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ACC: Microsoft Access, Scanners, and Scanning Software

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This article contains general information about Microsoft Access andscanners and scanning software.
To scan an image into Microsoft Access, you need both a scanner andscanning software.

The following is a list of scanners that are currently supported byall versions of Microsoft Windows:
   Scanner        Manufacturer   ------------------------------   ScanJet        Hewlett-Packard   ScanMan        Logitech   Hand Scanner   Marstek				

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) ScanJet provides TWAIN compliance, the industry'sstandard protocol for scanning and acquiring graphics from softwareapplications.

If the software that comes with the scanner saves the image in a formatthat a Windows graphics program can recognize, Microsoft Access candisplay the image.

The following is a list of graphics software packages and their currentlysupported formats in Microsoft Windows (all versions):
   Software     Graphic Formats   --------------------------------   Image-In     .BMP .EPS .TIF   CorelDRAW    .BMP .EPS .TIF .PCX   Paintbrush   .BMP .PCX .MSP .DIB				

Image-In is a computer-aided design (CAD) graphics software package thatships with the Marstek Hand Scanner.

NOTE: In Microsoft Windows 95, please see the Hardware.txt file andProgram.txt file on the Microsoft Windows 95 CD-ROM. Also, for additionalinformation, query on the following words in the Microsoft WindowsKnowledge Base.
   scanner* win95				

For more information about scanners with Microsoft Windows 95, please seethe following articles in the Microsoft Windows Knowledge Base:

117923 HP ScanJet IIcx Runs Slowly under Windows 95

129416 Loading HP ScanJet IIcx Driver Causes CD-ROM to Fail

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132777 Twain32 (for NT) Scanner Driver Does Not Work in Windows 95

The following procedure explains how you can use Paint in Windows 95 (orPaintbrush in Microsoft Windows 3.1x) to bring an image into MicrosoftAccess from a scanner:
  1. Use the scanner software to scan the image, and save it in .bmp file format.
  2. Start Microsoft Access. In the sample database Northwind.mdb (or NWIND.MDB in versions 1.x and 2.0), open the Employees form.
  3. On the Records menu, click Data Entry.
  4. Select the Photo field.
  5. In Microsoft Access 7.0 or 97, click Object on the Insert menu. In versions 1.x and 2.0, click Insert Object on the Edit menu.
  6. In the Insert Object dialog box, click Create on the File menu.
  7. Type the full path to your .bmp file you saved in step 1. Note that the scanned image is displayed in the Photo field.
For more information about this topic, search the Help Index for"inserting linked objects," or ask the Microsoft Access 97 OfficeAssistant.

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