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REG: Fonts Entries

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The article contains REGISTRY entries for Fonts. These subgroups areincluded:

  • Font Drivers Entries
  • FontCache Entries
  • Fonts Entries
  • GRE_Initialize Entries
  • FontSubstitutes Entries
  • TrueType Entries for Users


This section describes entries in subkeys that concern the fonts availableto all users on a computer.


The Font Drivers subkey in the following Registry path can containreferences to external font drivers:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft   \Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Font Drivers		
You should not need to modify this entry directly. Your font vendor shouldsupply an installation program for adding and removing drivers.

Driver description REG_SZ Driver filename or pathname Lists externalfont drivers installed on the system. Windows NT does not include anyexternal font drivers. The bitmap, vector, and TrueType drivers are builtin and do not appear on this list.


The FontCache subkey in the following Registry path contains entries thatdefine parameters for font caching:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT   \CurrentVersion\FontCache		
The value entries in the FontCache subkey can greatly influence the amountof memory used by the system. However, these values should not be modified,except in the rare case where you must tune the performance for aninternational version of Windows NT or for specialized cases such as aprint shop, where you may be manipulating large character sets.
MaxSize   REG_DWORD   Number of kilobytes-----------------------------------------Default:  0x80Specifies the maximum amount of address space reserved per font cache.MinIncrSize   REG_DWORD   Number of kilobytes---------------------------------------------Default:  0x4Specifies the mimimum amount of memory committed each time a font cache isgrown.MinInitSize   REG_DWORD   Number of kilobytes---------------------------------------------Default:  0x4Specifies the minimum amount of memory initially committed per font cacheat the time of creation.Fonts Entries:The following Registry path is for entries describing the fonts used fordisplaying information in applications created for Windows NT or versionsof Windows for MS-DOS:   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft   \Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontsEntries in the Fonts key have the following format:Font Name   REG_SZ   font filename----------------------------------These value entries define the installed fonts and their related filenames.These are the default value entries:   Arial=ARIAL.FOT   Arial Bold=ARIALBD.FOT   Arial Bold Italic (TrueType)=ARIALBI.FOT   Arial Italic (TrueType)=ARIALI.FOT   Courier 10,12,15 (VGA res)=COURE.FON   Courier New (TrueType)=COUR.FOT   Courier New Bold (TrueType)=COURBD.FOT   Courier New Bold Italic (TrueType)=COURBI.FOT   Courier New Italic (TrueType)=COURI.FOT   Modern (Plotter)=MODERN.FON   MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)=SSERIFE.FON   MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)=SERIFE.FON   Roman (Plotter)=ROMAN.FON   Script (Plotter)=SCRIPT.FON   Small Fonts (VGA res)=SMALLE.FON   Symbol (TrueType)=SYMBOL.FOT   Symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)=SYMBOLE.FON   Times New Roman (TrueType)=TIMES.FOT   Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)=TIMESBD.FOT   Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)=TIMESBI.FOT   Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)=TIMESI.FOT   WingDings (TrueType)=WINGDING.FOT		


The following Registry path is for entries describing the fonts used forcharacter-based programs:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT   \CurrentVersion\GRE_Initialize		
The FONTS.FON and FIXEDFON.FON entries do not affect the console, but theydo affect menus and dialog boxes and some applications such as Notepad.

CAUTION: Editing these entries can cause menus and dialog boxes to displayimproperly.

Unlike versions of Windows from MSD, changing these default fonts willrender poor results, because the font set under Windows NT is closely tiedto the driver.
FONTS.FON    REG_SZ   Filename------------------------------Specifies the filename of the default system font.FIXEDFON.FON    REG_SZ   Filename---------------------------------Specifies the filename of the default system fixed-width font.OEMFONT.FON    REG_SZ   Filename--------------------------------Specifies the filename of the default OEM (or console) font.		


The entries in the FontSubstitutes subkey define substitute typeface namesfor fonts under the following Registry path:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT   \CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes		
You should not need to modify these entries. This subkey is usually used byapplications with a special need to equate font names.
Alternate name   REG_SZ   Actual name-------------------------------------Defaults: - Helv=MS Sans Serif - Helvetica=Arial - Times=Times New Roman - Tms Rmn=MS SerifSpecifies the alternate typeface name. For example, the following entrymeans that Helv is an alternative typeface name that can be used to referto the MS Sans Serif font:  Helv=MS Sans Serif.		


The entries in the TrueType subkey describe options that affect the use anddisplay of TrueType fonts in Windows-based applications. This is theRegistry path:
   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT   \CurrentVersion\TrueType		
The TrueType subkey can contain the following entries:
TTEnable   REG_SZ   Boolean---------------------------Default: 1Controls whether TrueType fonts are available. Setting this value to 1makes TrueType fonts available in your Windows-based applications. Settingthis value to 0 turns off TrueType fonts so they are unavailable inapplications.TTonly   REG_SZ   Boolean-------------------------Default: 0Specifies whether to make only TrueType fonts available in Windows- basedapplications. If this value is set to 1, only TrueType fonts are available.If this value is set to 0, all fonts installed on your system areavailable. To change this entry, choose the Fonts icon from Control Panel.		
"The Windows NT Resource Kit for Operating System Version 3.1".

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