Additional NICs Supported in Windows for Workgroups 3.11

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All network interface cards (NIC) supported in Windows for Workgroups 3.10are also supported in Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Microsoft has addedsupport for the following additional network cards in version 3.11.

These network interface cards have been broken down by category.

  • NDIS2 support only
  • NDIS2 and ODI support
  • NDIS2, NDIS3, and ODI support
  • ODI support only
  • IPX or RAS support
More information

Support for NDIS2 Only

3COM TokenLinkCabletron E3000 Series DNICabletron E3100 Series DNICabletron T2015 Token Ring DNICabletron T3015 Token Ring DNIDCA 10MbDCA 10Mb Fiber OpticDCA 10Mb MCADCA 10Mb Twisted PairEverex SpeedLinkHP Ethertwist MCA AdapterIBM PC Network Adapter IIIBM PC Network Adapter II/AIBM PC Network Baseband AdapterIBM PC Network Baseband Adapter/ANCR StarCardNCR Token-Ring 4 Mbs ISANCR Token-Ring 16/4 Mbs ISANCR Token-Ring 16/4 Mbs MCANCR WaveLan AT AdapterNCR WaveLan MC AdapterProteon ISA Token Ring (1340)Proteon ISA Token Ring (1342)Proteon ISA Token Ring (1346)Proteon ISA Token Ring (1347)Proteon MCA Token Ring (1840)Proteon ProNET-4/16 p1892Pure Data PDI508+ (ArcNet)Pure Data PDI516+ (ArcNet)Pure Data PDI90211 (Wireless)Pure Data PDuC90211 (Wireless)Racal-DATACOM ES3210Racal NI5210/8Racal NI5210/16SMC ARCNETPCSMC ARCNET PC100, PC200Tulip NCC-16UB NIC/psGeneric NDIS2 Driver				

Support for NDIS2 and ODI

3COM EtherLink PlusARCNET CompatibleCabletron E2000 Series DNICabletron E2100 Series DNIDEC (DE210) EtherWorks MCDEC (DE210) EtherWorks MC/TPDEC (DE210) EtherWorks MC/TP_BNCIntel TokenExpress EISA 16/4Intel TokenExpress 16/4Intel TokenExpress MCA 16/4Madge Networks Smart 16/4 XT RingNodeMadge Networks Smart 16/4 AT RingNodeMadge Networks Smart 16/4 EISA RingNodeMadge Networks Smart 16/4 MC RingNodeOlicom 16/4 Token-Ring AdapterProteon Token Ring (P1390)Proteon Token Ring (P1392)Pure Data PDI9025-32 (Token Ring)Pure Data PDuC9025 (Token Ring)Racal NI6510RadiSys EXM-10SMC ARCNET PC110, PC210 PC250SMC ARCNET PS110, PS210SMC ARCNET PC130/ESMC ARCNET PC120, PC220 PC260SMC ARCNET PC270/ESMC ARCNET PC600W,PC650WSMC 3000 SeriesSMC EtherCard PLUS 16 With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8013EBT)SMC EtherCard PLUS With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8003EBT)Thomas Conrad (All Arcnet Types)Thomas Conrad TC6042Thomas Conrad TC6045Thomas Conrad TC6142Thomas Conrad TC6045Thomas Conrad TC6242Thomas Conrad TC6245UB NIU (All Types)UB NIUpcUB NIUpc/3270UB NIUpc/EOTPUB NIUps or NIUps/EOTPUB pcNIUUB pcNIU/ex 128kUB pc NIU/ex 512kXircom Pocket Ethernet IXircom Pocket Ethernet IIZenith Data Systems Z-Note				

NDIS2, NDIS3, and ODI Support

3Com Etherlink 163Com Etherlink II or IITP (8 or 16-bit)3Com Etherlink III3Com Etherlink/MCAdvanced Micro DevicesAM2100/AM1500TAmplicard AC 210/XTAmplicard AC 210/ATArtisoft AE-1Artisoft AE-2 or AE-3Artisoft AE-2 (MCA) or AE-3 (MCA)Artisoft AE-3Compaq NE3200DEC Ethernet (All Types)DEC DEPCADEC EE101 (Built-In)DEC (DE100) EtherWorks LCDEC (DE101) EtherWorks LC/TPDEC (DE102) EtherWorks LC/TP_BNCDEC (DE200) EtherWorks TurboDEC (DE200) EtherWorks Turbo/TPDEC (DE200) EtherWorks Turbo/TP_BNCDECpc 433 WS (Built-In)HP Ethertwist EISA LAN Adaptor/32 (HP27248 or HP27248A)HP PC LAN Adapter/8 TL (HP27250)HP PC LAN Adapter/8 TP (HP27245)HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TP (HP27247A)HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TL Plus (HP27252)HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TP Plus (HP27247B)IBM Token Ring (All Types)IBM Token RingIBM Token Ring (MCA)IBM Token Ring IIIBM Token Ring II/ShortIBM Token Ring 4/16MbsIBM Token Ring 4/16Mbs (MCA)Intel EtherExpress 16 or 16TPIntel EtherExpress 16 (MCA)Intel EtherExpress /32Exos 105National Semiconductor AT/LANTIC EtherNODE 16- AT3National Semiconductor Ethernode *16ATNE1000 CompatibleNE2000 CompatibleNovell/Anthem NE1000Novell/Anthem NE2000Novell/Anthem NE1500TNovell/Anthem NE2100Novell/Anthem NE/2Novell/Anthem NE3200SMC EtherCard (All Types except 8013/A)SMC EtherCard PLUS (WD/8003E)SMC EtherCard PLUS/A (MCA,BNC/AUX) (WD 8013EP/A)SMC EtherCard PLUS/A (MCA,TP/AUX) (WD 8013EW/A)SMC EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (MCA) (WD 8003W/A)SMC EtherCard PLUS/A (MCA) (WD/8003E/A or 8003ET/A)SMC EtherCard PLUS TP (WD/8003WT)SMC EtherCard PLUS With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8003EB)SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite (WD/8003EP)SMC EtherCard PLUS 10T (WD/8003W)SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 (WD/8013EP)SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16T (WD/8013W)SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 Combo (WD/8013EW or 8013EWC)SMC StarCard PLUS (WD/8003S)SMC StarCard PLUS/A (MCA) (WD/8003ST/A)SMC StarCard PLUS With On Board Hub (WD/8003SH)Zenith Data Systems NE2000 Compatible				

ODI Support Only

IPXODI Support Driver (Ethernet)IPXODI Support Driver (Token Ring)IPXODI Support Driver (ArcNet)				

IPX Support and RAS

IPX Support Driver (Monolithic) with NetBIOS SupportRemote Access Service				
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