A hotfix rollup (build 10.0.30319.341) is available for Team Foundation Server 2010


A hotfix rollup (build 10.0.30319.341) that resolves a list of issues is available for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. 

List of issues that are fixed

This hotfix rollup includes the previous hotfixes that are described in the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
2135068 After you upgrade to TFS 2010, labels are missing items or merge operations perform incorrectly

2028983 You see a red x on the work item node in Team Explorer or connect to a work item query from Excel when you upgrade TFS from version 2008 to version 2010

982848 FIX: "Failed to load tests from 'path of test dll''' error message when you use the Upgrade Template to build a Visual Studio 2008 solution together with a test project in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010

983537 "The character encoding on these files are different" error or file corruption occurs when you run an "Auto Merge" operation in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010

This hotfix rollup also includes fixes for the following issues in Team Foundation Server 2010:

Issues for Team System Web Access
  • When you click the Link Selected Items to a New Work Item operation for a work item on a Firefox browser by using Team System Web Access, the new page is blank. Additionally, you receive the following error message when you close the new page:
    Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER)

  • You cannot add an attachment to a work item on a Chrome browser by using Team System Web Access.
  • You click the Link to an Existing Item operation for a work item on a Chrome browser by using Team System Web Access. Then you click Browse in the Add Work Item Link dialog box. In the Choose Work Items dialog box, the dropdown for the saved query does not work.
  • You run a build and open the Build Report window on a Chrome browser by using Team System Web Access. After you click Retain or you click Delete, a message dialog box appears that contains the following error message even if the build was retained or deleted:
    Unexpected callback response
  • The Query picker web part incorrectly renders list items in the List View on WebKit-based browsers such as Safari or Chrome.

Issues for Version Control
  • The option of creating a new branch that is based on the label is missing in the user interface in Team Foundation Server 2010.
  • When you try to convert a folder to a branch on a hierarchy root folder, and the folder has children and cycle renamed, Visual Studio 2010 crashes.
  • You shelve dependent rename folders whose child item names are the same. When you unshelve the folders, you receive the following error message:
    Value cannot be null.

    Parameter name: downloadURL
  • When you query all users pending changes, an incorrect query plan in the QueryPendingChanges function call leads to poor performance.
  • When you run the Merge command together with the /discard option for two files in both direction, the Merge command enters an infinite loop.
  • The merge operation cannot report a conflict if you performed a rename operation in the target and source directory and file.

Issues for TFS Setup and Upgrade
  • The application tier cannot be reinstalled or another application tier cannot be installed if the data tier has previously installed a hotfix.
  • You upgrade a database from the release candidate of Team Foundation Server 2010 to the release version of Team Foundation Server 2010. If the server has the release version of Team Foundation Server 2010 installed together with at least one hotfix, the database is not successfully upgraded.

Issues for Team Build
  • The status of the build agent remains unavailable for more than one hour, without changing the status to "Offline" or "Available."  
  • Duplicate changesets are listed in the build report.
  • You connect to a server that is running Team Foundation Server 2008 by using a Team Foundation Server 2010 client. When you right-click an existing build, the Open Process File Location item is unavailable.
  • You run a Visual Studio 2008 test project in Visual Studio 2010. When the test fails, the build log shows only one call to Mstest.exe (9.0). Additionally, the test report cannot be published on the server.
  • If any build controller goes offline, build drops are not deleted.


To resolve these issues, apply this hotfix rollup to the server that is running Team Foundation Server 2010.

More information about this hotfix rollup

How to obtain the hotfix rollup

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You must have Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 installed to apply this hotfix rollup.

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