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MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up (BBS) SETUP.BAT File

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This article contains a listing of the MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up(downloadable version) SETUP.BAT file:
@echo offif %1'==RESTART' goto restartif not exist 1MSDOS62.EXE goto missingREM ----- Do expansion of a split archive -----:multimd C:\stepupif not exist c:\stepup\nul goto dir_errREM Copy this batch file to the hard disk and transfer control toREM it so user can change floppies.echo Preparing MS-DOS 6.2 Setup...REM Retrieve this batch file's name from the command lineREMif exist %0 goto copy as_iscopy %0.bat c:\stepup\msstepup.batc:\stepup\msstepup.bat RESTART:as_iscopy %0 c:\stepup\msstepup.batc:\stepup\msstepup.bat RESTART:restartecho Unpacking MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up files...1msdos62.exe -n -o c:\stepupif errorlevel 1 goto exp_err:check2if exist 2MSDOS62.EXE goto onward2echo.echo Insert Disk 2 and then press ENTER.echo.pause>nulgoto check2:onward2echo Continuing... unpacking MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up files...2msdos62.exe -n -o c:\stepupif errorlevel 1 goto exp_errREM ------ Once the archives are unpacked, run the commands ------:unpackedc:cd \stepupREM ----- Begin Special Handling ------REM Check for one of 2 versions of MSDOS.SYS...if not exist goto domksysREM                  ITN       DUTcsum C:\MSDOS.SYS 62c7 46e7 e4b3 b27f /HREM               814  935  894  938REM Unable to check? Try MAKESYS anyway.if errorlevel 255 goto domksysREM The common file is ready to go (itn.814 & dut.935)if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 goto domksysif errorlevel 3 if not errorlevel 4 goto domksysREM This one needs a alternate patch file (itn.935 & dut.938)if errorlevel 2 if not errorlevel 3 goto chg_ptchif errorlevel 4 if not errorlevel 5 goto chg_ptchREM Cannot recognize this file, so try MAKESYS anyway.goto domksys:chg_ptchREM Was there a failure on a previous run? y: ren alternate to finalif not exist goto ren2REM Has this been done before?if exist MSDOS.XX# goto domksysren MSDOS.SY# MSDOS.XX#:ren2ren MSDOS2.SY# MSDOS.SY#REM ------ End Special Handling -------:domksysecho.echo.echo Starting the MAKESYS utility...makesysif errorlevel 1 goto mksys_errecho.echo.echo Starting MS-DOS 6.2 Setup...REM LOCALIZE HERE - MS-DOS Setup Program Filenamesetup.exeREM Setup will reboot, so batch processing at this point indicates aREM setup failure.goto setup_errREM ----- Error messages ------:missingecho.echo Cannot find the first MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up archive file.echo.echo The archive file is named 1MSDOS62.EXE.echoecho To work properly, the SETUP.BAT file and the archive filesecho must be located in the same directory. (Do not place these filesecho the directory that contains your MS-DOS 6 files.)echo.goto exit:dir_errecho.echo Cannot create the temporary MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up directory(C:\STEPUP).echo.echo Make sure that drive C does not already contain a file ordirectoryecho named C:\STEPUP. Also, make sure that the root directory of driveCecho contains fewer than 512 files and that drive C is not write-protected.echo.goto exitREM ---- Extraction errors ----:exp_errecho.echo Could not extract the MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up files.echo.if errorlevel 50 if not errorlevel 51 goto exp_spcif errorlevel 13 if not errorlevel 14 goto exp_badif errorlevel 4 if not errorlevel 9 goto exp_memREM other error...echo Unable to continue.echo.goto exit:exp_spcecho There is not enough free space on drive C.echo.echo To install MS-DOS 6.2, drive C must contain at least 6.5 MBecho of free space.echo.goto exit:exp_badecho The archive file (1MSDOS62.EXE or 2MSDOS62.EXE) might becorrupted.echo.echo To continue, obtain a new copy of the MS-DOS 6.2 archive files.echo.goto exit:exp_memecho There is not enough free conventional memory to extract theecho MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up files.echo.echo To continue, edit your CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files and useecho the REM command to temporarily disable any unnecessary deviceecho drivers or memory-resident programs. Then, restart your computerecho and run SETUP.BAT again.echo.goto exitREM ---- MAKESYS errors ----:mksys_errecho.echo.echo The MAKESYS utility could not complete. For more information,echo see the MAKESYS section of the README.NOW file.echo.echo When you have read the README.NOW file and are ready to tryagain,echo change to the C:\STEPUP directory and type MAKESYS. If MAKESYSecho completes successfully, then type SETUP at the command prompt.echo You do not need to run this batch file (SETUP.BAT) again.echo.goto exitREM ---- MS-DOS Setup error ----:setup_errecho.echo MS-DOS 6.2 Setup could not complete.echo.echo Follow the instructions in Setup's error message (if any).echo When you are ready to try running Setup again, change to theecho C:\STEPUP directory and type SETUP at the command prompt.echo You do not need to run this batch file (SETUP.BAT) again.echo.echo If you quit Setup by pressing F3, you can restart itecho by changing to the C:\STEPUP directory and typing SETUP.echo.goto exit:exit				
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Microsoft MS-DOS 6.2 Standard Edition

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