAAA Map 'n' Go 5.05
Delorme MappingStreet Atlas USA 9.09
Delorme MappingStreet Atlas USA 7.07
Deneba SoftwareCanvas Professional Edition8-8.0.2 Build 553
Digital Equipment CorporationCompaq Visual Fortran6.1
Digital Leisure Inc.Dance 2 (Ejay)2
Discreet3ds Max 77
Disney InteractiveReady to Read with Pooh1
Disney InteractiveWho Wants To Be A Millionaire Kids Edition1
Disney InteractiveDisney's Emperor's New Groove Action Game (Jewel Case)

Disney InteractiveDisney's Winnie the Pooh Preschool Plus39114
Disney InteractiveDisney Little Mermaid39114
Disney InteractiveDisney's Phonics Quest8.0.0.178
Disney InteractiveWinnie the Pooh Digital Coloring Book1
Disney InteractivePocahontas Animated Storybook by Disney1
Disney InteractiveUltimate Ride Coaster Deluxe1
Disney InteractiveDisney's Buzz Lightyear 1st Grade1
Disney InteractiveDisney Learning Toddler1
Disney InteractiveDisney's Winnie The Pooh Kindergarten Deluxe2.0-1.0
Disney InteractiveUltimate Ride1
Disney InteractiveYou Can Fly! with Tinker Bell1
Dragon SystemsDragon Dictate Classic Edition 3.03.01
Dragon SystemsDragon Naturally Speaking Standard Edition7-
Dream ForgeAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Hack1
Dreamcatcher InteractiveGoressv1.0
Dreamcatcher InteractiveSyberia1
DreamWorks InteractiveShrek Electronic Storybook1
DTSoftware dtSearch5.21
Dunphy Systems1040 Professional Tax Prep2004
DVO EnterprisesCook'n with Pillsbury & Barbecue! Bible; Cook'n & Grill'n6.36
EA SportsTiger Woods PGA Tour 20032003
EA SportsMadden NFL 20032003
EA SportsNHL 20012001
EA SportsTiger Woods PGA Tour 20022002
EA SportsNASCAR Thunder 20032003
EA SportsMVP Baseball 20032003
EA SportsMadden NFL 20022002
EA SportsNBA Live 20042004
EgamesSolitaire Master 22.1-11.0
EgamesGalaxy of Games 2011
EgamesMahjongg Master 44-1.0
EgamesMahjongg Master 33
EgamesCard & Board Games1
EgamesPuzzle Master 22.0-1
EgamesPuzzle Master 31.0 - 3
EgamesEntertainment Pack (Jewel Case)1
Eidos InteractiveHitman 2 Silent Assassin1
Eidos InteractiveCommandos: Beyond The Call of Duty1
Eidos InteractiveLara Croft Tomb Raider : The angel of darkness1
Electronic ArtsMedal of Honor: Allied Assault1
Electronic ArtsSimCity 4 Deluxe Edition4
Electronic ArtsFreedom Fighters1
Electronic ArtsSim Theme Park1
Electronic ArtsHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban1
Electronic ArtsCommand & Conquer Red Alert 2 Expansion: Yuri's Revenge1- 1.002
Electronic ArtsSid Meier's SimGolf1
Electronic ArtsShogun: Total War Warlord Edition1
Electronic ArtsThe Sims1
Electronic ArtsSim Coaster1
Electronic ArtsGlobal Operations1
Electronic ArtsNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit 22
Electronic ArtsSimCity 30003000
Electronic ArtsLEGO Creator Harry Potter1
Electronic ArtsHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone1
Electronic ArtsSimCity1-1.1
Electronic ArtsHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets1
Electronic ArtsBattlefield 1942 The Road to Rome1
Electronic ArtsBlack & White1
Electronic ArtsTest Drive 55
Electronic ArtsAmerican McGee's Alice (Jewel Case)1
Electronic ArtsJames Bond 007: Nightfire1
Electronic ArtsDungeon Keeper 22
Electronic ArtsTiger Woods PGA Tour2004
Electronic ArtsSid Meier''s SimGolf1
Electronic ArtsLEGO Racers 22
Electronic ArtsNeed for Speed Underground1
Electronic ArtsSim City 30001
Electronic ArtsSim Mania 21
ElibriumLabel Maker2
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-Earth Science2004
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-Spelling2004
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-Basic Math2004
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-JuniorNet Greatest Hits2004
Encore SoftwareMega Mahjongg1
Encore SoftwareThe Print Shop 20 Essentials20
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-Writing2004
Encore SoftwareElementary Advantage-Critical Thinking2004
Encore SoftwareSesame Street Baby2
Encore SoftwareSerene Screen Marine Aquarium2
Encore SoftwareEncore High School Advantage001-2004
Encore SoftwareMath Advantage 20042004
Enteractive Inc.Ultra WinCleaner One-Click2002-8
EquilibriumDebabelizer Pro 4.54.5
EquilibriumDebabelizer Pro 55
EquilibriumDeBabelizer Pro4.5.1
ESRIBusiness Map Pro2.03
Executive Software InternationalUndelete2.0 (Build 060)

Executive Software InternationalDiskeeper9-9.0(Build 504)

Expert SoftwareDo It Yourself Lawyer1
Expert SoftwareForms1
Failsafe TechnologiesGuardwall Popup Killer & History Eraser4.01
Farallon/Netopia, Inc.Timbuktu Pro 2000 for Win/Mac2000
FarStone TechnologyGamedrive1-v7-7.0.3 (2002072515)
FarStone TechnologyVirtualDrive7.0.3
Filemaker Inc.File Maker pro 77
Filemaker Inc.FileMaker Pro 5.05
Filemaker Inc.Filemaker Pro6-6.0v4
Filemaker Inc.FileMaker Pro 5.0 Upgrade5
Fisher PriceLittle People Christmas Activitys1.0c- 1.1.c
Fogware PublishingMerriam-Webster's Standard Dictionary (Jewel Case)

Fox InteractiveNHL Championship 20002000
FranklinCoveyPlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook1.0.3.0
FrontRange SolutionsGoldMine5
FrontRange SolutionsGoldMine Business Contact Manager5.70.11111
FrontRange SolutionsGOLDMINE 6.5 Customer & Contact Manager6.5
Game MillNetCleaner & PC Accelerator1
Gathering of DevelopersAge Of Wonders 21
Gathering of DevelopersMax Payne1.01
Gathering of DevelopersSerious Sam: Second Encounter1.05
Gathering of DevelopersTropico1
Geliosoft3D Fish School Screensaver3.51
Global Graphics SoftwareJaws PDF Creator2.1
Global Star SoftwareRailroad Tycoon Platinum2-1.55
Global Star SoftwareMoraff's Maximum Mahjongg 22
Global Star SoftwareSerious Sam1.04
Global Star SoftwareStronghold (Jewel Case)1
Global Star SoftwareBusiness Suite Deluxe1
Global Star SoftwareSearch And Rescue 33
Goldmine SoftwareGoldmine 6.0 Business Contact Manager6.00.21021
GoogleGoogle Toolbar4.0.1020.3054
GoogleGoogle Toolbar4.0.513.2948
GoogleGoogle Toolbar3.0.126.3
GoogleGoogle Toolbar2.0.114
GoogleGoogle SketchUp(beta)5.0.245
GoogleGoogle Toolbar for Firefox2.1.20060713w
GoogleGoogle Talk1.0.0..103
GoogleGoogle Toolbar2.0.102
Googlegoogle talk1.0.92
GreenStreet2000 Fonts Collection1
Grolier MultimediaGrolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 19991999- 11
Hasbro InteractiveGirl Talk (Jewel Case)1
Hasbro InteractiveChutes and Ladders1
Hasbro InteractiveTonka Raceway1
Hasbro InteractiveTonka Search and Rescue1
Hasbro InteractiveThe CD-ROM Game Of Life1
Hasbro InteractiveOutburst1
Hasbro InteractiveCivilization 22
Hasbro InteractiveMonopoly Jc1.0-3.0
Hemera TechnologiesBig Box of Art 350000 Images3.5
Her InteractiveNancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger1.7.3.2
Her InteractiveNancy Drew Treasure In The Royal Tower3.1.4.2
Her InteractiveNancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion1
Hewlett-PackardOmniBack II4.1
HilgraeveDropchute Pro 3.03.01
HilgraeveHyperaccess 8.38.32
How to MasterInteractive Computer Training1
HR Block FinancialKiplinger's Home & Business Attorney6
HR Block FinancialKiplinger's WILLPower2
HR Block FinancialHome and Business Attorney5
HR Block FinancialKiplinger''s Home Legal Advisor Deluxe1- 2.99e
HR Block FinancialTaxCut Premium Home & Business 20032003
HR Block FinancialDeduction Pro2003 - 1.0
Hummingbird CommunicationsHostExplorer9
Hummingbird CommunicationsNFS Maestro Multi-platform Multi-language
Humongous EntertainmentBlue's Clues ABC Time Activities1
Humongous EntertainmentBackyard Football1
Humongous EntertainmentBLue's Clues Birthday Adventure1
Humongous EntertainmentFreddi Fish 3: The Case of The Stolen Conch Shell3
Humongous EntertainmentBlue's Clues Treasure Hunt1
Humongous EntertainmentFreddi Fish 2 Haunted Schoolhouse1
Humongous EntertainmentPutt-Putt1
Humongous EntertainmentPajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening2
Humongous EntertainmentBlue's Clues Art Time Activities1
Humongous EntertainmentBackyard Baseball 20032003
Humongous EntertainmentBackyard Soccer MLS Edition2001- 1
IBMLotus Notes6.5.1
IBMVisual Age For Java Professional Edition3.5
IBMDB2 Connect Application Server Edition8.1
IBMViaVoice Millenium Edition7
IBMRetrospect Backup: Multi Server 6.56.5
IBMDB2 Universal Database Enterprise8.1.3
IBMViaVoice 8.0 Advanced Edition8
IBMDB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server8.2
IBMDB2 Universal Database7.1
IBMWebsphere Application Server (Evaluation)6
IBMDB2 Universal Database5
IBMTivoli Storage Manager for Windows5.2
ICQ Inc.ICQ5.04
ICQ Inc.ICQ pro 2003build 3916
ID AutomationASP .NET Barcode Web Component1
ID AutomationBarcode Label Software Pro1
ID AutomationUniversal Barcode Font Advantage1
IMCEDASQL LiteSpeed (Evaluation)
IMSIDesigncad 30003000
IMSITurboCAD Professional V88-8.1 Build 37.6
IMSIIMSI TurboCAD Professional 1010
IMSIHiJaak Professional 5.05
IMSIMapLinx Professional5.0 Build 11
IMSI/DesignLegacy Family Tree Premium4
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Access 2002 / XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Word 2002 / XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Organize Quick and Easy 4.04
Individual Software, Inc.Proffesor Teaches Web Pages-FrontPage 2000 & 20023
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Outlook XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches - Home & Small Office Networking1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Windows 20001
Individual Software, Inc.Proffesor Teaches Web Pages-Microsoft Publisher 20023
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Internet Explorer 6 CD-ROM (Jewel Case)1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches - Microsoft Powerpoint XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Windows ME1
Individual Software, Inc.Typing Quick and Easy 12.012
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Excel 2002/XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Windows 981
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches Windows XP1
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches - Netscape Communicator1
Individual Software, Inc.Proffesor Teaches Web Pages-Web Fundamentals3
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches - Microsoft Windows XP Professional1
Individual Software, Inc.Anytime Deluxe8-8.3
Individual Software, Inc.Family Trees Quick & Easy 5.05
Individual Software, Inc.Professor Teaches - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition1
InfogamesTrophy Hunting 4 In 1 Pack - Tropht Hunter Rocky Mountains3
InfogamesTrophy Hunting 4 In 1 Pack - Deer Hunter Gold3
InfogamesCivilization 33
InfogamesTrophy Hunting 4 In 1 Pack - Bird Hunter1
Ingram MicroMy Check Writer Home & Business2.1.34
InstallShield Software CorporationInstallshield Professional2000
InstallShield Software CorporationInstall Shield Professional6.22
Interact Commerce CorpAct 6.02003-
Interact Commerce CorpACT! 20002000-
Interact Commerce CorpACT!2005
Interact Commerce CorpAct 6.06
Intergraph Geomedia4.00.19.04
Intergraph Imagineer Technical2
Intergraph Aim/View2.4-
Internet Security Systems2.2.1 for Windows2.2.1
Internet Security SystemsSite Protector Express2.0.5.689
Internet Security SystemsRealSecure Desktop Protector7.0 eov
Internet Security SystemsRealSecureDesktop3.6
Internet Security SystemsRealSecure Network Sensor7
Internet Security SystemsBlackICE Agent for Server3.6 eny
Internet Security SystemsBlackICE PC Protection3.6 cow
Internet Security SystemsBlackICE Server Protection3.6 cow
Internet Security SystemsRealSecure Server Sensor6
Internet Security SystemsRealSecureDesktop7.0 eny
Internet Security SystemsRealSecure Server Sensor7
Internet Security SystemsSystem Scanner4.2.5
Internet Security SystemsSiteProtector2_0SP5ExpressInstall2
Internet Security SystemsSite Protector Express2.0.5.767 (2005- 4-18)
Internet Security SystemsProventia Desktop Agent8.0.614
Internet Security SystemsRealSecureDesktop7.0 eno
Internet Security SystemsProventia Server1.0.914.0
Internet Security SystemsRealSecure Server Sensor7.0 SR 4.3
Internet Security SystemsInternet Scanner7
Internet Software SolutionsPop Up blocker Pro and Spyware Detector
Interplay ProductionsMummy / Frankenstein Bundle (Jewel Case)

Interplay ProductionsVirtual Pool 22
Interplay ProductionsBass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition1
InterVideo, Inc.WinDVD Platinum5.2-4.5DXVA
Intuit, Inc.Quickbooks Premier Edition 20042004
Intuit, Inc.TurboTax 1998 Deluxe Federal Return98
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks Pro 20032003
Intuit, Inc.TurboTax Basic 20052005
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks Pro 20002000
Intuit, Inc.Quicken 2003 Deluxe2003,Release R 1
Intuit, Inc.Quicken 2004 Basic2004
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks2000
Intuit, Inc.TurboTax Deluxe 20032003-2003.00A
Intuit, Inc.Quicken Premier Home & Business2.5.26461
Intuit, Inc.TurboTax Deluxe 20052005
Intuit, Inc.Quicken 2004 Premier Home & Business2004
Intuit, Inc.Quicken 2001 Deluxe2001
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks Pro 9999
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks Premier 20022002
Intuit, Inc.QuickBooks Pro 20022002
IPSwitchWhatsUp Gold1
Jasc Inc.Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.07
Jasc Inc.Quick View Plus 5.15.1
Jasc Inc.Jasc Paint Shop Pro6
Jasc Inc.Quick View Plus - Enterprise Edition5
Jasc Inc.Quick View Plus 6.06-6.0.1
Jetform CorporationJetForm Filler Pro 5.2.600.694
Jetico Inc.Jetico1
JianBizPlan Builder 8.0 Interactive7a-8
JianBizplan Builder 8- Windows XP/ Macintosh Compatible (Jewel Case)

Kensington Technology GroupDay-Timer Organizer 20002000- 4.0.08
Kidasa SoftwareMilestones Professional2000-2002
Kidasa SoftwareMilestones Etc.5.01
Kidasa SoftwareMilestones2000
KiplingerHome Attorney3.0-1
Knowledge Adventure Jump Start 1st Grade Ages 5-71.4
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain1.4
Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten2003
Knowledge Adventure JumpStart 3rd Grade Adventures Deluxe1.01
Knowledge Adventure Reading Blaster - Mission 3: The secret of Islandia1
Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Music1.02
Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Advanced Preschool2003- 2001
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Kindergarten1.2
Knowledge Adventure Jump Start Spelling1.0.2
Knowledge Adventure PreSchool & Kindergarten - Kindergarten1.0.2c
Knowledge Adventure PreSchool & Kindergarten - Math Blaster1.0.1c
Knowledge Adventure PreSchool & Kindergarten - Reading Balster1.1.2c
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Toddlers2.21
LavaSoftAd-Aware SE Personal Edition1.06
Legacy InteractiveEmergency Room: Code Blue1
Legato SystemsNetworker7.1
Lernout & HauspieKurzweil Voice Commands1-
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Approach9.6
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - 1-2-39.5 Realese
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Freelance Graphics9.5
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - WordPro9.5
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Organizer2.1
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Organizer9.6
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Organizer5
Lotus DevelopmentDomino Server6.5
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite - Approach97
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Approach9.5 Release
Lotus DevelopmentFreelance Graphics 2.12.1
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Organizer9.5
Lotus DevelopmentSmartsuite Millennium Edition - SmartCenter9.6
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Domino & Notes5
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Release Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet9.6
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - SmartCenter9.5
Lotus DevelopmentApproach 3.03.02
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Domino & Notes6
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite - 1-2-397
Lotus DevelopmentLotus 1-2-3 for Dos Release 44
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - FastSite Release 2.1 for Windows9.5
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Notes Client and Admin5.06a
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite - WordPro97
Lotus DevelopmentSmartCenter9.6
Lotus Development376235
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - FastSite9.6
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite Millennium Edition - Freelance Graphics9.6
Lotus DevelopmentSmartSuite - Freelance Graphics97
Lotus DevelopmentLotus Organizer 6.06
Lucas LearningStar Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy (PC/MAC)

LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars - Dark Forces: Full Throttle1
LucasArts EntertainmentThe Curse of Monkey Island1
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga1
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars: Dark Forces1.00-2
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars: Rebel Assault 2 (Jewel Case)1 -FA1.08
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II:1.00-2
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast2
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars: TIE Fighter Collector's Series1.0a
LucasArts EntertainmentStar Wars: Dark Forces with 3-Levels of Jedi Knight1.2a
MacmillanWeb Page Construction Kit6
MacmillanInternet Velocity1.5.0
MacmillanWeb Page Construction Kit5
MacolaProgression Series7.5.101
MacromediaMacromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 [Old Version]

MacromediaStudio MX 2004 - Fireworks MX7
MacromediaMacromedia Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio7
MacromediaDreamweaver 44
MacromediaStudio MX 2004 - Fireworks MX 7.0 bld 2882004
MacromediaStudio MX 2004 - Dreamweaver MX 7.02004
MacromediaStudio MX 2004 - Freehand MXa 11.0.12004
MacromediaFlash Player7
MacromediaStudio MX 2004 with Flash MX Pro Upgrade6
MacromediaColdFusion Studio 4.54.5
MacromediaMacromedia Flash Pro 8 Win/Mac8
MacromediaFreeHand MX Mac Full Commercial11
MacromediaDreamweaver 3.03
MacromediaColdFusion 5.0 Studio5
MacromediaAllaire HomeSite 4.54.5
MacromediaStudio MX 2004 - Flash MX pro7
MacromediaFlash professional8
MacromediaStudio-8 Fireworks
MacromediaFireworks 22
MacromediaDirector 8 Shockwave Studio with Fireworks 48
MacromediaHomeSite 5.05
MacrovisionInstallShield Professional edition11
MaptechOffshore Navigator 20025.02-5.02a-2002
Masque PublishingSlots 22-1.0.2
Masque PublishingSlots1.0.6
Masque PublishingSlots from Bally Gaming for PC and Mac1.0.3
MathSoft Inc.Mathcad 2000 Professional2000
MathSoft Inc.StudyWorks Mathematics Deluxe 3.03.0 (2002)

MathSoft Inc.MathCAD11
Mattel MediaBarbie As Princess Bride1.0.1c-1
Mattel MediaDiva Starz1
Mattel MediaBarbie Nail Designer1
MaxisSim Tower The Verticle Empire1-1.1b
MaxisSim Isle1-1.034
MaxisSimCity 20002000
MaxisSimCity Classic1.1-1
McAfeeMcAfee Internet Security 5.05
McAfeeMcAfee Internet Security 44
McAfeeMcAfee QuickClean3.01.6000.0
McAfeeMcAfee Uninstaller
McAfeeMcAfee Quickclean 3.03.01
McAfeeMcAfee Parental Controls1-1.00.6000.0
McAfeeMcAfee Firewall 3.03
MetaCreationsBryce 3D3
MetaCreationsPainter 5.5 Web Edition5.5
Metastorme-Work Manager Edtion (Evaluation))6.5
MGI Software CorporationPhotoSuite II2-1.03.0523 ENG
MicroEdgeVisual Slick Edit6.0c
MicroEdgeVisual Slick Edit5
Microforge.netEnterprise Server Desktop Edition1.2
MicrografxPicture Publisher 8.08
MicrografxIgrafx Business1.0.128-8.07
MicrografxiGrafx FlowCharter 2000 Professional Upgrade2000 Build
MicrografxSimply 3D 3.03
MicrografxWebTricity 2.02
MicrografxDesigner: Technical Edition4.1
MicrografxiGrafx Designer 88.07
MicrografxIGrafX Business - 3D8.07
MicrografxIGrafX Business - Share Media8.07
MicrografxABC Flow Charter4
MicrografxABC Flow Charter7
MicrografxIgrafx Professional8.07-
MicroProseGrand Prix II1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Service Pack 3 - PowerPoint10
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition - Excel2003(11.5612.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Express 6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Application Center 2000 Service Pack 2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Groove 200712
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money Deluxe 2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual SourceSafe 66
MicrosoftMicrosoft MapPoint 2002-European Maps2002 (
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 x64, Standard Edition9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic .NET Standard2003- 7.1.3088
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Professional - Excel2002 (10.2614.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 97 Professional - Word97
MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Rights Management Services1.0 Service Pack 1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2003-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office OneNote 2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Metal Gear Solid1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional4.3
MicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual Server Standard 20051
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 5.0 Professional5.0a
MicrosoftSelf Host Functionalities1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money Small Business 2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions - Great Plains8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project 20002000 (9.0.2000.0224)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Proofing Tools2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 20042004-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Standard Edition - Outlook2003 (11.5608.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works Suite 2004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2003 Standard2003-11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual Server (PC x64) - Enterprise Edition2005 R2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic4
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2004 Deluxe2004
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Messenger7
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C# .NET Standard 2003- 7.1.3088
MicrosoftMicrosoft Rights Management1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Links 2003 Championship Courses2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Antigen For Exchange (Evaluation)9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2004 Small Business2004-12
MicrosoftMicrosoft ISA Server2006
MicrosoftMicrosoft Systems Management Server2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C# .NET Professional Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search2.05
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 20072007
MicrosoftMicrosoft Class Server3
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP - Excel2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP - Outlook2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 Professional Edition7- 07.00.0000.9262
MicrosoftMicrosoft FrontPage 200311.5516.5606
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - Publisher2003(11.5525.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft ISA Server2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Zoo Tycoon1-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - PowerPoint2000 (9.0.2716)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Proofing Tools 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 17 RCI
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic .NET Express Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft System Management Server 2003.2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 20022002(

MicrosoftMicrosoft Train Simulator1.1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook2002 (10.2627.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office OneNote12
MicrosoftMicrosoft ISA Server2004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Zoo Tycoon Expansion Pack Marine Mania1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta 2005 Encyclopedia Deluxe14.0.0.0603
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Reversi1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2006 Small Business2006
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Personal Portfolio2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Reference Library 20032003-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 97 Professional - Outlook97
MicrosoftMicrosoft Excel 20022002(10.2614.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer1.2.1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Communicator2005 (1.0.559)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional Ed 2003 - Outlook11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions-Navision4
MicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 20022002 (10.2623.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2003 Deluxe2003-11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2004 Standard2004-12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Publisher2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft WordPad1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Operations Manager2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Graphics Studio Picture It! 9999-3
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio .net Enterprise Developer2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2006 Deluxe2006
MicrosoftMicrosoft Content Management Server2001
MicrosoftMicrosoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro 77.0 (V7.0.709.0)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C++2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight2004
MicrosoftMicrosoft flight Simulator 20022002-8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition - PowerPoint2003(11.5529.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Reference Suite 9999
MicrosoftMicrosoft Commerce Server 2002 Standard Edition2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Standard - Word2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Access2002(10.2627.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic3
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Checkers1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Picture It! Premium 7.07.0 (V7.0.709.0)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Office InfoPath 20032003(11.5531.5606)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite - VB .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft FrontPage 2002 Upgrade2002(10.2623.2625)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta 98 DVD-ROM Reference suite98
MicrosoftMicrosoft Freelancer1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions-Great Plains7.5
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP SP3 - Excel10
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Outlook12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Biz Talk Server Enterprise Edtion2004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Word2002(10.2627.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works Suite 2005 [Money, Encarta, Picture It, Streets & Trips, Word 2002]2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project Professional 20032003 (11.0.2003.0816.15)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Standard - Excel2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition - VB .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Explorer7
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 97 Professional - PowerPoint97
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2000 Technical Edition2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Access2000 (9.0.2720)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Minesweeper1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Motocross Madness1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta 2003 Encyclopedia Standard2003-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition - Outlook2003(11.5608.5606)
MicrosoftOffice 2003 Student and Teacher Edition - PowerPoint2003(11.5529.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Pinball Arcade1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C++ .NET Professional Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Standard2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft office publisher 2003 with digital imaging10.0.612.0 - 2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Word 6.0 For Windows6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Standard 5.0 Old Version5
MicrosoftMicrosoft Flight Simulator 20042004
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Messenger8.0.0792.00
MicrosoftMicrosoft Age of Mythology1
MicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint Services 2.02
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition - VC++6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Reference Suite 20002000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Close Combat 2.0: A Bridge Too Far2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media Player10
MicrosoftMicrosoft Zoo Tycoon Expansion Pack: Dinosaur Digs1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Publisher12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money Standard 200514.0.80.728
MicrosoftMicrosoft Data Analyzer 20022002-3.5-3.5.214
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Infopath12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Professional - Word2002 (10.2627.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Visio Professional 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Visio Standard 20032003(11.3216.5606)

MicrosoftOffice 2003 Standard Edition - Excel2003(11.5612.5606)

MicrosoftSpeech Server 2004 - Enterprise Edition (vMSDN) 20042004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Outlook2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office FrontPage 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Excel2000 (9.0.2720)

MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework1.1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries4
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Excel12
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 SP19
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - Excel2003 (11.5612.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project 98 - CD-ROM98
MicrosoftMicrosoft Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings2.0a- 2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition - Publisher2003(11.5525.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office OneNote 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - Access2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Suite10
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional Ed 2003 - PowerPoint11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2000 Business & Personal2000- 8
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Messenger7.5
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Professional - Outlook2002 (10.2627.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite - J# .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional 2003 - Infopath11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 97 Professional - Excel97
MicrosoftMicrosoft Combat Flight Simulator 2.02
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Access12
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Messenger6.2.0137
MicrosoftMicrosoft BizTalk Server2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 4.3 Professional - Access4.3- 2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions -CRM 1.21.2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite - C++ .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - Outlook2003(11.5608.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works Suite 2004 - Picture It! Photo Premium 92004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Africana10.0.0.0707-3
MicrosoftMicrosoft Picture It! 7.07.0 (V7.0.709.0)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion Pack1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Professional9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Age of Empires 2 Official Expansion: The Conquerors2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - PowerPoint2003(11.5529.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft RalliSport Challenge1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Commerce Server2007
MicrosoftMicrosoft MapPoint 20002000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Standard Edition - PowerPoint2003(11.5529.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 99 Personal & Business7
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions-Solomon6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP - PowerPoint2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Picture It! Photo Premium 99-9(V9.0.607.0)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2005 Deluxe__WS032005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual FoxPro6-06.00.8167.00
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 4.3 Professional - PowerPoint4.3- 4.0a
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project Professional2002(10.0.2002.0502)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual J++ Professional Edition6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Standard2002 SR1(10.0.2514)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Application Center 20002000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Standard - PowerPoint2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher 98 Full Version98
MicrosoftMicrosoft Reader1.5
MicrosoftMicrosoft Reader2.1.1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Word2000 (9.0.2720)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition - Word2003(11.5604.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 20002000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Spades1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2003 Deluxe & Business2003-11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger8.1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP SP310
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Professional 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Picture It! Premium 10.0 [Old Version]

MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Standard Edition - Outlook2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 20042004
MicrosoftMicrosoft Personal Collection 20022002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Reference Library 20042004-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional Ed 2003 SP2 - Excel2003 SP2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher2002(10.2621.2625)
MicrosoftInternet Hearts1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Pro 9.09-9.0.607.0
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office PowerPoint12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual FoxPro6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Professional Edition - Word2003 (11.5604.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition - Excel2003(11.5612.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual VB .NET Professional Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft MSN Toolbar2.05.0001.1119
MicrosoftMicrosoft DirectX9.0c
MicrosoftMicrosoft Flight Simulator 9595-6.00 Build 117
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Suite9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 20062006
MicrosoftMicrosoft Plus! Digital Media Edition1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions-Solomon IV 5.55.5
MicrosoftMicrosoft Operations Manager2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works Suite2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Spider Solitaire1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Content Management Server 2002 SP12002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Business Solutions-Navision3.7
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP - Word2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Project12
MicrosoftMBS-Axapta 3.0 SP13
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition - Outlook2003(11.5608.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 4.3 Professional - Word4.3- 6.0a
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C++ .NET Express Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft FrontPage 9898-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Suite 20062006-11
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Word12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition - C++ .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer1.2
MicrosoftMicrosoft Bookshelf 20002000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition - J# .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Backgammon1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Standard - Outlook2002
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual foxpro professional8- 08.00.0000.2521
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQl Server 2005 Standard Edition2005- 9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - PhotoDraw2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 97 Professional - Access97
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition - C# .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Bookshelf 9898-2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Links 20012001
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual J# .NET Professional Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Africana10
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2004 Premium2004-12
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Professional - PowerPoint2002 (10.2623.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Identity Integration Server 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Graphics Studio Publisher Deluxe2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - FrontPage2000 (
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual J# .NET Express Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Money 2004 Deluxe2004-12
MicrosoftMicrosoft Greetings 20022002-6.0.907.0
MicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server2007
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite - C# .NET8
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Suite 200611.0.422.0
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project Server2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server 2000Personal Edition2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Deluxe Encyclopedia 20042004-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Freecell1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Interdev6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 4.3 Professional - Excel4.3- 5.0a
MicrosoftMicrosoft Works7
MicrosoftMicrosoft FoxPro Professional for MS-DOS2.6a- 2.6
MicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server Enterprise Edition2003
MicrosoftMastering MFC Development1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Links 2003 Championship Edition2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 - Word2003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Reference Library Premium2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Bicycle Board Games1-1.5-
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Professional - Access2002 (10.2614.2625)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project Standard2002(10.0.2002.0502)

MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 X64 (server x64) - Enterprise Edition9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Professional Edition 20032003
MicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips 200512.00.07.1200
MicrosoftMicrosoft Project for Windows Project Management System4
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C# .NET Express Edition2005
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium - Microsoft PhotoDraw2000 Version 1.0
MicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Standard Edition7
MicrosoftMicrosoft Plus Game Pack1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C++ .NET Standard2003- 7.1.3088
MicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2000 Standard Edition2000
MicrosoftMicrosoft Host Integration Server2004 Beta
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Pro 1010 (V10.0.612.0)

MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Image Suite 99
MicrosoftMicrosoft Halo: Combat Evolved - Pc1
MicrosoftMicrosoft Mech Warrior 4 Mech Paks: Clan Arsenal4
MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2003 Standard Edition - Word2003 (11.5604.5606)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Solitaire1
MicrosoftMSDN Library Visual Studio6
MijenixPowerDesk Utlilities98-3.03
MindscapeMavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9.09
MindscapeMavis Beacon Teaches Typing 10.010
Mips Dataline AmericaVersaCheck 2000 for Word 20002.0f
MksMKS Toolkit 6.26.2
Mortice Kern SystemsMKS Toolkit7.0.1
MozillaMozilla Firefox1.5.0.3
Mozzila CorporationFirefox1.5.0.1
Mozzila CorporationFireFox1.0.7
Mozzila CorporationFirefox1
Multiactive Software Inc.Maximizer 5.05
Mumbo JumboActivision Anthology Remix Edition1
MusicMatchMusicMatch Jukebox Plus8.2
MusicMatchMusicMatch Jukebox Deluxe 88.2
MYOB USMYOB Plus 1111-11 Release 5.5.2
MYOB USMYOB Accounting Plus11 Release 5.5.2
MYOB USMYOB Accounting Plus 9.09
MySoftwareMy Mail List & Address Book6.2-
MySoftwareProventure Invoices & Estimates2
MySoftwareProventure Address Book1
NetGMacromedia DreamWeaver UltraDev 44
NetIQWebPosition Gold 3 Pro3
NetIQDirectory and Resource Administrator7
NetIQAppManager Suite6
NetIQAppManager (Evaluation)6
NetIQAppManager Diagnostic Console2.1
NetIQFile and Storage Administrator 2.12.1
NetManageRumba 7.47.4
NetManageOnnet Host Suite 5.05
NetobjectsNetObjects Fusion 4.04
NetobjectsNetObjects Fusion 5.05.0_G.1
NetopiaTimbuktu Pro4.5
NetscapeNetscape Navigator 16-bit4-4.08
NetscapeNetscape Browser8.0.3.3
NetscapeNetscape Communicator 4.84.8
NetscapeNetscape Browser7.1
Netscape CommunicationsNetscape Communicator4.79
Network AssociatesMcAfee Total Virus Defense Suite4.5
Network AssociatesMcAfee SpamKiller 4.04-
Network AssociatesE-Policy Orchestrator SP (Evaluation)

Network AssociatesNetShield4.5
Network AssociatesMcAfee VirusScan Professional6.01.1008.1
Network AssociatesMcAfee QuickClean2
Network AssociatesMcAfee Internet Security5- 5.00.5000.0
NewTekLightWave 3D 88
Nolo PressEssential Business Tools1
Nolo PressQuicken Lawyer 2003 Personal2.0.2
Nolo PressQuicken Lawyer Home & Small Business Legal Suite 20032003 Release R1
Norman ASANorman Personal Firewall1.42
Nova DevelopmentArt Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe1.2
Nova DevelopmentArt Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe1
Nova DevelopmentGreeting Card Factory Deluxe3
Nova DevelopmentInvoices And Estimates Pro7.2
Nova DevelopmentPhoto Explosion Deluxe1
NovalogicDelta Force Land Warrior1
NovalogicF-16 Multirole Fighter (PC CD Jewel Case)1
NovalogicDelta Force 22
NovalogicDelta Force: Task Force Dagger1
NovaStor CorporationNovanet-Web 3.63.6
NovaStor CorporationNovaNet Backup8
NovaWorldJet Pack - MiG-291
NovaWorldJet Pack - F22 Raptor1
NTP SoftwareQuota & File Sentinal5
Nuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage Pro 11.011.01
Nuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage Pro 1212
Nuance Communications, Inc.Pagis Pro Millenium3
Nuance Communications, Inc.Textbridge Pro 1111.01
Nuance Communications, Inc.PaperPort Deluxe 8.08
Nuance Communications, Inc.OmniForm 4.04
Opera SoftwareOpera7.23
Opera SoftwareOpera9.1
Opera SoftwareOpera3.21
Oracle CorporationOracle9i Enterprise Edition9i
Orrtax Software, Inc.IntelliTax for Windows 20062006
Palo Alto Software, Inc.Business Plan Pro 20042004-Version: 7.09.0001,Core: 7.10.0050
Palo Alto Software, Inc.OmniForm 5.05
Palo Alto Software, Inc.Business Plan Pro 20022002
PanicwarePop-Up Stopper Companion 3.03-3.22
PanicwarePopup Stopper Companion4.0.1000
Patton & Patton SoftwareFlow Charting 55
Patton & Patton SoftwareFlow Charting PDQ1.1h
PC GuardianEncryption Plus6.1
Peachtree SoftwarePeachtree Accounting6
Peachtree SoftwarePeachtree Complete Accounting7.0.02.093
Peachtree SoftwarePeachtree Office Accounting1.1
Pearson SoftwarePC Relocator 4.04
Pearson SoftwareMusicMatch JukeBox 6.0 Deluxe6- 6.00.4027
Pearson SoftwarePhoto.web Deluxe 4.04-4.7
Pearson SoftwareStar Trek Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars1
Pearson SoftwareBlackICE PC Protection1
PepiMK SoftwareSpyBot - Search & Destroy1.4
PepiMK SoftwareSpybot – Search & Destroy1.3
PersoftSmarTerm Office 11 Upgrade11.0a
Pharos GamesGames for Girls1
Pinnacle SystemsPinnacle My MP3 Pro4
Pinnacle SystemsPinnacle Studio 7 Professional7.11.28
Powersoft/SybasePowerBuilder Professional 8.08
PremiaCodewright6.0a - 6.0c
Primavera SystemsSureTrak Project Manager 3.03
Privacyware PWI, IncPrivate Firewall4
Procreateprocreate Painter 77
Punch! SoftwarePunch! Professional Home Design Suite Platinum1
Punch! SoftwareHome Design Complete Edition3.5.2-2.0
Punch! SoftwarePunch! Ultimate Deck and Landscape1
Punch! SoftwareSuper Home Suite3.5.2
Punch! SoftwarePunch! Master Landscape & Home Design2001- 4.1.0
Punch! SoftwarePunch! Home Design Architectural Series 181
PY SoftwareActual Drawing5.5
QualCommEudora Email4.3.1
Rand McNallyStreetFinder Deluxe2000
Rand McNallyTripMaker Deluxe1999 Edition v1.0
Rand McNallyStreetFinder Deluxe 1998 Edition1998
RealNetworksRealOne Free Player10.5
RealNetworksReal Server G28
RealNetworksHelix Server Retail11.1
RealNetworksHelix Server Retail11.01
RealNetworksHelix Universal Server Advanced (Evaluation)

RealNetworksReal Player (free)10.5
Red Storm EntertainmentTom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield3-1.0
Rhinosoft InteractiveServ-U Corporate6.3
Rhinosoft InteractiveServ-U Corporate6
RiverdeepZoneAlarm Pro3.5
RiverdeepZoneAlarm Pro6.5.722
RiverdeepOregon Trail 2 (Jewel Case)2
RockStar GamesGrand Theft Auto III3
Ron ScottQFX for Windows NT7
RoxioRoxio PhotoSuite 5 Platinum5
RoxioEasy CD & DVD Creator6-
RoxioRoxio Easy Media Creator 7 Digital Media Suite7
RoxioRoxio Easy Media Creator 77
RoxioEasy CD Creator 5 Platinum5
Safe guardSafeGuard Pop-up Blocker Pro Free Edition8.0e
Sage SoftwarePeachtree Complete Accounting2002-
Sage SoftwarePeachtree Accounting 20032003
Sage SoftwarePeachtree Complete Accounting 20042004
SAPSAP Net weaver 2004ECCv5.0
ScanSoftKai's Photo Soap 22.5
ScanSoftPaperport Deluxe 7.07
ScanSoftDragon Naturally Speaking 7 Preferred7-
ScanSoftScanSoft PDF Converter for Microsoft Word1
ScanSoftTextBridge Pro Millenium9.5.0-9.7
ScanSoftTextBridge Pro9
ScanSoftPagispro Scanning Suite3.0.147.0 Build:147
ScanSoftOmniPage Pro 14 Office14
ScanSoftIBM ViaVoice Standard v.1010
ScholasticClifford Musical Memory Games1
ScholasticClifford The Big Red Dog Reading Activities1
ScholasticClifford The Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures1
ScholasticI Spy Treasure Hunt (Jewel Case)1
ScholasticI SPY School Days (Jewel Case)
Seagate SoftwareSeagate crystal reports professional7.0.1.100
Seagate SoftwareCrystal Reports Professional7
SierraEmperor: Rise Of The Middle Kingdom1
SierraHoyle Casino Empire2003-1
SierraSIERRA Hoyle Card Games 2003 ( Windows/Macntosh )2003-
SierraHoyle Card Games 20041.0.0.0-2004
SierraKing's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (PC)6
SierraNo One Lives Forever 21
SierraThe Thing1
SierraHoyle Board Games 20032003-
SierraHoyle Classic Card Games (PC)2
Sierra AttractionsSierra - Hoyle Classic Casino 1999 CD- ROM1.1.0.5
Sierra HomePrint Artist Platinum4.5
Sierra HomePrint Artist Platinum Plus12
Sierra HomePrint Artist Platinum8.1
Sierra Office and MicrografxComplate Publisher''99 Featuring PhotoMagic7-99-1.0
Sierra Office and MicrografxComplate Publisher''''99 Featuring PhotoMagic99-1.0-8.0b Build 13
Sierra On-LineWhats Her Face1
Sierra On-LinePlayzone Games For Girls-Petshop1
Sierra On-LineComplete Publisher99
Sierra On-LineThe Ultimate Rock & Roll Trivial Game1
Simon & Schuster InteractivePearl Harbor1
Simon & Schuster InteractiveCurious George Paint & Print Studio and Learns Phonics for Kindergarten - 1st Grade1
Simon & Schuster InteractiveReal War: Air, Land & Sea (Jewel Case)

Simon & Schuster InteractiveDeer Avenger 2: Deer in the City2- 1.0.1
Simon & Schuster InteractiveDeer Avenger1.0c
Simon & Schuster InteractiveTyping Tutor 1010.0c
Simply MediaSIMPLY MEDIA Legal Forms & Negotiations Guide (Windows)

Simply MediaFonts & Clipart1
Simply MediaWeb Clipart 1/21
SmartFTPSmartFTP Client 2.0.996.17
Smith Micro Software Inc.VideoLink Mail2.0.0.274x
SoftddProgram Lock Pro2
SoftKey IncorporatedCalendar Creator 4.0 (Jewel Case)4
SoftQuad HotMetal Pro
SoftQuad SoftQuad XMetaL
Software PublishingHarvard Graphics for Windows3
Software ToolworksMavis Beacon Teaches Typing 3.03- 3.0.2
Sonic FoundrySound Forge 4.0 Digital Sound Editing for Windows4.5d
Sonic FoundryNoise Reduction Direct Audio Plug-In1.0b
Sonic FoundryAcid Music2
Sonic FoundryAcoustic Mirror1.1
Sonic FoundrySound Forge XP 5.0 Studio4.5[Build 57]
Sonic FoundryAcid DJ3.0a [Build 241]
Sonic FoundryAcid Techno3.0a [Build 241]
Space Holding CorpStarry Night Enthusiast 4.54.5
SPSS, Inc.DeltaGraph4.0.5
SPSS, Inc.SPSS for Windows8.0.2
StrataStrata 3D Pro3.6
Strategy FirstO.R.B.1
Strategy FirstSteel Beasts1
Strategy FirstWaterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle1
Strategy FirstKohan: Immortal Sovereigns1
SummitsoftSummit Soft Font Pack1
SummitsoftR/C Helicopter Indore Flight Simulator1
Sun Java SystemsApplication Server8
Sun MicrosystemsStarOffice 6.06
Sun MicrosystemsSun Java 2 SDK SE1.4.2_06
Sun MicrosystemsSun StarOffice 5.2 Deluxe5.2
Sun MicrosystemsSun Java 2 SDK SE (IA64)1.4.2_08
Sun MicrosystemsWebServer Enterprise Edition v6.1 SP2 (English)

6.1 SP2
Sun MicrosystemsJava Workshop2
Sun MicrosystemsSun Java1.4.2_09
Sunbelt SoftwareiHateSpam v3.23.2-3.2.12
Swift JewelPrecision Street Maps USA1
SybariAntigen for Exchange (Evaluation)8.1
Sybase MECPowerbuilder Enterprise 6.56.5 Build 444
Sybase, Inc.Powerbuilder7.0 Build 5031
SymantecTalkworks Pro 3.03
SymantecNorton Personal Firewall 20032003-6.0
SymantecNorton Internet Security 2004 Professional2004
SymantecDrive Image Pro 3.03
SymantecNorton Ghost 20032003-2003.775
SymantecSymantec pcAnywhere 9.29.2
SymantecNorton Internet Security 2004 Pro -Privacy Control2004
SymantecNorton Internet Security 20042004
SymantecNorton Personal Firewall 20022002
SymantecNorton Ghost 20022002-
SymantecpcAnywhere 10.5 Host & Remote10.5
SymantecNorton Systemworks Pro 2004 - GoBack Personal Ed2004
SymantecNorton Internet Security 2004 Pro - Pers. Firewall2004
SymantecProcomm Plus 4.84.8
SymantecpcAnywhere 1111
SymantecNorton Internet Security 2004 Pro - AntiSpam2004
SymantecProComm Plus3
SymantecNorton AntiVirus Corp Edition 7.6 SMB7.6
SymantecSymantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition8.1
SymantecNorton Internet Security 20022002
SymantecNorton Personal Firewall 20042004
SymantecNorton Crashguard 4.04
SynergeticSoftPop Up blocker Pro Rich Media Ads Edition5.0q
SynergyKALEIDAGRAPH Graphing & Data Analysis3.5x
Take 2 InteractiveBugdom1.1,3
Take 2 InteractiveMall Tycoon1-1.1-2
Talon SoftAge of Sail II2
Talon SoftMafia - The City of Lost Heaven1
TechSmithSnag It6.0.1
TechSmithSnag It5.0.1-5
The Learning CompanyClueFinders (3 pack) 4th - 6th Grade Adventures1
The Learning CompanyAdventure Workshop4th-6th grade Gizmos and Gadgets1.2
The Learning CompanyIntellivision Greatest Hits1
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit - Thinking Adventure Ages 4- 61.1
The Learning CompanyArthurs Computer Adventure Ages 3- 71.1
The Learning CompanyCarmen Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge1.01
The Learning CompanyLittle Bear Rainy Day Activities1.1
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics1.2
The Learning CompanyFisher Price Magna Doodle1-1.0
The Learning CompanyArthur's Birthday39114
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit I Can Read With Phonics1.01
The Learning CompanyRayman1
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit Reading2.05
The Learning CompanyArthurs 1st Grade2002
The Learning CompanyOregon Trail 55
The Learning CompanyAdventure Workshop 4th-6th Grade - Super Solvers1.2
The Learning CompanyScooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight1.2
The Learning CompanyTreasure Mountain!2.01-3.01
The Learning CompanyDr. Seuss Kindergarten2.3-1.3
The Learning CompanyZoombinis Mountain Rescue1.1
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit3-1.11
The Learning CompanyScooby-Doo: Showdown in Ghost Town1
The Learning CompanyThe Yukon Trail1.12
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit Learn To Read With Phonics! Preschool - Kindergarten1.3
The Learning CompanyScooby-Doo: Jinx at the Sphinx1
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit Thinking Adventures Ages 4- 61
The Learning CompanyReader Rabbit''s-Math Ages 6-91
THQMatchbox Emergency Patrol1
THQBob the Builder1
THQHot Wheels Jetz1
THQRed Faction1
THQJimmy Neutron Boy Genius1
THQHot Wheels Mechanix1
TimeLine SolutionsTime Line For Windows6.5
Topics EntertainmentWorld Book Encyclopedia 2002 Premiere Edition2002
Topics EntertainmentInstant Immersion Spanish Deluxe1
Topics EntertainmentUltimate Horoscope & Tarot - The Art of Plamistry1
Topics EntertainmentInstant Landscaping - Gardener''''s Journal1.1.3
Topics EntertainmentUltimate Horoscope & Tarot - Tarot Magic1
Topics EntertainmentInstant Immersion French1
Topics EntertainmentInstant Play Guitar1
Topics EntertainmentInstant Stitch 2.02
Topics Entertainment1,001 Hikes in North America1
Topics EntertainmentInstant Landscaping - 3D Garden Designer3
Topics EntertainmentInstant Landscaping - Colorful Water-Wise Gardening2.1-1
Transparent LanguageLearn Spanish Now! 9.09.02.E9C9
TreeCardGames123 Free Solitaire 20035.12b
TreeCardGames123 Free Solitare 20035.1b
Trend MicroServerProtect (Evaluation)5.58
Tri SynergyCuteFTP Build 10.4.1
TrilobyteThe 7th Guest1
Turtle BeachAudioStation5.10.2073.00
UBI SoftTom Clancy's Ghost Recon1
UBI SoftSilent Hunter 21.00.06-2
UBI SoftMyst 3: Exile1.2
UBI SoftTom Clancy's Splinter Cell1
UBI SoftDestroyer Command1.0.3
UBI SoftCSI: Crime Scene Investigation1
UBI SoftDark Planet: Battle For Natrolis1
UBI SoftRiven: The Sequel to Myst DVD-ROM1.03
UBI SoftPool of Radiance Ruins of much Drannor1
UBI SoftIL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles1
UBI SoftChessmaster 90001
UBI SoftMyst: Masterpiece Edition1
UBI SoftHitchcock's The Final Cut1
Ulead SystemsUlead Cool 3d Version 2.52.5
Ulead SystemsPhotoImpact 5 (Jewel Case)5
Ulead SystemsUlead Cool 3D 3.03
Ulead SystemsGIF Animator 5.05
Ulead SystemsVideo Studio 88
Ulead SystemsDVD PictureShow1
Ulead SystemsUlead GIF Animator Version 4.0 (win)4
Ulead SystemsPhotoImpact 10 - Professional Image Editing Made Easy10
Ulead SystemsUlead VideoStudio 9.0 Video Editor9
Ulead SystemsMediaStudio Pro 6.06
Ulead SystemsUlead DVD Moviefactory 4.04
V-CommunicationsCopy Commander: Copy Your Old Hard Drive to New7.05
V-CommunicationsVCOM Partition Commander 8.08.01
V-CommunicationsVCom Fix-It Utilities 5.05
V-CommunicationsVCOM System Suite
V-CommunicationsAutosave Backup Software (No Tapes)

V-CommunicationsCD Anywhere2.02.004
ValuSoftElite Forces - Vietnam: Special Assignment2
ValuSoftCrisis Team Ambulance Driver1
ValuSoftWhitetail Extreme1
ValuSoft202 Game Collection (Jewel Case)1
ValuSoftElite Forces: Navy Seals1.01-1
ValuSoftWorld Tours II Golf2
ValuSoftWillMaker Deluxe8.1
ValuSoftNormandy (Jewel Case)1
ValuSoftRollerCoaster Factory 2 (Jewel Case)2
ValuSoftMidnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drag1
ValuSoftAdSubtract - Blocks Pop-Up Ads2.6
ValuSoftUltimate Pinball (Jewel Case)1
ValuSoftDesert Rats1
ValuSoftHunting Unlimited1
ValuSoftForm Workshop 12001
ValuSoftJonah a Veggie Tales Game1
ValuSoftHello Kitty Cutie World1
VeritasBackup Exec9.1
VeritasCrystal Reports Professional8.5-
ViacomStar Trek Deep Space Nine 9: Harbinger1
Victory MultimediaSerene Screen Aquarium1
Vivendi UniversalThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring1
Vivendi UniversalHalf-Life Platinum Collection1.0.0.9
Vivendi UniversalBarbie Sparkling Ice Show1
Vivendi UniversalLaw & Order: Dead on the Money1
Vivendi UniversalIcewind Dale1
Vivendi UniversalThe Simpson's: Hit and Run1
Vivendi UniversalJurassic Park 3 Danger Zone1
Vivendi UniversalBarbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure1.0c
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster1.0c
Vivendi UniversalBarbie Explorer1
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Typing1.2.1c
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart 4th Grade1
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade1.0c
Vivendi UniversalHalf-Life: Counter-Strike1
Vivendi UniversalStarCraft Expansion Pack: Brood War1.05
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Toddler Classic1.4.1
Vivendi UniversalDie Hard Nakatomi Plaza1
Vivendi UniversalTribes 239114
Vivendi UniversalSecret Agent Barbie1.0c
Vivendi UniversalStarCraft Battle Chest1.05
Vivendi UniversalBarbie Beach Vacation1.0c
Vivendi UniversalArcanum1
Vivendi UniversalHallmark Card Studio 20032003- 4,0,00,167
Vivendi UniversalWarCraft 2 Edition (Jewel Case)

Vivendi UniversalHalf-Life: Game of the Year Edition1.1.0.6
Vivendi UniversalHallmark Card Studio Deluxe 3.03
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Phonics1
Vivendi UniversalKelly Club Pet Parade1.0c
Vivendi UniversalFisher-Price Power Wheels Off-Road Adventure1.0c
Vivendi UniversalHoyle Puzzle Games 20032003-
Vivendi UniversalJumpStart Spanish1.03
Vivendi UniversalJurassic Park: Dinosaur Battles1
Vivendi UniversalFisher-Price Hurricane Havoc: Rescue Heroes1.01C
VM Ware Inc.GSX Server2.5
VM Ware Inc.VMWare1
VoyetraMusic Write Song Writer5.20.09
VoyetraComputer Music Starter Kit1
VoyetraTeach Me Piano Deluxe1-1.1
VoyetraMusic Write 20004.01.07-2000
WatchfireLinkbot5.5 Build 509
WatchfireLinkBot Pro4
WebProseWebProse Designer1.1
Webroot SoftwareAccelerate 2K239084
Webroot SoftwareWebroot Spy Sweeper2
Westwood StudiosCommand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun1
WinZipWinZip7.0 SR-1 (1285)
WinZipWinzip10.0 (6698)
WinZipWinZip9.0 SR-1
Wizard WorksSurvivor: The Interactive Game1
Wizard WorksDirt Track Racing 239114
Wizard WorksBeach Head 20022002-1
Wizard WorksDeer Hunter 55
Wolfram Research, Inc.Mathematica2.2.3
Worth Data Inc.BarFont for Windows TrueType and Postscript Bar Code Fonts1.22
XicatJane's Attack Squadron1
YahooYahoo Messenger7.0.0.426
YahooYahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy6.1.1.0 Build 2005.7.14.1
YahooYahoo toolbar7
YahooYahoo Toolbar6.3
YahooYahoo Messenger7.0.2.120
YahooYahoo Messenger(BETA)
YahooYahoo! Messenger6
YahooYahoo Toolbar6.3.2.0
YahooYahoo Messenger7.0.0.437
Yahooyahoo Messenger8.0.0.506
Zone Labs, Inc.ZoneAlarm Pro4.5.538
Zone Labs, Inc.Zone Alarm Security Suite5.0.590.043
Zone Labs, Inc.Zone Alarm Pro5.0.590
Zone Labs, Inc.Zone Alarm Security Suite6.0.631.002

List of applications where a regression was found during the application compatibility tests

The table in this section lists the known application regressions. The table contains recommendations that you can use to possibly resolve or to possibly work around the issue.
VendorApplication name and versionDescription of the failing functionalityPossible resolution or possible workaround
MicrosoftApplication Center 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2)The application cannot connect to the server when a cluster is created.For more information about a resolution for this problem, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

891330 FIX: You experience problems after you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 on a server that is running Application Center 2000
NetIQAppManager 6.0The domain list displays blank records when you try to add computers by using the Web Console.Contact NetIQ for more information. To contact NetIQ, visit the following NetIQ Web site:
NetIQAppManager 5.0.1The Security Manager window is not active.An update is available from NetIQ that can resolve this issue. Contact NetIQ for more information about how to obtain the update. For more information, visit the following NetIQ Web site:
Computer AssociatesBrightstor ARCserve Backup 11.0Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition are not listed on the Source tab. Brightstor ARCserve Backup 11.1 is compatible. Contact Computer Associates for more information. To contact Computer Associates, visit the following Computer Associates Web site:
Hewlett-Packard (HP)Compaq Insight ManagerCompaq computers and HP computers can be monitored by using the HP server agents.An update is available from the vendor that can resolve this issue. For more information about this update, visit the following Compaq FTP site:
MicrosoftExchange Server 2003You cannot use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to access a user's mailbox that is located on an Exchange cluster.For more information about a resolution for this problem, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

841560 A user receives a "500 - Internal server error" error message when the user tries to access a clustered Exchange Server 2003 back-end server by using Outlook Web Access
NetIQGroup Policy Administrator 2.0The installation of Group Policy Administrator is blocked by the Information Bar. The Web page that is displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer is changed before you can install the application.Quickly click the Information Bar in Internet Explorer. You are still redirected to a Web page that says that you are running an incorrect version of Internet Explorer. However, click Back to return to the Web page that was previously displayed in Internet Explorer. By doing this, you are redirected to the correct Web page where you can start to install the application.

For more information, visit the following NetIQ Web site:
Hewlett-Packard (HP)HP Insight Manager 4.0When you log on to the application, you receive error messages.Contact HP for more information.

For more information about this problem, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

887741 Internet Explorer does not execute code when an event handler is set to directly reference a DOM function after you install the MS04-038 security update
MicrosoftInternet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Standard EditionVirtual private network (VPN) management does not work correctly.ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition Service Pack 1 resolves this issue. To download this service pack, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
KerioKerio Server Firewall 1.0After you restart the computer, the application prevents Windows from starting.Contact Kerio for a working version of the problematic driver. To contact Kerio, visit the following Kerio Web site:
CitrixMetaframe XPe FR3The remote client cannot connect to the server.For more information, visit the following Citrix Web site:
MicrosoftBaseline Security Analyzer 1.2.1In Group Policy, the application does not notify the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).

By default, one option that is selected for MBSA is Check for Windows Vulnerabilities. Another option that is also selected is for Windows Firewall to be managed by Group Policy. This option is selected when the scan is complete and when the Check for Windows Vulnerabilities option is selected. After you install Windows Server 2003 SP2 and you run MBSA on that computer, the MBSA scan results will not detect or report that Group Policy manages Windows Firewall. This occurs even if Group Policy does manage Windows Firewall, The problem is that MBSA is looking for certain registry keys, such as the EnableFirewall registry key. However, those keys have changed for Windows Firewall in Windows Server 2003.
None available
Trend MicroServerProtectThe Trend ServerProtect service does not automatically start if you move the Trend Micro Information Server to a different server, and then you restart that server.An update is available from Trend Micro that can resolve this issue. For more information, visit the following Trend Micro Web site:
MicrosoftMicrosoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0You receive the following warning message:
MMC has detected an error in a snap-in. We recommend that you shut down and restart MMC.
In the warning message, click Continue running and always ignore errors with this snap-in, regardless of user or session.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

915091 Warning message when you install MMC 3.0 and you are running SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in."
Microsoft provides this information only as a convenience for our customers. We do not support, endorse, or recommend any one of these products. We do not provide implied warranties of the merchantability or the fitness of these products for any particular purpose. Moreover, we do not provide expressed warranties or implied warranties of any kind for these products.

Similar problems and solutions

For more information about application compatibility testing that was performed for the English version of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

896367 Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 application compatibility

For information about your hardware manufacturer, visit the following Web site:Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, about the performance or reliability of these products.

If these Microsoft Knowledge Base articles do not help you resolve the problem, or if you experience symptoms that differ from those that this article describes, please search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information. To search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Then, type the text of the error message that you receive, or type a description of the problem in the Search Support (KB) field.