How to Use ANSI.SYS in Windows NT

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You can make use of ANSI.SYS under Windows NT, but you must run COMMAND.COMfrom Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0 to do so; the Windows NT commandinterpreter, CMD.EXE, does not support ANSI.SYS. To use ANSI.SYS, do thefollowing:

NOTE: You can add ANSI.SYS to a specific program by modifying itsprogram information file (PIF). To install ANSI.SYS in your defaultcommand prompt configuration, do the following:
  1. Add the following line to the CONFIG.NT file located in the SYSTEM32 subdirectory:
  2. Exit any command prompts you have open.
  3. Start a command prompt.
  4. Run COMMAND.COM from MS-DOS 5.0. Use the following command to make sure you are running MS-DOS 5.0 COMMAND.COM and not the Windows NT version:
You should now be able to use ANSI.SYS. To test it, try entering thefollowing escape sequence with the PROMPT command:
prompt $e[31;42m

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