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Gateway Keyboard Performs Incorrectly or Doesn't Respond

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The AnyKey keyboard on your Gateway 2000 computer performs incorrectly ordoesn't respond.
If you accidentally or incorrectly reprogram a key or key combination onthis keyboard, certain keys may perform incorrectly or may not respond atall. This may cause you to assume there is a problem with either MS-DOS orMicrosoft Windows.
If you program your AnyKey keyboard incorrectly, you must reprogram thekey(s) involved or reset the keyboard to restore normal functionality. Youcannot restore keyboard functionality by restarting your computer or byunplugging the keyboard or computer.

To determine whether you have the AnyKey model of the Gateway 2000keyboard, look at the diagram on page 3-12 of your "Gateway 2000 ComputerSystem User's Guide." The AnyKey keyboard has a red Program indicator lightin the upper right corner, above the numeric keypad. The AnyKey keyboardalso has two complete sets of function keys, one across the top and one onthe left side of the keyboard.

Reprogramming a Key on the AnyKey Keyboard

Use the following instructions to reprogram a key on the AnyKey keyboard:

  1. Press the REMAP key.
  2. Press the key (or key combination) you want to reprogram.

    For example, to remap the F9 key, press F9.
  3. Press the key (or key combination) you want to map to the key you pressed in step 2 above. If you want to remap the key to itself, press the key you pressed in step 2 again (that is, to reset a key, press REMAP, then press the key you want to reset twice.

    For example, to restore the original functionality of the F9 key, press F9 again.

Resetting the Entire AnyKey Keyboard

When your keyboard is malfunctioning due to incorrect AnyKey programming,you may be unable to determine which keys to reset, especially if more thanone key or a key combination has been reprogrammed. In this case, you mayneed to reset the entire keyboard.

To reset the entire AnyKey keyboard to the default settings, pressCTRL+ALT+SUSPEND MACRO. The Program indicator light on the keyboard flashesfor a few seconds. When the Program light stops flashing, the process iscomplete.

NOTE: This procedure only works if the CTRL or ALT keys have not beenreprogrammed. If the Program indicator light does not flash when you pressCTRL+ALT+SUSPEND MACRO, you must reset the CTRL and ALT keys individually,using the procedure in the preceding section (for example, to reset theCTRL key, press REMAP, CTRL, CTRL). After you reset the CTRL and ALT keys,you can reset the entire keyboard.
For more information, consult your "Gateway 2000 Computer System User'sGuide," or contact Gateway 2000 Technical Service.

The Gateway 2000 products included here are manufactured by a vendorindependent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding these products' performance or reliability.

Note that the AnyKey Keyboard's ability to set the repeat rate is notcompatible with Windows NT.

Note that in Windows 98, the numeric keypad on the AnyKey keyboard maynot work with Accessibility Options.
"Gateway 2000 Computer System User's Guide," pages 3-16 through 3-25.
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