PRB: Cannot Read from Drive <Drive Letter>

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Mainframe workstation software that maps drives D and E to hold them forfuture use when using emulation will cause the following error message toappear when a disk drive cannot be read:
Cannot read from drive <drive letter>.
Use of the MS-DOS Interlnk program and the INTERSVR command is also asource of this message. Interlnk's drive mapping redirects the clientsystem's drives to the next available drive letters of the server. IfINTERLNK.EXE is loaded in the CONFIG.SYS file of the client and the serverPC is then disconnected, FoxPro will be told that sequential drive mappingexists, when, in fact, there will be no response when FoxPro checks thedrives in sequence that were on the connected PC.
Some FoxPro operations appear to scan all consecutive disk drives.

The following operations have been reported to cause this error oncomputers with a drive that cannot be read:

  • Running an executable file (.EXE) created by the FoxPro Distribution Kit.
  • Opening a project whose home directory points to a drive that cannot be read.
  • Setting a printer driver in FoxPro for MS-DOS.
Reassign the drive letter of the device that cannot be read so that it isnot in consecutive order with the other drives.

For example, if drive C is a hard disk drive, and drive D is a CD-ROM drivethat causes the error message when it does not contain a disc, reassign theCD-ROM drive letter to drive Z.

You may need to either consult the manual for your CD-ROM drive or use theMS-DOS SUBST command.NOTE: Reassigning the drive letter may require the use of theLASTDRIVE=<drive letter> command in the CONFIG.SYS file.
The following hardware configurations may cause a disk drive to report thatit cannot be read:

  • A laptop computer does not have a floppy drive A or B.
  • A CD-ROM drive does not contain a disc.
  • A removable hard disk drive does not contain a hard disk.
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