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How to Create a WordPerfect Merge File

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WordPerfect secondary merge files use specific codes to separate dataitems. Because these codes differ from the standard delimiters used intext files, you must use FoxPro's low-level file functions to createthe file with the appropriate codes.

File Conversions

WordPerfect 6.0 for MS-DOS:

In WordPerfect 6.0 for MS-DOS, when prompted, choose one of the followingtwo conversions:
  • ASCII text (Standard)
  • ASCII text (CR/LF to SRt)
NOTE: If you create your WordPerfect merge file in FoxPro for Windows andthen import it into WordPerfect for MS-DOS, you may see control characters.

WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows:

When you import data from FoxPro for Windows into WordPerfect 5.2 forWindows, you will be asked to convert the file format when you choose Openfrom the File menu. Choose any of the ANSI options for Windows:
  • ANSI Text (Windows)
  • ANSI Delimited Text (Windows)
  • ANSI Text CR/LF to SRt (Windows)
NOTE: If you try to import the file from FoxPro for Windows as an ASCIIfile, you will see double-headed vertical arrows and spade characters. UseANSI when using the Windows products.

Cross-Platform Program

The following program is provided as an example of using FoxPro's low-levelfile functions to create a WordPerfect merge file.
   *     WPMRG.PRG - Creates a WordPerfect merge file.   *     Pass it the database name and output filename.   *     This procedure uses database fields   *     FNAME, LNAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, and ZIP.   *     It returns a negative number if an error occurs;   *     otherwise, it returns a 1.   PARA fil_name, out_file   IF USED(fil_name)      m.env=SELECT()      m.dbf_open=.F.      SELECT (fil_name)   ELSE      IF FILE(ALLTRIM(fil_name)+".DBF")         m.env=SELECT()         m.dbf_open=.T.         SELECT 0         USE (fil_name)      ELSE         reason="            NO INPUT FILE!"         DO NOTIFY WITH reason         RETURN -1      ENDIF   ENDIF   handle=FCREATE(out_file)   IF handle<0      DO CASE      CASE FERROR()=4         reason="CAN'T CREATE FILE - OUT OF FILE HANDLES"      CASE FERROR()=5         reason="CAN'T CREATE FILE - ACCESS DENIED"      CASE FERROR()=8         reason="CAN'T CREATE FILE - OUT OF MEMORY"      CASE FERROR()=29         reason="CAN'T CREATE FILE - DISK FULL"      CASE FERROR()=31         reason="CAN'T CREATE FILE - GENERAL FAILURE"      ENDCASE      DO NOTIFY WITH reason      RETURN -2   ELSE      SCAN         alldata=ALLTRIM(fname)+" "+ALLTRIM(lname)+CHR(18)+ ;            ALLTRIM(address)+CHR(18)+ALLTRIM(city)+CHR(18)+ ;         ALLTRIM(state)+CHR(18)+ALLTRIM(zip)+CHR(18)+CHR(5)+CHR(12)         =FWRITE(handle,alldata)         =FSEEK(handle,0,2)      ENDSCAN      =FCLOSE(handle)   ENDIF   SELECT (m.env)   IF m.dbf_open      USE   ENDIF   RETURN 1     && End of main procedure   PROCEDURE NOTIFY   PARAMETER reason   DEFINE WIND alert FROM 7,17 TO 12,60 DOUBLE COLOR SCHEME 7   ACTIVATE WIND alert   @1,7 SAY "UNABLE TO CREATE FILE"   @2,7 SAY reason   @3,7 SAY "PRESS A KEY TO EXIT"   =INKEY(0)   DEACTIVATE WIND alert   CANCEL				
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