Error message when you try to use the System Prep tool in Windows Vista: "Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x800106b5"


Consider the following scenario. You start Windows Vista in Audit mode. Then, you try to use the System Preparation tool (Sysprep.exe) to reseal Windows Vista to a generalized state. In this scenario, when Sysprep shuts down or restarts the computer, you receive the following error message briefly:
Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x800106b5. A problem caused this program's service to stop. To start the service, restart your computer or search Help and Support for how to start a service manually.


This issue may occur if Windows Defender updates its signature files, and the System Preparation tool causes the Windows Defender service to close before the update is complete.


You can safely ignore this error message. However, you can stop this error message from recurring. To do this, manually update the Windows Defender signature files before you run the System Preparation tool. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Start Windows Vista in Audit mode with network connectivity,
  2. Click Startthe Start button , type defender in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
  3. Click the Help options arrow, and then click Check for updates.

    Note The Help options arrow is next to the Windows Defender help icon.
  4. Wait for Windows Defender to finish updating the signature files.
  5. Start the System Preparation tool.

More Information

The error message is more likely to occur on Windows Vista images where the Windows Defender signatures are out of date.

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