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Using Alternate Character Sets Provided by Code Pages

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You can use different character sets in FoxPro and other programs bychanging the code page, as described below. The default code page for U.S.English is 437.
Pressing the ALT key in conjunction with the numbers on the numeric keypadwill create extended, or special, characters. Extended characters are thosecharacters above ASCII 127. Different code pages support different extendedcharacters. For example, when you are using code page 437, pressing ALT+157produces a Y with two short horizontal lines through it. With code page850, these keys produce a zero with a line through it.

To use different code pages, add the following commands to the CONFIG.SYSand AUTOEXEC.BAT files:

  • In the CONFIG.SYS file, add:
          country=001,,c:\dos\country.sys      device=c:\dos\display.sys con=(ega,437,2)							
  • In the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, add:
          chcp 850      REM change to the 859 character set      keyb us,,c:\dos\keyboard.sys      REM need only for keyboard change							
Please note that the "EGA" in the above commands is used for both EGAand VGA monitors.

You can also change the code page at the MS-DOS prompt by issuing thefollowing command:
   chcp 437					
The code page change issued after a RUN command does not affect the currentsession of FoxPro because the RUN command starts another MS-DOS session.

In Windows, the default code page is 1252; you can change it to 850 or someother code page by quitting Windows and running the Windows Setup program.
Microsoft MS-DOS "User's Guide," version 6.0, pages 238-242, 271-276
Microsoft MS-DOS "User's Guide," version 5.0, pages 352-353, 632-637
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