Windows NT File System Files

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Following is a list of Windows NT files system files organized bylocation. Following filenames are short explanations.


FATBOOT.BIN    FAT boot sector templateHPFSBOOT.BIN   HPFS boot cluster templateDISKCOMP.COM   Disk comparison utilityDISKCOPY.COM   Disk copy utilityFORMAT.COM     Disk format utilityTREE.COM       Graphical directory display utilityACLEDIT.DLL    Access control list (ACL) editorCUFAT.DLL      FAT file system conversionCUHPFS.DLL     HPFS file system conversionFMIFS.DLL      Interface between File Manager and installable file               systemIFSUTIL.DLL    Installable file system utilityIOLOGMSG.DLL   I/O logUFAT.DLL       Provides FORMAT and CHKDSK support for FAT file system.UHPFS.DLL      Provides FORMAT and CHKDSK support for HPFS file               system.ULIB.DLL       Provides support for commands: DISKCOPY, SUBST, DOSKEY,               ACLCONV, CHCP, KEYB, CONVERT, MODE, XCOPY, REPLACE,               MORE, PRINT, RECOVER, COMP, FC, CHKDSK, FIND, TREE,               SORT, DISKCOMP, ATTRIB, FORMAT, etc.UNTFS.DLL      Provides FORMAT and CHKDSK support for NTFS file               system.ACLCONV.EXE    ACL conversion utility. Converts OS/2 LAN Manager               server access control lists. Uses BACKACC data file.APPEND.EXE     Enables programs to open data files in specified               directories as if they were in the current directory.ATTRIB.EXE     Attribute utility.AUTOCHK.EXE    Auto check utility. Run automatically by the system at               boot to check disks.AUTOCONV.EXE   Auto file system conversion utility. Run automatically               by the system when the user has requested a file system               conversion of a volume that cannot be locked at run               time or during Windows NT Setup.BACKUP.EXE     Backup utilityBACKUP.HLP     Backup helpCHKDSK.EXE     Check disk utilityCOMP.EXE       File compare utilityCONVERT.EXE    File system conversion utility. Converts FAT or HPFS               volumes to NTFS.DISKPERF.EXE   Starts or stops disk performance counters for use by               Performance Monitor.FASTOPEN.EXE   Dummy file for backward compatibilityFC.EXE         File compare utilityFIND.EXE       Find string utilityFINDSTR.EXE    Searches for strings in files. Can use regular               expressions.LABEL.EXE      Disk label utilityNTBACKUP.EXE   Tape backup utilityNTIO.SYS       Provides IO.SYS support for MS-DOS-based applications.PERFMON.EXE    Performance MonitorPERFMON.HLP    Performance monitor helpPORTUAS.EXE    Utility for UAS to SAM database conversionRECOVER.EXE    File recovery utilityREPLACE.EXE    Replace file utilityRESTORE.EXE    File restore utilitySETACL.EXE     Sets ACLs on directory tree during Windows NT Setup.SHARE.EXE      Dummy file for backward compatibilityWINDISK.EXE    Disk AdministratorWINDISK.HLP    Disk administrator helpWINFILE.EXE    File ManagerWINFILE.HLP    File Manager helpXCOPY.EXE      Extended Copy Utility		


SYSTEM         Master copy of partition information.SYSTEM.ALT     Alternate copy of SYSTEM.		


ATDISK.SYS     IBM AT (ST506) driver used my most ISA PCsCDFS.SYS       CD file system driverCDFS_REC.SYS   Mini-file system recognizer for CDFSDISKPERF.SYS   Disk performance driverFASTFAT.SYS    Fast FAT file system driverFAT_REC.SYS    Mini-file system recognizer for FATFLOPPY.SYS     Floppy driverFTDISK.SYS     Fault tolerance disk driverHPFS_REC.SYS   Mini-file system recognizer for HPFSNTFS.SYS       Windows NT file system (NTFS) driverNTFS_REC.SYS   Mini-file system recognizer for NTFSPINBALL.SYS    HPFS file system driverSCSICDRM.SYS   SCSI CD-ROM driverSCSIDISK.SYS   SCSI disk driverSCSIFLOP.SYS   SCSI floppy driverSCSIPORT.SYS   SCSI port driver		

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Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1

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