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How to Use Keystrokes to Insert Special Characters

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The Character Map program included with Windows and Windows forWorkgroups provides you with extended characters and specialcharacters that you can insert into other Windows-based applications.
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Characters from Character Map can be inserted into an application byfollowing the steps listed in Help under the subject "Inserting acharacter into a document." You can also do this is by pressing thekey(s) displayed in the bottom-right corner of the the status bar ofCharacter Map. Numeric keys must be typed on the numeric keypad.

You can use the following steps to insert special characters into aWindows-based application:

  1. Switch to the application in which you want to insert the characters.
  2. Select the same font that you selected in Character Map.
  3. Position the cursor where you want the characters to appear.
  4. Press the key(s) listed next to "Keystroke:" in the status bar.
NOTE: The above steps do not work if the CTRL key is part of thesequence.

Printed results may differ depending on the font you use and theprinter and video drivers installed.
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