Recommended Hardware Configs. for Workstations and Servers

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The following table is organized by system type and includes therecommended operating system (OS), central processing units (CPUs),RAM, and hard disk size.
System Type   OS           CPUs               RAM        Hard Disk--------------------------------------------------------------------Workstation   Windows NT   80386 25Mhz (1)    12 MB      75 MB(Minimal)Workstation   Windows NT   80486 (1)          12-16 MB   200-300 MB(Typical)Workstation   Windows NT   80486 (1-2) or     16+ MB     300+ MB(High-End)                 RISC-Based (1-2)Server        Windows NT   80386 25Mhz        16 MB      90 MB(Minimal)     Adv. Serv.Server        Windows NT   80486 (1-2) or     16+ MB     300+ MB(Typical)     Adv. Serv.   RISC-Based (1-2)Server        Windows NT   80486 (2-32) or    32+ MB     1+ GB(High-End)    Adv. Serv.   RISC-Based (2-32)
NOTE: RISC includes MIPS R4000, MIPS R4400, DEC Alpha, and IntergraphClipper CPUs. Windows NT And Windows NT Advanced Server support 2 and4 CPUs respectively. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support isrequired in order to exceed these limits.
"Windows NT Answer Book", page 20-21.

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Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1, Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

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