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How to Display Network Registry Parameters

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You can get most of the Lan Manager Server and Workstation parametersto appear in the registry automatically by using the NET CONFIGcommand.

WARNING: When you run NET CONFIG SERVER (or NET CONFIG SRV), server relatedparameters that are normally autoconfigured each time you boot (forexample, maxworkitems)are permanently set in the registry to whatevervalues Windows NT is currently using. These parameters will continue tooverride the defaults until you change them in the registry. You cannotchange the values by running Control Panel, choosing Server, and thenchoosing Configure. Consequently, if you add or remove memory, or changethe server size setting (minimize/balance/maximize), you will not get thebenefit of server autoconfiguration.
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By default, the only parameters in the

section of the registry are the following:

                         Size  3                   Lmannounce  0				

Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 have the following additional entries:

                          NullSessionPipes                         NullSessionShares				

However, if you type the following at the command line
C:\>net config server /HIDDEN:NO
The command completed successfully.

you will see the following appear in the registry:

                         Size  3                   Lmannounce  0                      comment  ""                   srvcomment  ""                        users  -1                         disc  15               autodisconnect  15                       hidden  1                     announce  720                     anndelta  3000                     userpath  "c:\"                    sessopens  2048                      sessvcs  1                   opensearch  2048                 maxworkitems  128                 maxrawbuflen  65535                    sessusers  2048                    sessconns  2048          maxpagedmemoryusage  -1       maxnonpagedmemoryusage  -1             enablesoftcompat  1           enableforcedlogoff  1                   timesource  0				

Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 have the same above entries EXCEPT the"disc" and the "comment" are eliminated.

                      comment                         disc				

This situation also applies to the Lan Manager Workstation section ofthe registry. By default the


section of the registry is empty. However, if you type
net config work /CHARTIME:250

the following appears:


                     CharWait  3600           MaxCollectionCount  16               CollectionTime  250                     KeepConn  600                      MaxCmds  50                  SessTimeout  45                   SizCharBuf  512                   MaxThreads  17                    LockQuota  6144                LockIncrement  10                  LockMaximum  500                PipeIncrement  10                  PipeMaximum  500             CacheFileTimeout  10             DormantFileLimit  45          ReadAheadThroughput  -1              MailslotBuffers  8        ServerAnnounceBuffers  20     NumIllegalDatagramEvents  5     IllegalDatagramResetTime  60           LogElectionPackets  0      UseOpportunisticLocking  1              UseUnlockBehind  1               UseCloseBehind  1                BufNamedPipes  1            UseLockReadUnlock  1             UtilizeNtCaching  1                   UseRawRead  1                  UseRawWrite  1              UseWriteRawData  1                UseEncryption  1            BufFilesDenyWrite  1             BufReadOnlyFiles  1          ForceCoreCreateMode  1        Use512ByteMaxTransfer  0				

Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 have the same above entries.
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