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PRB: COMMAND+W and CTRL+W Do Not Close All Windows

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Pressing COMMAND+W or CTRL+W does not close every window that has a closebox, as the ESC key does.

For example, clicking the close box or choosing Close from the File menu ina screen, menu, or report invokes the following dialog box if any changeswere made:
   Do you want to save changes to XXX.SCX?    Yes        No        Cancel					
Pressing COMMAND+W or CTRL+W immediately saves any changes and closes thefile, bypassing the "Do you want to save changes?" dialog box. If a newreport or screen is being created, a second "Save Environment?" dialog boxwill appear regardless of the method used to close the file.

However, if COMMAND+W or CTRL+W is pressed in other windows, such as theDebug window, a character will appear in the window and the window willremain open.
This behavior is by design. The intent of the COMMAND+W or CTRL+W keycombination is to allow you to bypass the "Do you want to save changes?"dialog box. This key combination cannot be used to close windows that donot invoke this dialog box.
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Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0b for Macintosh, Microsoft FoxPro 2.5b for Macintosh

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