Please Wait. Importing File. 80070070 - Forecaster Include Wizard Helper. asp After Clicking Finish in Import Wizard


"Please Wait. Importing File. Error 80070070 - Forecaster Include Wizard Helper. Asp Line XXX"
This error occurs during a Line Item import after the user clicks Finish to complete the wizard. The job is never posted to the Job Queue and no updates are performed.


The line item import file has extra, blank lines at the bottom of the import file.


Open the text file in Notepad and scroll to the bottom of the file. Type CTRL-END to move the cursor to the last line of the file. If the cursor does not land on the very last line of data or the line directly after that there are blank lines. Click on the Shift key and then scroll back up and place the cursor in the space just following the last line of data. Click the Delete button to remove the extraneous lines.



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