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When you use Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with 32-bit file access,the maximum amount of memory that can be set in the 386 Enhanced dialog boxin Control Panel is 24 megabytes (MB)(or 24,576 kilobytes [K]).

Microsoft Windows 95 does not provide a user interface to change the 32-bitfile access cache size.
Although the user interface is limited to 24 MB, the theoretical maximumsize of the cache is actually 2GB. This cache size is using physical RAM;therefore, the cache size is limited to the amount of RAM on your computer.Setting the cache size greater than the physical amount of RAM availableresults in the following error message when re-entering the Virtual Memorysettings in the 386 Enhanced dialog box:
32-bit file access was unable to run. Your hard disk(s) may not be compatible with 32-bit file access.

Steps to Manually Increase or Decrease the Cache Sizefor Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows 95

  1. Open the System.ini file in a text editor, such as Microsoft Windows Notepad.
  2. Go to the [VCache] section.
  3. Change the MinFileCache= and the MaxFileCache= settings to the desired value.

    NOTE: The value for these settings are in kilobytes. For example, if you want to create a 50-MB cache that cannot exceed 55 MB, the lines would be as follows:
          [VCache]      MinFileCache=51200      MaxFileCache=56320						
Please note that Microsoft's testing did not include cache sizes greaterthan 40MB. Microsoft makes no guarantees that the cache size will operatecorrectly when increased above the user interface. Microsoft is notresponsible for data loss or data corruption due to a cache size largerthan the user interface.
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