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"Cannot Change Part of an Array" Error Message

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In Microsoft Excel, you may receive the error message "Cannot change partof an array" when you attempt to edit one of the cells that make up anarray formula.
To cancel the error message, click OK, and then click the "X" button inthe formula bar (or press ESC).

To determine which cells make up the array, use either of the followingmethods to highlight the range that makes up the array formula:

  • Choose one of the cells that you know is in the array formula. On the Formula menu, click Select Special, and then click Current Array. In Microsoft Excel versions 5.0 and later, follow these steps:

    1. On the Edit menu, click Go To. Or, press F5.

    2. In the Go To dialog box, click Special.

    3. In the Go To Special dialog box, click Current Array, and then click OK.

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT and double-click a cell that you know makes up that array. After selecting the entire range that contains the array formula, edit the formula and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER if you are using Microsoft Excel for Windows, or COMMAND+RETURN if you are using Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh to reenter the array formula.
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