Mouse Pointer Freezes After Suspend Mode on IBM Thinkpad

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The mouse pointer may stop responding (freeze) after an IBM Thinkpad orPS/NOTE computer ends its suspend mode.
According to IBM Technical Support, the following steps should correctthis problem:

  1. Set up Windows or Windows for Workgroups from the original installation disks. In the System Information section of Setup, make sure that the following settings are selected:

    - System is set to "MS-DOS System with APM."
    - Display is set to "VGA (Version 3.0)."
    - Mouse is set to "Microsoft or IBM PS/2."
  2. In the CONFIG.SYS file, check the EMM386.EXE line and ensure that E800-EFFF is not being included. If an external monitor is being used, ensure that B000-B7FF is not being included.
  3. Reboot the machine and restart Windows or Windows for Workgroups. Put the system into suspend mode by closing the lid. Let the system beep once. Open the lid to bring the computer out of suspend mode.
The mouse should work once the system beeps again.
The suspend mode on the IBM Thinkpad is a feature that activates whenthe computer is not in use. It extends the life of the computer'sbattery by shutting off the power to the system without closing downthe current application.

For more information, call IBM Technical Support.

The IBM Thinkpad is manufactured by IBM, a vendor independent ofMicrosoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding thisproduct's performance or reliability.
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