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#VALUE error when you add text and values in Excel

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In Microsoft Excel, when you perform a mathematical operation on cells that contain text and values, you may receive a #VALUE! error.
Although some functions correctly evaluate cells and ignore text strings, if you add the cells by using arithmetic operators such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or division (/), an error value may occur.
Instead of using an individual mathematical operator, use its equivalentworksheet function instead:
SUM (adds)
PRODUCT (multiplies)
QUOTIENT (divides)
For example, if you type the following information in cells A1:A7 of a worksheet
   A1: 10   A2: text   A3: 20   A4: =A1+A2+A3   A5: =SUM(A1+A2+A3)   A6: =SUM(A1,A2,A3)   A7: =SUM(A1:A3)				
the formulas in cells A4 and A5 return a #VALUE! error; however, cells A6 and A7 return the correct value of 30.
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